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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Puzzling puzzle meets Puzzle Princess

Puzzling Puzzle but puzzle Princess perfectly put pieces in place

She had her own method-which worked. Because I had started this "deceivingly deceptive" puzzle in the Spring, I knew the description was right. I got at least 1/3 done when Damon and Tiffany came over. " This piece is wrong - this one is not right" he was right, so I took it all apart and put it back in the box. I took it to Shallowbrook Camp and some of the guys who lean toward other things than sports, worked on it and in less than 24 hours - DONE!. So I knew all the pieces were there.
In November I got out my Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving puzzle for fun. Some of the pieces were still together and in no time we were watching that family that was watching as Grandpa and Grandma served Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.
Then Laura saw the "deceivingly deceptive" puzzle and she was a goner. It took her a few days ( or more ) but she conquered it.
Now, do you feel challenged?
Just say the word and I will send you the puzzle and a bag of popcorn!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Observations on an airplane trip ( one way )

Before getting on the plane, Darrell had to try and fit his carry on bag into that little structure by the Jetway. You have to know that Darrell takes pride in getting all his stuff into a carry on, for a week away - that is pretty good if you can do it.
But he didn't. Well, his bag didn't. He told the attendant that this is the bag he always brings, but that did not change his mind. Well, at least he did not have to pay to have it "checked".
I did. I had already checked two bags. How can you fit a birthday, Christmas and Zero degree temperature into any less?

Now we are on the plane.
Darrell and I usually sit across the aisle from each other ( one reason is in the next paragraph ). Often we have an empty seat nest to us. It was looking good. Real good. And then, many passengers came on board. Every last seat was filled. The seat next to Darrell was taken, first by a man who we will assume was airline person ell. He got right up to Darrell's row, looked at him and pointed to the middle seat. It is amazing what you can do without saying a word. But pretty soon another gentleman came and "speechless in Seattle" had to give up his seat. Despite the fact that he was larger, and snored loudly during the flight, Darrell was smiling.
He explained to Darrell that he was on an earlier flight to Minneapolis and almost half way there, they made an announcement that they had to turn back. No explanation. But that explained the added number on our flight.
I do not know if the guy behind me was on that flight or not, be sure was fidgety . He must have been 7 feet tall because hi knees keep knocking on the back of my seat. Knocking and knocking. Or perhaps he was 5 feet tall and doing palates.

Before take off, I am in Restroom # 1. Sticky floor.
30 minutes into the flight, I am in Restroom #2. Sticky floor.
By now I am wondering two things.
1. Why did I have that large ( not grande) eggnog latte in the airport. It wasn't even good and 420 calories?
2. How am I going to get out of this room? The door was stuck. After a brief panic, I was able to get out
and for my third visit, I was back to Restroom #1.

The airline stewardesses were very pleasant. I find flight attendants kind of stuffy. They act like they are doing me a favor by bringing me luke warm decaf. And no peanuts. But this Delta flight had smiling attendants and a choice of peanuts, pretzels or cookies.

Well, here we are in Minneapolis, safe and sound.
End of story.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting Ladies

"Women of Faith" or "16 meeting ladies"

There is something about the bond of "Meeting ladies". Time can go by and not see each other and then, we are together and it's almost like no time has gone by. Our relationship is still the same, we still feel comfortable with each other. And even if we have known each other, only briefly, there is still a warmth that is hard to explain.
So, when I found out that my good friend Jean Harlow ( don't you love that name) was coming to town and the only place we could connect would be the Women of Faith conference, you can guess that I tried very hard to make it happen. We had just returned from Europe two days before, so I was still on a different time. But, when we want to do something bad enough, time is not an issue.
There were some interesting speakers. I had not heard most of the before.
The songs were a little loud. I had not heard most of them before.
Natalie Grant sang a beautiful, beautiful acappella " It is well with my soul". The audience sang along and that was indeed a highlight for me.
Several good visits with old friends ( they used to be young).
Treat bags with water, apple, socks and a very fun T shirt. It said "Sequoya Sisters". I believe the Lord was smiling too.
And the fellowship was sweet. Let's see if I can remember - Jean Harlow of course, and her daughter Tammy and Granddaughter Tiffany, then Jill Brandon ( she was the coordinator ) her sisters in law, Lucia and Jenny and then Jenny's sister Joanne, and their friend Glenda Connor, Robin Gooding, Sherrey Matthews and Jill's mom Denise Hayhoe and her niece Cory, and four lovely Lowe women, Mrs. Judy, Allison, Anita, and Amy, and we were all wearing cute shoes.
They are my new best friends

