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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Saturday night out

out at the mall

Well first,  bit of dinner

then over to the mall where every  Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
there is live music.

Very friendly artist came around and chatted with us

I have to say, the socks were....eye catching  

We had a fun time and plan to go again.
And we did.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The gift of


I put on an apron just as soon as I walk into the kitchen
Well, I am messy
there is that feature that if someone notices,
 they think you are busy making something good to eat.
And that can happen in my kitchen
  but there are also the times when i am just emptying  the dishwasher,
 or thinking about food and in those cases

 it is good to have your apron on and be ready.
My cousin Lynn sent me this adorable apron and that was the beginning of parties.
 Three bumblebee parties.

OK, come on in and see some of my collection!
The Coffee is ready  

This favorite was made by Jennie Whitaker.

The better part of a "pay it forward" WOW ! I really scored. 

Always good to have a choice
and one for anyone who offers a helping hand in the kitchen

When I put on theses aprons ... it's like I 'm wearing a Superhero cape!  
Especially, at Shallowbrook, when Bonnie or LInda are in the kitchen already.  Then yes, Superhero cape !  
One is from 2010 and the other a few years before that. Great times at Shallowbrook.  

fun times with Damon, thank you Bonnie, Memories with Carnation and honeymoon apron
a little more ironing and
more favorites

London Airport,Road trip  Holli, Aunti  Sharon 

And when the grands come to help

And Christmas baking night

You can only imagine how I feel when I am wearing this gem
Sometimes I crank up the music and...
well, fun times in the kitchen. 

Romans 12:13   Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

( and wear a nice clean, cute apron )

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A girl needs good boots

Yes, boots that fit well and look good
well, it would be nice if they looked cute, too.
And not expensive.

So, I have a limit in mind
Nordstrom is having a sale

I can't believe there is one pair that is under $150.00.

So, they have my size, I try them on  I say "I'll take them"

I am intrigued by the shoes the salesman is wearing.  Actually, it is the socks, that intrigue me. Or should I say, the lack of socks.

So, I ask him.  " I am wondering,  is it a new style to not wear socks?"  
So. He explains " I am wearing these little socks, because I have very hot feet"
So. I say, " So do I"
but, I don't think he is listening, and I don't remember the rest of his conversation

but, now I know more than I knew before  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Celebration of years

76 years

Just one of the celebrations
(though at his age, there is not so much party, especially when your birthday is two days before Christmas )

Family put up balloons and birthday banner .

then took the birthday boy and his wife to lunch

This is where you might want to scroll down.
You see, these little gems were left on the table right beside us
and somehow they ended up on our table
Then they disappeared 

He ate every bite 

He knows the good stuff 

Grammy's entree 

The restaurants treat to the birthday boy. 

Not sure if is was our strong family harmony or just an exciting crowd,
 but we heard  a very nice round of applause. after singing 
Happy Birthday to You 

A time to...

Cousins gathered, saying goodbye to a loved one.

A time to weep  and a time to laugh,
 a time to mourn and a time to dance.
 Ecclesiastes 3

  This has been a hard month of goodbyes 

 An 86 year old retired teacher
The unborn child of a friend
 Our 74 year old cousin
 and a 28 year old true woman of God  ,

Two  unseen, but all  loved.

 Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning ... Psalm 30:5 

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, and whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but has everlasting life.
John 3:16 

Believe it. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Octogenarians are amazing

One of my octogenarian friends,   will call her Lady Z, is just that, Amazing.  And more

( she does not like public exposure so you won't tell her that I told you )

She walks with a cane, has white hair, and is very in charge.

About a year ago, a very nice looking man came to her door. He was needing a little financial help to get back on his feet.   So, she appreciated his position and gave him some cash.

Last week, this same nice looking and well dressed man came to her door.
 First of all, her little dog    ( very little but kind of yappy )  jumped outside and barked a bit.
" Well, your dog does not like black people", he said.  
  Lady Z informed him that her dog loves all people.
Then he proceeded to explain why he was still in need, when she thought by now he should  be making it on his own.  
 He also commented on the Mariner's game that he could hear playing inside the house.
" Your husband doesn't like black people ".  
Well, Lady Z. Did not comment on that ( her husband has been in heaven for over 20 years.
no one else was in the house )
Then he showed her a check for $250. that a neighbor had written to him.  She told him that she did not have cash, but would write him a check.   ( not for $250.  but she did not tell him that )
She came back with the check and handed it to him.   "That is not enough" he told her.
She snatched the check back from him and said " I don't like your attitude"
He responded "I don't like your attitude either"   and walked away.

Lots of emotions going on in my head.
Thankful she was bold and safe

Consent granted..she loves this photo of my grands, her little doggie, and Lady Z. 

another night out for dinner

We enjoy going out for Happy Hour and we don't even need the Happy
   the happy in the bottle that is.
We have discovered several places that have great prices during those early dinner hours
   and we take advantage of it.
Like last night when we went to Ruth's Chris. We have never gone to the restaurant, which is upstairs and entrees start at $57.
 and the reason I know that is because of last night...

We were seated at our table for four, just the two of us, and our food had already been served. Both of us got their caesar salad and hubby got the cheeseburger and fries. He eats the burger, I eat the fries and we both have a salad.

So there we were, minding our own business when a woman entering the dining area, off in the corner called out to hubby..."you're my neighbor...hello neighbor".    And sure enough hubby recognized a neighbor he had done some work for .  She came closer and continued to chat. She told us that the meals upstairs start at $57. and who would spend that kind of money on dinner. The she looked at hubby's plate and commented on how good it looked. She said the line for this area was very long...could she join us?

So, there we were the 3 of us visiting. Mostly our neighbor sharing about this and that.
 Her son's business.
 Our daughter's job at the nursery.(hubby must have shared that with her while he was chopping wood for her )
 Her own career of hard work.
 Her marriage which lasted 10 years.   She repeated that.again......married for only 10 years, and again ...
Hubby asked if that was when her husband walked out on the family.

NO, that was when she kicked him out.

The things you never knew
someone you really don't know
now you do.

Here she is, enjoying her cheese burger