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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Who gets a phone  call
                 on her birthday
                         from her physical therapist
                               whom she has not seen for weeks ?
So to Kathy and Kirsten  ( Kelly and Siere )
                            Thank you
                                      Yes, I was out in Sabrina, with the top down
                                          wearing fun red shoes
                                              on our way to lunch along
                                                 Lake Washington
                                                      Beach Cafe.

                                               You are the best

( and I hope you read this because I do not have any other tech connect with you )

p.s. and I just might drop by on a Tuesday when I know all of you are "working"

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Day

I have never blogged in the morning.
          but, it is my Birthday and I can do what I want to.
     So, I decided I could treat myself to 1/2 of a coconut cupcake. 
 So I head outside.  No one seemed to notice.  The man I live with was reading the paper and did not hear me go outside three times. 
 First. to check the temperature
 Second to bring my "breakfast" out.
 Third time I was carrying a little devoltional book.

just a note: I am sure most women know where all the family members are at any given time.  The phone rings for your son, you know he is outside shooting baskets. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded and you know where your kitchen helper of the week is hiding.  Neighbors come to play and you know exactly where to send them.    ( p.s. be glad, soon enough no one will be coming or calling because they have all grown up and flown away )

  I love to sit in the sun in the morning and read and pray and drink coffee.  And today the sun is calling me.
That  1/2 cucpcake was so good and so small, I thought it would be a good idea to eat another.  Breakfast !   There is protein in that butter I put in the cupcake and icing.

 So I have started my day talking to myself.  The man I have been living with has gone.  He cuts wood.   But I want to give him credit for having a birthday gift for me on the breakfast table. 
  A cookbook from  England.   He bought it last month when he went to England without me.  But  next year, when I have a bigger birthday he is going to take me with him. 
London.... Paris.... Zurich.                       
   I do love cookbooks. And this one is all about baking the way Mum bakes. I love it already.            
  I would add a photo, but I must get on with my day.

Happy Day to YOU ! ( or me, since I am talking to myself )
 There are still two cupcakes left over from last night..
                 It was a  Happy Birthday to Beth 

     The coffee is on,  come on over   ..........

Monday, May 26, 2014

My little men

It was an early start to the day
              and a sweet one.

   doesn't take them long to start playing  .

baking time

                              We are baking a little brownie to share
                                                    Watching the brownie rise

       one seems to prefer milk and pouring milk
                                              the other prefers the brownie
                        You have to admit it is a fun tea set - 
                                        Curious George

               always a willing helper.      then it is outside we go

                               Time to help Grampy....
                                               Here we come Grampy...
                  Watching while Grampy puts nets over the fruit trees. 
                                               And here comes Uncle D
                                               Time to play with Uncle D.
                                 That ball went so landed up in the tree
               Time for a coffee break
                   real coffee and little short bread pups.
                                      How did that lid get into Mom's coffee?
  Busting some moves for Emily  and playing with Mr. Potato Head
                                              Thanks Emily.

                   Hungry again...........
                                  That calls for a trip to  
                                         The Burg   

       And now it is time to say goodbye
So, does it take 3 ( sometimes 4 ) adults to keep up with 2 little men under 4 years old?

  Maybe not,  but I am always  glad to share the joy !

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Not an ordinary day.

 A Beautiful Saturday

                             Blue sky and bright sunshine

         but not an ordinary day. 

By 10:00 I was seated in  a church with others who were gathered in memory of a child.
A little girl who will see the face of Jesus before the rest of us.  Her first breath will be in Glory.

By 1:00 I am in another church. We were there  to gather around the family who have said  goodbye to  their little boy.  This little boy will also take his first breath in the presence of Jesus.

Will our new bodies have a heart that beats and lungs that breathe ?  They will be perfect and  we will have no more pain, no more grieving , no more suffering.    I am so sure the time is near, for those who love Jesus, to be caught up to meet our Saviour.    

Do you know Jesus as your Saviour ?
It is easy... Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Acts 16:31.  It is God's Word. You can trust it. 

I took the long way home to stop by my family.  I needed a little grandson fix.    I needed to feel their warm hugs and rejoice in their healthy lively bodies.

                            Very lively. 
  It was tackle time and  I don’t have the energy for that,
but I  am thankful my son in law does.
   I am  thankful  for these healthy boys.
    I am very thankful

           Holiday Weekend

Feeling the urge to be patriotic, I chose  red, white and blue  colors to wear.  I didn’t have a red cardigan, so I wore a slip over sweater and headed to the mall to buy myself a red cardigan.  Practical. Matches my car and kitchen.   You would probably want to wear red for the memorial weekend too. 

Well, if you do not have a red cardigan, forget about it. 
                Red is out of season. 
 Stopped at Nordstom. Even asked for help, but no red . Period.  The color for the season is coral.   The word  has  gotten around because there were no red sweaters at Macy’s. 
J. Jill,  Talbot’s,  Banana  Republic,  or Ann Taylor. 
   I also checked out the shoes, but did not find any red shoes.  Then I remembered that I have a pair of red shoes at home. Well, I have 3 or 4 pairs of red shoes. Wait, I forgot sandals.  If you need red shoes, you can borrow a pair from me.    Then we will all look patriotic for the holiday.   

And I do have great respect for the real meaning of this holiday.  Especially, Monday, the day  we consider to be Memorial Day.

But, I also have a respect for the original Memorial Day, my birthday.  We always had my birthday off from school, May 30. And I never had to go to work on my birthday May 30.  Then I got married and I think that was when it changed.  Not my birthday, but Memorial Day. It is now always on a Monday and seldom on my birthday. 
 That was when my mother made lemon meringue pie and we went on a picnic to Lincoln Park with our cousins.  My mother did not teach me how to make lemon meringue pie,
 but I happen to know at least 4 people who can make a mean lemon meringue pie.   
Most of them are not on facebook, so there is no need to think I am hinting.   
 Why would I hint for someone to make me a lemon meringue pie for my  birthday ?   My friends John and Janet gave me one last month, and it is in the freezer.  If you come over, I will make coffee and we can celebrate together

If you still want to be patriotic, pull out your red white and blue silverware.   
You do have red white and blue silverware don’t you?

Have a happy holiday weekend. 

               Red or no red, celebrate !

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to
                           Oven Repair....

The repair man came
 He was a nice enough guy.  Must have had a nice grandma because somehow he got to the subject of carrot cake. He has the best recipe, from his grandma.

He also told me that my oven was accurate at 300° but not at 350 °.     200, 400 300 fine.
 But not 350 °

His grandma made the best scones. OH, I said I might like the recipe. Sorry, Grandma is gone – no offer for the recipe.

While standing in my very happy kitchen with red this and that, he said his wife liked red, but he did not like red. It is too bright.
Why did I tell him I have a red car?  So he could tell me that while he was a policeman in California, red cars got more tickets.

He  called a couple places to find parts and the grand total $ 545. Plus tax. I don’t know if that included installation.  I do know, I can live with an oven that is slightly off in the 350 ° zone. 
 At least for a while.  

Of course, his grandma told him that he should always bake chicken at 300 ° because it will be more moist.   And he also told me a few tips on baking carrot cake. 
 He did NOT know that I, Kathy, have the best recipe for carrot cake  from my friend Jeannette Adamson.   I also have several friends who bake great scones.

So, I have an oven that is a little off ( like me ) and here I am in my studio thinking I should have a little more red in this bright, happy, pink and green room. 

For some reason I am hungry.  Think I will have myself a slice of carrot cake ( just happen to know which shelf it is on in the freezer )

Plenty to share, come on over