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have been waiting for this event since, well, May 30th. Because that is my birthday and Damon takes me to Top Pot for my birthday every year ( this is the second year)

The sign - Why do they say " please do not touch"? They know that someone will at least place her tiny little finger on part of it, they expect it. So did I?
Ask that tall dark and handsome guy who is sitting across from me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

something is missing from this picture

What is missing from this picture? Footprints and a snowman, but can you see the moon? Look hard, almost in the middle, right between those two tall trees - yeah, I know you have to look hard, but it was there. And so was a very cold temperature. But, my tall dark and handsome husband has been keeping the wood stove fired up. So can you come over? I will make popcorn and hot chocolate.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My friend Tisha

Here she is the one and only
She bowls, she collects pens, she is an Auntie to two wonderful little people, she goes to college, she volunteers at the food bank,
She won "the belt" at the last tournament and we want her to keep it. She must have bowled about 300 ( I think it is as high as it gets) but I am not sure what her score really was, I just know, she is a winner
and She is my friend

Monday, November 15, 2010

"So think clearly and exercise self control I Peter 1:13.
That is the first verse on the little key chain in my car ( thanks to Heidi Maurer). So when I was out running errands, I read it to myself as I left the car. Then I came back and for some reason, I had forgotten. So, I put it in my mind again, and came back. Same thing. Well, I know that is part of being over 40 ( or 60 ). But I think my last stop did the trick. A good cup of coffee does wonders. And, O, the peanut buster parfait didn't hurt either. ( I am sure that is what help my memory kick in )

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not your usual garage sale

IT all starts with memories from our last sale - we have one every year ( usually)
Last year was great!
I can't remember how much we earned, but we had great food and fun. And we had Jane and Jeanne.
Jane was visiting from England. Her visit was unexpected, but she played along very well, protecting
merchandise that anyone thought was free. Jeanne, who is now is Honduras and wishes she was here, was our display artist. It is all about presentation.
So with that in mind we were set.
Barb always comes to spend the night. That is fun right there.
Laura is moving, so she had good stuff to add, and good customer conversation.

Check List:
Ad- check
Signs- check
Coffee - check
This year we added a canopy in front of the garage.
By Six Friday morning I was up and had my first cup of coffee, and
starting to put 79 pieces together to erect our canopy. Single handedly I had it 90% ready when Darrell came and offered to help with the final touches. I let him get in the act.
The sale is now open.
Our first sale
And our first ever email sale. A friend had been over on Thursday for a BSF luncheon and noticed a couple water dispensers. She forgot to check on them before leaving, so she sent her request via email.
PLUS, when she came to pick them up she brought 6 of the cutest muffins with fresh raspberries on top.
Our favorite customers, Denise, Vivian and Emily. They came across the street at least 3 times, purchasing several items.
Our biggest customer, was Collette $ 61.25
People always want to buy your display items. Like our antique coat rack. Never. The table with our adding machine. No. The tool that is peeking out from the sheets hung along the wall. You know better than that .
Or can we have this $20 coat for $2. ( not this time )
Each day Barb made her special sandwiches ( that is not why I invite her, but she knows better than to come without them)
The sun shone for most of Friday and all day Saturday ( 80 in Seattle!)
All together we sold $725.00 - a record!
So thank you
Nita - for putting the Craig's ad together
Darrell - making and posting 14 garage sale signs
Imhoffs - the canopy
The Lord - good weather, good sales and good times
See you next year....

