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Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Friday, April 23, 2010
4 hugs and a photo
4 hugs and a photo

There I was. Minding my own business, at Trader Joe’s, looking at the most unusual Hydrangeas I have ever seen. The doors open automatically, even before you are ready to go inside and that is when it happened.
I saw her standing there.
Michelle Klassen from Aberdeen Idaho! After a nice big hug she told me that her husband was out in the parking lot. He had called her on her cell phone to say “ I think that is Mrs. Tanner, looking at those plants”. So we chatted - remembered the last time we had a “ not by chance” meeting - she was coming from Idaho and we were coming from Washington and we ended up on the same plane in Chicago, going to New York. Now it was time to go out to see the rest of the family. Very sweet girls - all smiles, and hugs. Very handsome husband, all smiles and hugs. Before our goodbyes I caught a photo of the girls ( why didn’t I take one of Michelle and Marc?)
I could not stop smiling. In fact, I was so blessed I decided to celebrate at the DQ. I was pretty sure there was a sign saying come inside for a PBP. So I did. Then I got to thinking.
How did Marc happen to notice me?
1. Did he see Sabrina first - all shining clean ( thanks to the Dorge girls )
2. Was it my fluffy skirt - I had forgotten the attention THAT brought me
3. My cute shoes - well, the checker noticed them
I may never know. But one thing is sure
This was not a “chance encounter”
When I got back in the car, my CD was on “ May your wonders never Cease”
And they don’t.
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