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Sunday, November 27, 2011

40 th Wedding Anniversary November 27, 2011

                                      Who had lobster tail? and lobster mashed potatoes?
                                        Strawberries dipped in chocolate and pistashios
                                         Chocolate fudge lined bowl, filled with coconut ice cream
                                               Mom and favorite oldest son
                                               Mimi and Steve
                                                       Jackson and Tanner
                                          Anniversary dessert
                                                     Claire and Uncle Damon
                                                      Dale and Sebastian
                                                Tiffany and Sebastian
                                            The Conrads - family of 3
You might notice that  the proud father of the family is missing from the photos, but when the professional pictures of the whole family are ready, we can see him then.

40th Wedding Anniversary   November 27 1971  - 2011

Family. Food.   Festivities Family:  All 13  of us.  Dad and Mom, 4 kids, spouses and grandkids
                    Al together
 Food:  Dinner at Daniels
            Brunch at Ivar’s Salmon House
                (  Only photos could do them justice )

Festivities  - Any time we get together it is exciting.  We were extra excited that our 13th family member made his appearance in time for a family portrait.   ( kids surprised us with the photo shoot)   But while Tanner's  parents were preoccupied with him, they were missing from the other plans.  But we had as much fun as we could.

We do not usually exchange gifts on our anniversary, though I have always felt like it was the husband’s privilege to  give as many gifts and cards as he wanted.
I have tried to be frugal and started recycling cards long ago.  Anniversary, Father’s Day; you can say the same thing every year if you find a good one. And I have. Actually my favorite anniversary card  has been  “Rhet Butler and Scarlet O’Hara” on the front.  I don’t remember what it said inside, but I’m sure Darrell doesn’t either because I gave that one to him several years ( snatched it before he could toss it and I filed it for the next year )
Well, my skills have weakened and I could not find it.  I couldn’t find any ABC anniversary cards. Thankfully I had an appropriate blank card.  Just put a simple greeting inside. It wasn’t until I had sealed the envelope that I realized I had put 40th !   ( maybe I can use a little white out next year )

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Casual Tea Party

It was a casual tea party. After all, two of us had been up at one in the morning.
I'm hungry, she said. So we  went  downstairs, had granola,a juice box and toast.We picked out a book to read. We were trying to be quiet , but somehow the violin that plays "ode to Joy" started playing and would not stop. The strings wer stuck together. Fixed that and hid it.  Then
we went back upstairs, but only one of us was ready to go back to bed.
The other one went back down to read a little more .   Then back upstairs, and we both went back
to bed.
So, our casual tea party started about 7 in the morning.  Note the pj's, hat, robe, colorful leggings and very fun flip flops.  Several friendly animals were also invited. As the gentleman said, all their names end with  E.  Sneake, Balde, and doggie. 
A great time was had by all  ( no calories for one thing )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Early Spring, two little birds came to our old newspaper box by the front door and began shoving everything out. Yes, tools, garden gloves, everything got pushed out onto the ground and they began building this amazing nest. You can see some of the materierls...feather, gum wraer, twine.  Then we got back from a long trip and they had no rest. The front door was used to much they left. Those little eggs were left behind.  
I hope they come back next year and we will use the back door until the babies fly away.
photo.JPG If  this photo comes through, I might have conquered my new compter system.
If it does not, I will just say it is the cutest little almost four year old who is showing us her Izlela. She got it months ago after a visit to the ER and has "babied" it.  It bloomed again!