All things orange

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Almost Perfect Day

Sunday started with coffee , a pecan roll and pouring rain
Then Nita came for me and we went to her church. The pastor
talked about salvation and its true meaning.
By the time we got out, the sun was trying to come out so
we kept going into Seattle for the annual Greek Festival.
That includes food, children in costume dancing and music.
We ran into an old friend from The Galilean Bible Book Store days,
and 8 or 10 people Nita knew from work.
We ate stuffed grape leaves, lemon soup, a spinach dish and
baklava with ice cream.
We strolled through the food, jewelry and craft booths and
since the sun was still shining we shopped a bit at U Village
Nita helped me decide on outfits for Italy. Then after a little
nap, I went to the gospel meeting where I spent most of my
life every Sunday and Wednesday night. The message
was on the things that God hates. The one about
sowing discord among brethren touched us all.
Two invitations to come over for treats. So I
enjoyed fresh peaches and ice cream with the Cantrells.
Yes, it was an almost perfect day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Missing The Egg, Sabrina was very glad to be making a road trip to
Pasco for a wedding.
She had been on call, just in case the Mustang did not do the job.
But the fully decorated getaway car looked great and despite the rather
loopy groom behind the wheel, the newlyweds left in style.
So, I was glad that the next day, Sabrina had a brief encounter with
The Sheriff ( dark blue, top down, and sparkling clean). That was
just before we left town. Sad to say, when we went to fill her up, there
was Goldilocks - very snobby, did not even pause for a glance at
Sabrina. Not to worry, Sabrina was carrying precious cargo, The Trooper.
This little red Beta, was part of the wedding decorations and some of the
special guests got to take one home. We are special. The Trooper looks very happy
in our kitchen.
French Women don't get Fat/Neither does Julia Childs
I know because I read the book " French Women don't Get Fat"
and learned at least 5 things
1. Savor your food - don't rush
2. Order dessert, share it, leave some
3. Drink more water
4. Walk
5. can't remember, If you read the book, can you
let me know if you learned something?
and I know about Julia because I have her cook book, I saw the movie, and I made Beef Bourguignon
When I think of Julia Childs I am thinking of Meryl Streep. I never saw the real Julia child, we did not have a T.V. We still don't, well, Darrell does, but he doesn't know Julia or Meryl. Be he ate the Beef Bourguignon and raved. He better rave. It took hours. An hour to shop. I got everything, except chuck bacon. Never heard of it. And she asked for small onions, but she meant pearl onions. How can you saute 18 to 24 small onions, unsliced, in 1 1/2 tablespoons butter and 1 1/2 Tablespoons of oil. It can't be done. But aside from that, I kept to the recipe. On Thursday evening I spent an hour and a half preparing. ( we are now up to 2 1/2 hours). Then on Friday, I started at 3:00 and did not finish until 6:00. ( ok, I did take a little break about 5:00 ) Step by step - 4 minutes in the oven, take it out and too the meat , another 4 minutes in the oven - Really!
And just writing about it uses up calories --
But the coffee is ready , so is the "fudge", and I am not French.

Monday, August 30, 2010

At our neighborhood tea party,
some of us Grandma's had talked about joining the young families on back to school day. When the other Grams were busy, I hesitated. Then I heard Komo reporter John Repp talking to some of the kids right up the street at Cherry Crest. I put on my funnest shoes and started out the door. Top of the driveway, I met up with two of the little girls I know, starting first grade, Emily and Ava, with their parents. So I joined them.

