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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


When you get to go out for lunch after Bible study
you might forget to pick up your lesson because you are so excited
I guess I was, because I forgot. 
( available later on line, thankfully )

believe me, this was a very special luncheon

so exciting that
on the way home, 
one of my 4 BSD's  saw an exit
to I-90 and told me just in time

but, it was going west and we wanted to go east

let me just say,
at this point I believe the other BSD's all 
seemed to see the same banner
 " Do your best back seat driving and help this lady out "

heading in to Seattle is ok, you just get off the first
exit, that happens to say north.
It was not long  before...
BSD # 2 says, you don't want to go north.

north or south, you just turn around and get back on 
I-90 going east

There was no warning from anyone when we hit a huge puddle on the freeway.
Our van was completely covered  in that splash.  
Hang on, we are still going straight and have renewed visibility

But. the exit we want has a long line
BSD # 3 says she always goes up to 148th 

Easy,   Getting close now.
BSD # 4 says that she always turns before hitting
that terribly busy intersection by Sears.
 She always takes Bel/Red road.

Done.  and another 5 minutes and we are back to the parking lot.

Excitement is kind of tiring...if you know what I mean.
a little nap 
and then an email surprise

Two tickets  to a concert Saturday night !! 
   Thank you Audrey !

I live an exciting life. 

fb 2/17/15

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


         but where is it coming from ?

Thankfully, we always check those batteries
and you do too, right? !

Then, why is  one empty?  

Well, the noise is getting louder.   And it seems like it has shifted to the garage.

No smoke.
Checked the wood stove.
All looks good.
  Time to call the expert.
Hubby !

Not too far away, so it does not take him long to get home and then not too long before he realizes
The noise is coming from the garbage can.

That discarded defective   smoke detector
 is now deafening us.

Guess they call that a false alarm
oh,  the empty box, was not a smoke alarm. It is the electric doorbell.

I live an exciting life( and someday  I will  figure out how to change the margins )

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My new Black Purse

shopping is fun
especially when you are with people you love
 AND  you find just what you are looking for.

( after you have had lunch together )

And I did.
Had lunch
found just the right purses I had been looking for.

until I got home.
When I tried to fit all my necessities into the softest black leather
I could not make it stay shut.   It closed and popped open

The beautiful taupe bag ( also very soft leather ) had such small openings
that I scraped my hand just trying to get my phone out.

So, on Saturday I was very happy to find a new black purse.

Smooth leather
roomy, but not over-sized.
Side opens with built in wallet
it is red.... it is my new black.
Looks very nice with black and matches my car.
Who could ask for more?!?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

After the party is over

 and, the party is over,
                  and many memories made.


           First ....which napkins.....

          Then, which recipes to try.     Old friends, new oven, new recipes, here I come


First decision, little man picked the one with red berries.  Nice.

  Chapter two.

I seldom serve appetizers.  They just spoil your appetite for the main meal. But I had some brie cheese and a recipe suggestion from my daughter, so I went for it.

Who or what can  I blame for a burnt to a crisp, quite sweet brie ?    Paul Deen  or my new stove. ( Or the timer that did not set itself).
OK, I don't like to serve appetizers anyway.   

Chapter three

Little man is ready for his nap, so he did not stay for lunch. ( slipped right between Shirley's legs so fast no one noticed...hardly..well it was pretty cute )  After placing all the stuffed animals in the living room, under the tree, he gave hugs to all the ladies, twice and went home.

We all sat down to the table.....what?   where is the food?      Pea salad and fresh fruit   ( thank you  Liz and  Sally ) will not fill us up.
Three hot dishes were still in the kitchen.  Chicken in the oven.  Beets on the stove and rolls waiting to be warmed.  
Let's just say the hostess was distracted by her little man.
And thankfully, two guest jumped up, after prayer, and helped served up the hot dishes.
Sorry to say the chicken dish was so piping hot that one guest burned her hand.
( I have Sulfadiazine  handy,these things happen )

Chapter four

Dessert. That's easy.  Easy recipe. quick bake. make ahead. 
        What?  Why is there so much extra filling?   Twice as much as I need for these little phyllo  pie tarts.  Good thing I have an extra box.  But why?  No Who?  Who changed the recipe from tablespoons to teaspoons !   At least 4 T. of brown sugar instead of 4 t. is not changing the flavor. And no one complained.  ( No one knew ) 

Chapter five.

Little man has another Grandma who sent this great tea towel.
Also  gifted with chocolates in a fun red dish , poinsettia, sparkling cider, Christmas CD,
 gingerbread mat, holly soap and a fluffy red bird ornament .

