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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bumble Bees

You are very welcome
Please come in 

It all started with this apron and a very cute mug
All in a gift from my cousin
She knows I like to have a theme for my parties so she sent me some inspiration
(thank you Lynn )

then came the doormat
( the boot by the window has a small bee, in case you did not notice )

Then came the cookie jar,
tea towel party favors
napkins, etc. 

Dutch Babies, main entree

This grape pie was Anna's masterpiece 

Yes, the bees are edible and the carrot cake 

I hope you can hear this little man sing all about
a little bumble bee 

This little bumble bee was provided by my little  T - man.  He was at a party last week,  and when the pinata opened, out came candy and little bumble bee erasers.  He knew grammy was planning a bumble bee party, so he scrambled about
and collected a huge handful for the party.  

( things that make grandma's smile ) 

There is a little secret, and I haven't told anyone........


Monday, August 15, 2016

An Evening in Seattle 

First stop  dinner

Called Mom's meatloaf...tasty..real mashed spuds

The music was pretty loud, maybe you heard it.

But all eyes seem to be on the Olympic games


A man at the bar, had his head down on the counter when I passed by
and then as  I got to my seat
he was on the floor.
Now, all eyes are on the man on the floor
So no one noticed that Hubby and I took our leave.

Molly's handmade Ice cream, just around the corner 

sea salt and caramel  

Final event
A reading.
We should have known better, neither one of us LOVE much poetry
To each his own.
The room was full of fans and loved his style.
Also in the room was the reason we came.
My old friend Leslie's daughter.

Took a picture, but it did not turn out very well. Three other family members were there too and though it was great to see them
I did  take the two pieces of carrot cake back  home with me.
Definitely not enough for everyone

I live  an exciting life. .

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Life is full of interesting people

and  a good place to see lots of interesting people is at Lowe's.
I like to shop at Lowe's, partly because it is close to home
partly because there is a nice coffee and hot dog stand just outside the door. 


Good coffee and tasty hot dogs

So, when I was shopping at Lowe's yesterday, it was around lunch time and I decided to indulge in a hot dog.
 It is summer and summertime and hot dogs go together.
So, I ordered a regular hot dog and sat down on the little bench in the eating area.
From there you can see people leaving the store.
And believe me, there are all kinds of people who shop at the hardware store


turns out, I was probably the most unusual person shopping at Lowe's all day, maybe all week. 

Life is full of interesting people

Monday, August 8, 2016

Take me out to the ballgame

  Can we take you out to the ballgame ? they asked 

             Who would not say yes ?

                      Little did we know it would be a very special night.
                                        The retirement of Ken Griffey Jr's   # 24

                                                              Yep. We were there that night.

It started  early in the afternoon when we met with our friends. Our Chauffeur let us out as we entered the parking garage.  This would allow us to get a little head start for the line into the park.
Well, it did not take long to realize that there was a long line. A very long line.  

We walked and walked and walked  almost to Jackson street . This is blocks north of the field. Past Century Link field and beyond.  We finally found the end of the line.   When our Chauffeur had not joined us, we gave him a call.  He was already at his seat.   WHAT?   
A little misunderstanding, he did not call to let us know there was a short line. A much shorter line just around the corner from Safeco field. 
Now it is our turn to make a decision. Do we leave our now very slowly moving line to hope the shorter line was still shorter?

Let's just say, all 4 of us were in our seats about an hour and a half before the event was to begin.
(It is now 4:45 )
The retirement of Ken Griffey jr's  # 24     

That is Ken Griffey walking across the field waving and smiling 

Oh, the first 20,000 fans received a replica of the plague of Ken, and our Chauffeur was in that number.   And so were the folks who got in line at 6:00 A.M. Saturday morning.  

At 6:10 the festivities began...lots of well known Mariners, # 24's,  Hall of Famers,  and up on the big screen a video of Willie Mays.  He greeted Ken Griffey and told him to call him sometime.  Ken pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed...looked like he was leaving a message  and the audience  erupted in cheers  (  many cheers during the program )

On to the game.  Very exciting. We won !!   Very fun to sit between friends who really love the Mariners and are  great cheerleaders throughout the game. 

A brisk walk back to the parking lot, by Century Link.  This is when we get to work off any stiff muscles from sitting for 3 1/2 hours.   We walk up the first three flights of stairs and Chauffeur realized this is the wrong floor.  So we hop on the elevator which has room because it is going down and then coming back up, which is fine with us.  We go right to the top, floor 6.  No, that does not look right. So we walk down one flight.  No, Must be one more.   Chatted a bit with the security guy who thought it must be on the 6th floor. So we walk up and then seeing it is in the open air, we know that is not right.   Down one more flight and YEP  ! There it is. The nicest little red car  you have ever seen.  The traffic is not that bad and our Chauffeur knows exactly how to get out and back onto the freeway and before you know it, we are saying goodnight to our friends.

What a great adventure !
Thank you Al and Nancy ! 

"Grammy, we need to pray "
            the voice of 5 year old grandson.

We were heading out the door to preschool and he was remembering ( like children with a good memory can do ) the story I had told him several months ago.

Here goes:   When your Mommy was growing up, we would always stop at the front door and pray before going up the street to school.  Sometimes there were neighbor children who came for that hour before school ( their Mom's had to go to work ).  No matter who was here, we would always pray before going out the door.

Next generation,  let's keep it going.

Grammy is praying now.  

Will you pray too ?