Cars are parked all down our street - just like 20 years ago. At the end of the block are the patrols, they look the same. The school still is the same outside and has the same sign out front.
But now they are serving coffee and pastry. And there is a sign up for after school Chess. School started way earlier this year. There are Grandparents bringing their grandkids. That did not happen 20 years ago. But the biggest difference is the huge bags that moms and dads are carrying with crackers, handiwipes, Kleenex, etc. One lady was carrying two Gap bags and two grocery bags. The two boys beside her were carrying back pack. On the way home I saw a Dad on a bicycle built for two. That is new.
And here come late arrivers. running in their new Nike's - now that has not changed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An early bath, PJ's and out to dinner

A cool bath on a hot summer afternoon, a few tub toys, and bubbles.
Jackson and Claire had a great time freshening up and getting dressed
for bed. No, not going to bed. Not ready for that. Going to the Burg. We
always like to visit the Burgermaster when they visit, and since we don't get out
of the car, we can wear whatever we want. I often wear slippers, just because I
want to. Jackson's favorite PJ's have short sleeves and long pants and spidery
arms - he is Spider man. Claire's summer set is yellow with dragonflies. The photo
does not do them justice, but it seemed appropriate to add a picture to the story.
We all enjoyed those juicy burgers ( mine with bacon ) fries, and then a blackberry
milkshake. Just one to share. 1,000 calories never tasted better

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It started with a short road trip to Vancouver Island at 7:00 Friday morning.
I say short, but when you are on the road for 5 or 6 hours in one day and 5 or 6 the next, you bring along something to do. I brought along some Holiday letters that I have saved during the past 4 or 5 years.
Also 3 books
Look Great Feel Great ( Joyce Meyer ) I snagged that from Martha's free table
What Einstein told his cook ( Robert Woelke ) Did you recommend this or did I?
Respectable Sins ( Jerry Bridges ) Gift from Alice
That said, I will leave you to guess what I spent my time on.
O, I brought my journal, too.
Back to the road trip.
We were getting close to the Twassen Ferry dock, with about an hour before take off, with a police car right behind us, when Darrell thought we were going to miss the ferry if we did not hurry through ...... a red light. Yes, I said there was a police car right behind us. A very nice officer ( they look so handsome in a uniform) came to the window and asked a few questions. He must have realized that the driver was just old, and not on drugs or anything, so he just said " It would be better to miss the ferry, than cause an accident". So we did. Miss the ferry. By 13 cars. So this gave us another two hours to read, eat, read some more. Once we arrived in Nanaimo, it was another hour to our friends, Charlie and Marilyn (about 3:00 in the afternoon.) We had a great visit,despite some rain showers on Saturday
All too soon it was time to start back. We wanted to make sure and get to the ferry dock early so we left the house at 3:30. We got to the dock by 4:15 ( went through one red light ) the ferry left at 5:45 . We should have left at 3:00. We missed it by 8 cars. We pulled into our garage about 1:00 Sunday Morning.
End of story. ( do you think that missing a ferry is like punishment for breaking the law?)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tea Party

So much food. Strawberries, grapes, bagels, animal crackers,
Jane made deviled eggs, heart shaped sandwiches and little arrow shaped peanut butter and jelly.
Janet brought Paris blend tea and cupcakes. Pink coconut cupcakes with wonderful fronting. ( she brought 4 extras for later )
Emily, Ava and Lexi. All 6 years old. The guests of honor.
We all gathered around the table and Ava took her Mother's hand, and Carole's, and soon we were all holding hands and praying. Giving thanks for a beautiful day, friends, food and good health.

The table was ready.
Pink and green color scheme
Fun runner printed with children and animals ( Easter )
Little girl napkins from the Swedish Institute ( Carl someone - even our Danish guest loved them )
Mickey sugar lumps ( thank you Nancy )
Now we can begin. First tea party. Janet explained that coming for tea involved conversation.
So along with all the goodies we talked about such interesting things as raccoons, sleep overs, face
painting, and lots of other things. The time pasted quickly and soon it was time to say our goodbyes.
We all put our feet into a circle for a great shoe photo.
Everyone had a little party favor to take home
And we all have a memory of 3 young ladies getting to know a little more about friendship.
I am still smiling.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

