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Monday, June 29, 2015

It just came out...again

My favorite graduation  gift ...

                         ( and a little $$ )

I had ordered a copy of my favorite devotional at the book store.
the call came, it was in.

They would hold it until Monday.

Monday, late in the day, I went to the shelf where devotional books are stocked and found a copy
then I went up to the counter and told them that they should have a copy on hold for me.

Sure enough, the clerk pulled out a copy on hold for me.

" Why is this special to you "      she asked , while processing my order 

"It is the devotional book I have been giving to graduates for many years.  It is God's Word . If you were my friend and graduating, I would give you a copy."  I told her. 

"Well, that is where I am "   she replied 

" Will you read it?"  I said, holding out a copy to her

" Are you serious ?" She asked

" Will you read it?  I replied.


I gave her a copy and I left the store
I am sure she said thank you, I just don't remember what happened after that.
I was so amazed and happy that she took the book.
All the way to my car and beyond, I was smiling and thanking the Lord and wishing I had asked her for her name, but
  The Lord knows her name.
                         and He loves her.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

After the party's over

The party might be over but                             

We can have fun anytime 

girls who came prepared
A dress with shorts underneath 

spot the 4th man
he's in camo  :)   

popcorn and a show 

A great time was had by all  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Chapter One

The invitations were out  and the photos came in

Happy Birthday to Me,   
      a very special party
                 like a gift to my friends 
 A Paris Theme 

checking out the frosted pink cookies her Mom made 

Tea or coffee 

Mother and Daughter 

Mother and daughter

sweets for my sweet 


Lorraine, Barb, Birthday girl, Betsy and Melissa
surrounding Aunt Pat 

Aunt Pat, still an elegant lady at 91 

Cousins & such
Trina, Lorraine, Tammy, Sara ,Barb

Trina & Melissa


Kathy F. Kathy T. Heather T. Mary Alice T. Nancy S. Marie K. 

Nancy, Cindy, Marie,Kathy, Alice, Sally 

BSF friends
Linda, Martha Ann , Shirley Goodness and Mercy, Sally, MaryAnn, Laurie,Helen, Kathy, Elaine
Front: Heather and Betty 

Photo  by Claire  

Travel laundry set 

even the wrapping is fun 

Mimi and her girl Claire

Trina and Sadie

Mimi and Heather

Nita and Janie

Jude and me 

Friendship mug

not really twins, but they look alike, they act alike, they talk alike
Sisters Sally ( birthday girl )  Alice 

MaryAnne and Kathy Ann

Pashmina, mug, love 


can you guess which shoe gave a swift kick when offered help down the path ?

My girls and me

More than half the pictures were taken by Mimi . She also planned, printed and posted the invitations
Anita decked her spotless house with a collection of Paris decorations
Claire was available for any little tasks.
Tiffany brought handfuls of baked goods and beverages
All three daughters worked very hard to put an amazing party together