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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am thankful

I am so thankful!
I have everything I need
And lots of extras
So I have no desire to stand in line
Like 100’s maybe millions of “needy” people waiting for their opportunity to just get into the Apple store. I just had to ask why there was this long line down the hall, and more down the hall at Bellevue Square shopping center. Terry, at the Papyrus store said - I think it’s a new ipod. Terry was wearing “Carlos’s” name tag, so I was alittle confused.(Incidental unless you do not look at all like a Carlos ) But Terry answered to Carlos when I said thank you.
We were both glad that we did not need one of “those things”.( we won’t tell Caleb )
But I was even more glad when I went to the “Olive and Vinegar” store. I had purchased a couple Jamie Oliver shakers. ( recommended by my daughter who is in the know ). When I got them home, I was not sure what to do next. One was for Mimi, that was easy, the other for me. So the kind lady told me how simple it is. Just like a mortar and pestle ( just more $$ ). Then she asked if I had plans for Easter dinner. That makes sense to ask at a “foodie” store. “We are going out - how about you?” “Well we are celebrating because the mall is closed.” she said. “ What? Bellevue Square is closed on Easter Sunday?” “Yes,” she said, “that is a first“. Well I said, “Thank you Lord“. - to which she responded, “and the Easter bunny“. Well, “yes“, I said, “He made the bunnies too“.
I thought it was time to leave.
Saturday April 3, 2010 already
Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
( need any instructions?)

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