something is missing

Well, you might think that M & M's and coffee are a perfect picture. I love M & M's. I love coffee and M & M's. But a whole year could go by without dipping into that cute little container that sits on my kitchen counter. That is why, last week I had to try one to see if they were still fresh. It all started with a little handful. And, I have small hands, they are my smallest feature. And the M & M's were good. So, I tried another little handful. And then one more. I was trying to put the blame on someone. Jezbel, where were you? You used to come by and snack on my M & M's. And Caitlyn and Bethany, didn't you PROMISE to come by? Then I discovered three bags full. They are still unopened, but before they get stale, please, someone, come over and help me eat them. What would you like to go along with them? Milk, tea, sparkling water, sparkling cider? You name it. So what is missing from the picture? YOU !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Real First Lady of shoes

First lady of shoes?
I suppose you thought it was me. O no. I am just a shoe princess . The First Lady of shoes is Beth Levine. I know because I read the book, visited the exhibit and took the pictures ( Ooops, that was a no no, but how was I to know?) Well, the first one, was outside. And that poster is the from the cover of her book. I took the second one as soon as I got upstairs to the exhibit. And while the docent was telling me that I could not even take a picture of my own shoe, somehow my camera took another picture. But the is the fuzzy one. The next one was the revolving door. Very few in Bellevue, so it is good to take advantage and go through at least twice. So I looked at over 100 shoes, but I have to say, there are lots of other great shoes out there and I can take pictures of them when ever I want. And I do.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My mental picture of Ellen Foyle - Smiling, a lady, small feet and high heels. My memory goes back a few years - her daughter Shelly especially ( my daughters loved Shelly ). I was looking forward to calling Ellen while we were in the Bay Area, but was delighted that she was coming to the very same birthday celebration that took us to Oakland. We sat next to each other at the dinner table and had a good visit. That was Saturday night. On Sunday, we were once again at a dinner table and our hostess said that Ellen wanted me to call her.
This is the part I love. She told me that all evening she had been remembering our family and times spent together. In particular, one family trip when we stayed with the Foyle's, Ellen took us to some factory outlets ( in those days they had a different name, I can't remember ) While the girls, Tiffany, Mimi, Anita, and I were busy looking at fashions, in a big store with loud "hip" music playing,Ellen and Damon were waiting together. That is when Damon asked her did she know " the king on the throne"? She was not sure at first, but soon, there in that outlet store, as if they were the only ones around , Ellen and Damon sang;
Wide, wide as the ocean
High as the heavens above
Deep, deep as the deepest sea
Is my Saviours love
( end of the story, not the end of the song, never ending love )
maybe this is why I went to Oakland

Monday, June 7, 2010

another Madison Avenue & The Mariniers, or M & M

With a trip into Seattle on the agenda
( thank you Todd for tickets to the Mariners game )
we took the opportunity to take Theresa to McDonald's
Theresa is a dear friend who was such a great friend to our Mom and her favorite place is McDonalds.
Theresa is only 81, but her memory is fading. She had forgotten we were coming for her ( in just 5 hours time) and
she told us several times that she is not feeling well, on medication, etc. We love her and hate to see her aging so fast.
We said our goodbyes and on to Safeco field
Darrell left me off a few blocks away - I am not used to people sleeping on the sidewalk. A man in his wheel chair with a sign "me and wee dog are homeless" . I have another block to go.
Memorial Day - tributes to our men in service. Songs, salutes, very nice.
If you have not been to a game in a year or two, you might not recognize
Milton Bradley ( not the Monoploy MB)
Guiterrez, Lopez, Figgins
Johnson ( what country is he from ?)
But, anyone who has been to a Mariner game in the past 20 years will remember the Peanut Guy. He looks the same except he has no pony tail. ( sorry about the quality of the photo, it is just for memory)
And as much as I love shoes, I had to take a picture of the "pair" across the aisle ( I was thinking of you Andrew )
We are aware that the Mariners might not win, very soon. Like in the 2nd inning. The Twins score two home runs ( and I do know that a home run is not just getting to home plate, it is hitting the ball and getting there all in one play. ) But I am cheering and clapping and my hands are getting tired ( Yes, I am spirited, but yes, I am cold ) I leave my seat to put on layer number four and when I get back Darrell tells me " You missed all the excitement". O, I know, I heard on the loud speaker that we scored. That's not all, Darrell caught the ball that came into the crowd. ( Why am I not surprised - this man who is content with a mitt, if he can't have a bat or an ax)
So, he admits that if I had been there, next to him, he would have tripped over me ( I become invisible ) and been too late ( his hand was just inches from the hand of a younger fan ) So he hands me $5. for a latte. Where else, but Safeco field is a cup of coffee $4.75, a latte is $4.75 and a mocha $4.75. so what did I get? ( are you still with me? )
we left at the top of the 9th. You see, we had at least two miles to walk to get to the free parking place.
You gotta respect a guy who knows how to save money, get to a foul ball before someone 1/4 his age, and still have energy to walk two or three miles.
So the Mariner's did not win, but Minnesota is good too, GO TWINS

