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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on the Road again,

So just in case you have been missing me and just didn’t know how to tell me, it’s ok, I know how it is with “friends” on FB. But the truth is, I was on a 15 day road trip - Seattle to San Antonio. WOW
Lots of adventures but there is one day that is the favorite…

Thursday, I think we were in Kansas…
Every morning starts the same for me - one of those Belgium waffles and coffee
Then just before leaving I get my mug refilled and usually, without turning around, I push the button that plays “ On the road again” . Probably the hostess thinks I am singing ( I am an alto ) but it is Willie Nelson, inside my mug.
So we are on the road again and there are some flowering trees : Red Bush. And the sun is shining and we get to our next stop,

the “information center”. Darrell and Rog go inside and inquire about a few things. Actually, Rog is meandering around, looking at all the booths, gathering pens for Barb ( her favorite the kind that click on and off ) and after a bit Darrell realized that.. “O, is this a bank?” Yes. But not to worry they were happy to help with directions to places of interest. By the time they got back to the car, they were both laughing and Rog had 8 pens for Barb

Army Museum: and it really was. Vehicles from several wars and countries were housed in here and Gary and Bill were more than happy to tell us about them. Helicopters, jeeps, planes.. Rog found the very jeep he learned to drive when he was in the Army. Barb found USA bracelets that Gary’s wife Betty had made. And I found a little red airplane ( I have at least 2 reasons why I bought it )

Lunch: A very small town, and a little sandwich shop that charged .50 cents for a glass of water and .50 for an empty cup for the can of Pepsi. I got a free glass of water with my coffee. The pie, was very yesterday.

Gas Station/truck stop : a frequent stop. But this one had an interesting customer. He was sitting at a table eating two portions of “ deep fried something” and the table was close to the ladies room. So when I started toward the door he told me. “ someone is in there”. A few minutes later “ it’s a lady and her little girl, so it might be a while”. They came out and he told me‘“ it’s your turn”. By now Darrell has approached and has seen his name tag “Coach”. when I come out, Barb is in line and I ask her if she is ready for some ice cream. And Coach says “ you want good ice cream, go next door, only 200 yards, and they have the best soft ice cream “. That sounded like a good idea. We walked over and ordered our cones and before we could sit down in the sun to lick, here comes Coach driving his yellow VW. Then a small town conversation starts and …..

Wrecking Yard.. Called different names in different places, but a huge collection of cars and a great place to find a license plate. Barb is collecting one from each state we visit. A young family is just closing up shop but they are eager to please and the wife says she will just drive home real quick and get one for us. So while she is gone I am blowing bubbles for Jane and Becca who are so happy to chase bubbles in the wind that I give them my little bottle and off we go again.

Tonight we are in Douglas - eat dinner at Clementine’s ( their pecan pie is very homemade ) and stay at the Sleep Inn - it is a huge room, labeled “handicap”
We sleep well
We are not in Kansas anymore

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