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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lego ...Logo

 They come in every color, this just happens to interest me - clear lego, clearly popular
Two walls are devoted to kits and what they should look like when you are finished
 Along with the kits are screens with action and more ideas for using more lego
A close up of the window being viewed above ( sorry a little out of order )
Screens, keyboards, lego, ideas, money.
 Lego with a logo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reading until you are tired of reading

While others are reading books,  I am reading blogs. That is where I found out that others are reading books.  On the other hand, you can read the front or the back of  little boy's onesies  and you would never get tired of reading.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baking Night at the Tanners 2011

 This year baking night: Anita, Janna,Tiffany, Kristine, and Cheri (Photographer Mom)
                                          Thumb prints - some cookies take two cooks
                                          Kristine has never missed a baking night!
                                                   They look like they are cleaning up but...
                                     It is always good to wear an apron when you cook,
Started the evening early, with Pizza ( thanks Tiff) and then right to work ( thanks again Tiff, you really know how to crack the whip)
We made more cookies this year than almost any other year. Janna came for the first time and made at least 5 recipes, including "stained glass window".  They are the messy ones that first timers get to mess with and we forgot to take a photo.  They are so sweet, that Damon is the only one who loves them. But they are traditional, so we always make them. 
I usually make fruitcake on a different night, but..... I don't want to talk about it.
This Little lady is tasting the goods while her Mama cuts my hair. She wanted to eat them all!
It was a great night we missed Alene and Eleanor, maybe next year

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A family lived in the house next door to us  for many years, but about two or three years ago, without moving out, Mrs. Neighbor started coming  only to get the mail. A gardener comes once a year. The girls have grown up and gone off to college and career. We heard the dad was an attorney in New York for a famous celebrity, but we have never seen him.
 I see Mrs. Neighbor  once in a while and wave, but she is not the most friendly gal.  In fact, she is a little different. I am sure she is brilliant, and her two daughters the same.  But for the years they were actually living next door, we saw an accumulation of newspapers, boxes, tools and whatever, that would grow along the porch and then into the driveway.  Christmas lights were strung along the sidewalk for years, and were still working until last summer. She never put her name on the mail box, in fact  “The smiths” name is still on it.   But she had been staying elsewhere and in the meantime raccoons had moved in. The lady across the street saw the exterminators come and take  away crates of those little fellows . That gives you a little picture  into this interesting family.

Well, yesterday, Mrs. N.  was there.  One of her daughters was there.  A Big crew was there and were  cleaning up and carrying away  LOTS.   Hard to say lots of what, but for the first time in maybe 20 years, we can see inside the office and from the street it looks empty.
I didn't see any of the people, until I was leaving to go to the dentist and by then....

an aid car had arrived and was taking Mrs. N.  to Overlake Hospital. She was having chest pain. There was too much going on in the street, Two fire trucks, several cars and many people, so I could not get through to catch her daughter before I had to leave.

Today I went to Bible Study and felt burdened to pray for her and the other ladies did too.

When I got home from Bible Study and I was thinking about her, but didn't do anything.
I just thought about my little self and took a little nap.
When I got up, I knew I had to run an errand and when I got out of the garage I realized I had a text from Nita
Was she coming over?
I need to call her –  “ no, not today, maybe tomorrow.” she said.
Well.... I said,  could you do me a favor and call Overlake and see if our neighbor  is still there and if she is call me back?

(Since I was already in the car and on my way, she did the calling for me. )

So I continued on and soon the phone rang
She is at Overlake.

I went on my errand, bought a plant, and went to Overlake.

When I got to her room there was a sign on the door. No admittance, check with the nurses.
So, I did. And they checked with Mrs. N .  And she said no visitors.
 Well, I handed the plant to
the nurse and asked her to give it to her. I told her " she knows me, I live right next door"
A voice came from the room  "kathy"     I didn't recognize you, come in."

So I did.
It is so hard to know what to talk about, but she seemed surprised and pleased to see me. Thanked me.
She said  "Darrell said he would take care of things, and I guess it worked" ( he said he would pray for her)

Said she hoped to go home this evening.    We chatted for just a couple minutes and then she said
"I would hug you, but I don't know what I might give you".  

I should have hugged her. I wish I had. But I told her that I need to stay healthy for my young grandsons,
one I am taking care of on Saturday. 
I told her to let me know if I could do anything. ( You know, the usual sort of offers, but I hope she knew I was serious)

I also said we would keep praying for her. 

Now you can pray for her too.