Friday, May 7, 2010

When the sun is shining in Bellevue

OK, so it was only 54 degrees out, but the sky was blue and here in Bellevue, you have to take advantage of those times. So Sabrina and I set out. Top down, seats heated, and me with my new head band. We are off to Trader JOe's. I find my usual parking place- at the end of the lot, so I can get my walking in ( I learned that from "French Women don't Get Fat"). I check to see if anyone has missed out on the fun of riding a grocery cart down the parking lot ( another advantage of parking "up there") Sure enough, one cart is waiting for me. I hop on and down we go. Inside I see my friend Pat Kogema. We chat for a bit. This is her first Mother's Day without her husband. I give her a little hug and then I know, that is why I came to Trader Joe's today.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on the Road again,

So just in case you have been missing me and just didn’t know how to tell me, it’s ok, I know how it is with “friends” on FB. But the truth is, I was on a 15 day road trip - Seattle to San Antonio. WOW
Lots of adventures but there is one day that is the favorite…

Thursday, I think we were in Kansas…
Every morning starts the same for me - one of those Belgium waffles and coffee
Then just before leaving I get my mug refilled and usually, without turning around, I push the button that plays “ On the road again” . Probably the hostess thinks I am singing ( I am an alto ) but it is Willie Nelson, inside my mug.
So we are on the road again and there are some flowering trees : Red Bush. And the sun is shining and we get to our next stop,

the “information center”. Darrell and Rog go inside and inquire about a few things. Actually, Rog is meandering around, looking at all the booths, gathering pens for Barb ( her favorite the kind that click on and off ) and after a bit Darrell realized that.. “O, is this a bank?” Yes. But not to worry they were happy to help with directions to places of interest. By the time they got back to the car, they were both laughing and Rog had 8 pens for Barb

Army Museum: and it really was. Vehicles from several wars and countries were housed in here and Gary and Bill were more than happy to tell us about them. Helicopters, jeeps, planes.. Rog found the very jeep he learned to drive when he was in the Army. Barb found USA bracelets that Gary’s wife Betty had made. And I found a little red airplane ( I have at least 2 reasons why I bought it )

Lunch: A very small town, and a little sandwich shop that charged .50 cents for a glass of water and .50 for an empty cup for the can of Pepsi. I got a free glass of water with my coffee. The pie, was very yesterday.

Gas Station/truck stop : a frequent stop. But this one had an interesting customer. He was sitting at a table eating two portions of “ deep fried something” and the table was close to the ladies room. So when I started toward the door he told me. “ someone is in there”. A few minutes later “ it’s a lady and her little girl, so it might be a while”. They came out and he told me‘“ it’s your turn”. By now Darrell has approached and has seen his name tag “Coach”. when I come out, Barb is in line and I ask her if she is ready for some ice cream. And Coach says “ you want good ice cream, go next door, only 200 yards, and they have the best soft ice cream “. That sounded like a good idea. We walked over and ordered our cones and before we could sit down in the sun to lick, here comes Coach driving his yellow VW. Then a small town conversation starts and …..

