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Monday, June 7, 2010

another Madison Avenue & The Mariniers, or M & M

With a trip into Seattle on the agenda
( thank you Todd for tickets to the Mariners game )
we took the opportunity to take Theresa to McDonald's
Theresa is a dear friend who was such a great friend to our Mom and her favorite place is McDonalds.
Theresa is only 81, but her memory is fading. She had forgotten we were coming for her ( in just 5 hours time) and
she told us several times that she is not feeling well, on medication, etc. We love her and hate to see her aging so fast.
We said our goodbyes and on to Safeco field
Darrell left me off a few blocks away - I am not used to people sleeping on the sidewalk. A man in his wheel chair with a sign "me and wee dog are homeless" . I have another block to go.
Memorial Day - tributes to our men in service. Songs, salutes, very nice.
If you have not been to a game in a year or two, you might not recognize
Milton Bradley ( not the Monoploy MB)
Guiterrez, Lopez, Figgins
Johnson ( what country is he from ?)
But, anyone who has been to a Mariner game in the past 20 years will remember the Peanut Guy. He looks the same except he has no pony tail. ( sorry about the quality of the photo, it is just for memory)
And as much as I love shoes, I had to take a picture of the "pair" across the aisle ( I was thinking of you Andrew )
We are aware that the Mariners might not win, very soon. Like in the 2nd inning. The Twins score two home runs ( and I do know that a home run is not just getting to home plate, it is hitting the ball and getting there all in one play. ) But I am cheering and clapping and my hands are getting tired ( Yes, I am spirited, but yes, I am cold ) I leave my seat to put on layer number four and when I get back Darrell tells me " You missed all the excitement". O, I know, I heard on the loud speaker that we scored. That's not all, Darrell caught the ball that came into the crowd. ( Why am I not surprised - this man who is content with a mitt, if he can't have a bat or an ax)
So, he admits that if I had been there, next to him, he would have tripped over me ( I become invisible ) and been too late ( his hand was just inches from the hand of a younger fan ) So he hands me $5. for a latte. Where else, but Safeco field is a cup of coffee $4.75, a latte is $4.75 and a mocha $4.75. so what did I get? ( are you still with me? )
we left at the top of the 9th. You see, we had at least two miles to walk to get to the free parking place.
You gotta respect a guy who knows how to save money, get to a foul ball before someone 1/4 his age, and still have energy to walk two or three miles.
So the Mariner's did not win, but Minnesota is good too, GO TWINS

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Jeanne said...

Kathy, you tell a story well and I feel like I'm there, or I wish I was there! Miss you dearly, my friend. Jeanne