Wrecking Yard.. Called different names in different places, but a huge collection of cars and a great place to find a license plate. Barb is collecting one from each state we visit. A young family is just closing up shop but they are eager to please and the wife says she will just drive home real quick and get one for us. So while she is gone I am blowing bubbles for Jane and Becca who are so happy to chase bubbles in the wind that I give them my little bottle and off we go again.

Tonight we are in Douglas - eat dinner at Clementine’s ( their pecan pie is very homemade ) and stay at the Sleep Inn - it is a huge room, labeled “handicap”
We sleep well
We are not in Kansas anymore

on the Road again,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flowers at your door? or Happy May Day !

Yes, it is an old custom, but not forgotten. There were at least three doors in our neighborhood with baskets - I know, because I put them there. Usually, my little friend Emily across the street, is my helper. But this year, she was out of town. I am not very creative, so this year, they were just colored paper cones with a little candy in the bottom and a few flowers on top. Our garden is kind of bare this year after major yard work. But a few lilac, a little lily of the valley and three white camellias and I was good to go. Off to the usual homes where they would not be shocked to find flowers on their door knob. And yes, I rang the doorbell and ran. I ran to Bellevue Square where I wished a couple employees and friends "Happy May Day". Only one person seem to understand. Tina, at N.B. said her girls were at home making baskets for their neighbors. Later I read on facebook that Heather Tonn got a basket at her door. So how about You? Did you?

Friday, April 30, 2010

tea for me and you

So this is the perfect cup of tea to share with you
thanks Nelda,it is the prettiest cup I have ever had
it works for coffee too.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Friday, April 23, 2010
4 hugs and a photo
4 hugs and a photo

There I was. Minding my own business, at Trader Joe’s, looking at the most unusual Hydrangeas I have ever seen. The doors open automatically, even before you are ready to go inside and that is when it happened.
I saw her standing there.
Michelle Klassen from Aberdeen Idaho! After a nice big hug she told me that her husband was out in the parking lot. He had called her on her cell phone to say “ I think that is Mrs. Tanner, looking at those plants”. So we chatted - remembered the last time we had a “ not by chance” meeting - she was coming from Idaho and we were coming from Washington and we ended up on the same plane in Chicago, going to New York. Now it was time to go out to see the rest of the family. Very sweet girls - all smiles, and hugs. Very handsome husband, all smiles and hugs. Before our goodbyes I caught a photo of the girls ( why didn’t I take one of Michelle and Marc?)
I could not stop smiling. In fact, I was so blessed I decided to celebrate at the DQ. I was pretty sure there was a sign saying come inside for a PBP. So I did. Then I got to thinking.
How did Marc happen to notice me?
1. Did he see Sabrina first - all shining clean ( thanks to the Dorge girls )
2. Was it my fluffy skirt - I had forgotten the attention THAT brought me
3. My cute shoes - well, the checker noticed them
I may never know. But one thing is sure
This was not a “chance encounter”
When I got back in the car, my CD was on “ May your wonders never Cease”
And they don’t.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am thankful

I am so thankful!
I have everything I need
And lots of extras
So I have no desire to stand in line
Like 100’s maybe millions of “needy” people waiting for their opportunity to just get into the Apple store. I just had to ask why there was this long line down the hall, and more down the hall at Bellevue Square shopping center. Terry, at the Papyrus store said - I think it’s a new ipod. Terry was wearing “Carlos’s” name tag, so I was alittle confused.(Incidental unless you do not look at all like a Carlos ) But Terry answered to Carlos when I said thank you.
We were both glad that we did not need one of “those things”.( we won’t tell Caleb )
But I was even more glad when I went to the “Olive and Vinegar” store. I had purchased a couple Jamie Oliver shakers. ( recommended by my daughter who is in the know ). When I got them home, I was not sure what to do next. One was for Mimi, that was easy, the other for me. So the kind lady told me how simple it is. Just like a mortar and pestle ( just more $$ ). Then she asked if I had plans for Easter dinner. That makes sense to ask at a “foodie” store. “We are going out - how about you?” “Well we are celebrating because the mall is closed.” she said. “ What? Bellevue Square is closed on Easter Sunday?” “Yes,” she said, “that is a first“. Well I said, “Thank you Lord“. - to which she responded, “and the Easter bunny“. Well, “yes“, I said, “He made the bunnies too“.
I thought it was time to leave.
Saturday April 3, 2010 already
Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
( need any instructions?)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just another day

Well, not really, this is my first day to blog
I am utilizing it as a journal
so this is what a day can look like for me
Was it just another day?
started as usual with coffee in bed, reading Proverb for the day, brief exercising ( very brief )
A call from Helen -let’s do
McDonald’s: our Tuesday tradition, before BSF for many years, but since she now has the care of Destry (soon to be two ) we don’t make it very often. And who knows when it will change - Destry does not like being in the high chair. He likes climbing on Grandma, and the table, and the window sill. While trying to keep him on the bench Grandma Helen gets a few hands in the face,etc. I leave the table with the trash. Destry’s pacifier is now on the floor, for the last time. Time for me to brush my teeth and head to church.
BSF: I am trying to get there a little earlier so I can do a little “greeting”. It helps me get out of myself. My Mary Anne is already seated and I snag the seat beside her. It was an OK morning. However, upon leaving no one crossed my path so I just walked out. I did not even get to tell Martha Ann how cute she looked ( especially her flowery sweater ) I paused by Mary Anne, but she was chatting.
Library: I picked up my book on hold,checked out the table of new non fiction books and found one on Shoes - big and full of pictures, also one on how to have a better memory.( I want to start reading that one soon ) So I have some books to look at for a month. I always stop at the “Friends of the Library book store”, and that is when I am aware that the same man who was checking out books behind me, is still behind me. I take my time, find a Veggie Tales VHS for .50 and leave. I am aware that “he” is leaving too. So I take my time. Stop to check out the bulletin board ( who reads this stuff? ) and “he” pauses to look at the free newspaper stand. He is ahead of me, and I walk slower, but he waits and holds the door open for me ( it is the automatic door that opens itself, but he did not know that ) so now he smiles and says ” I could not help but notice how feminine you look”. I smile and I hope I said thank you.(Pink jacket, fluffy long skirt, cute sandals ) Then he says ” do you use a rolling pin on your feet?” He is speaking with an accent, so I can only hope he was just using the wrong word, but I said no and speeded up my walk.I did not put the top down on Sabrina just in case he thinks she is more feminine than me. Got safely home.
Visitor: An elderly lady came to the door. She is the mother of a neighbor up the street. I am ashamed to say I have not met them and they moved in last November. She is very friendly, I offer her coffee, she says no, but stays and chats for about 45 minutes. She says she is a christian but her son is an atheist. I want to introduce myself to them, very soon. They have two little boys.
Ivars: He would be 105 years old, so they were offering “buy an entree and get the second for $1.05. There must have been 105 hungry people waiting in line. But after a 45 minute wait, we were eating our own Ivar’s traditional fish and chips.
Movie with Sally: We watched ” Mrs. Arris goes to Paris” - just the kind that makes both of us laugh and cry. She did most of the crying. Which was a perfect time for a very low calorie ice cream bar. And then goodbye - so she could work on her lesson.
Home early - Darrell was still up so we had time to pray together before he went to bed.
Spring Cleaning: well that is what I call it, but since I have never done it before I am not sure if cleaning out drawers and throwing away outdated coupons qualifies. But, I had one more drawer - I had dumped it out on the floor to make sure I did not forget. So while listening to “Rio Bravo” for the 100Th time, I can now say the cabinet is in order and I can walk into the closet.
My dilemma for Wednesday? Should I wear the same outfit, again?!?