I live an exciting life
I am blessed 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It is Official !

 Yes, it is for real,  I am now a volunteer in the Friends of the Library Shop in Bellevue.

I know, it is pretty exciting, and even though it is just a three hour commitment twice a is an important position.

So, the first day in the shop was very nice. I had been trained in the marking room and read my manual, so I was prepared.   Lois was great.  She let me take care of all the purchases.  There are only three steps.  Add in each book, press the total button which includes tax, then put the $$ into the cash register.   Don't forget to give change. (  √ )  Give correct change   ( oops, well, he returned the extra dollar )    Offer a receipt  ( oops )  At the end of your shift you count the money. Two parts....
never mind.   It was a good day.  I think I will always like working with Lois.  Both of us found a couple books to buy.

Day two. A different story.  For one thing, when you are in the first shift, you need to arrive 15 minutes early to get the shop ready.   
My co-worker was all smiles and said he waited but thought he better get things ready.  He reminded me it would be a good idea  to be on time.  I agree. I just hope no one important like my girl in Minnesota calls and I get carried away listening.    
enough said.
It did not take long to get acquainted with Mr. Right  ( they always are you know ).  He knew alot about a lot of things.  He had a collection of books, mostly rare and valuable.  He paid $400. for one of them.  I did not bother to tell him about my little collection of  books, mostly inexpensive and easy to find cookbooks.    He also just happened to mention with the Seahawk game coming up that he was only 50/50 Hawk fan. Otherwise, he was a Jet's fan.  Living on the East coast for many years he went to the games and sat in the suites.  Oh, but here, he can also sit in the suites, but maybe only once a year. 
I could have told him my story.  Which one?   Sitting in the reserved seats thanks to our friend, one of the most famous of all Mariners !  Or, sitting in the Diamond Club with one of our most generous friends from Tacoma. Or the good old days, coming early to catch balls in batting practice and sitting in the very cheapest seats ever.  Now those were the days. 
Nope, I kept quiet.
Yes, it did not take long to get to know a little bit about Mr. Right.  He traveled to Paris every year when living on the East Coast.

OK. Now you know more than you want to know ( if you are still with me )

But I am enjoying my new job.  The payment comes in many ways.
!.  As a volunteer, I get to have first pick of the donated books as they come into the shop.
2. Customers smiles when they carry out their bargains.
3. an opportunity to be a " light" when the time is right.

Then, if you are feeling a little light-hearted, or empty in the tummy,   you can head to my favorite breakfast ....Goldberg's

Deep fried french toast, bacon and fresh fruit.    
Need I say more...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Favorite Restaurant

yes, we have been there many times
      we especially enjoy the "atmosphere"

Usually the guys sit in this chair, but this time, I got the privilege

a favorite restaurant
it is entertaining.
You see, the setting is Mom's kitchen from back in the black and white tv days.
  the   50's

so the waitress will make you set the table
introduce you to your " cousins" at the nearby tables.
scold you if your elbows are on the table.
deny dessert if you do not finish your meal

Naomi was a great waitress. She introduced a bride and groom from Mexico. Then she told them our American custom of feeding each other a piece of cake.  She gave them a piece of cake so they could try it.  Everyone was happy for them.

Naomi was not our waitress

Elizabeth did a nice job of singing Happy Birthday to two birthday groups. She sat down on  at the table with each party.

Elizabeth was not our waitress.

A cute little couple were celebrating their  anniversary at the table next to ours. 
They got no song and dance.   But, they didn't seem to notice. 

What's her name was probably having a bad day.

We will probably be back there next time.  The meal loaf is great !

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Special Occasions 

One in Tallahassee, one Orlando,  one Minneapolis 

Three memorable moments.

    The bride and groom.  A lovely wedding.  We have known the groom for quite awhile and we like him. OK, we love him. ( part of the reason to fly across the country for a wedding ).  But the bride. We did not know her. We had never met her. We had seen her picture and knew that she was a very-pretty  lady .  It was not until the reception, when her maid of honor shared her long time friendship with Amber and her inner beauty    I wish I could remember every word, but I remember enough to know the important part.  Amber has loved God since she was a little girl.  Her life has been devoted to giving honor to the Lord.    That was all I needed to hear...... 
Very happy for you Nick  and Amber.

This little gal, Opal is her name, was selling products that have been recycled. That intrigued me because my grandkids have collected bottle caps and now I have a picture of something they can make with them.         But her comments about Americans is what impressed me the most.  She was using the guests at the park as an example. They walk by one another as though they were invisible.Never a smile or a nod of the head. In her country, that would be unacceptable.  That is the word she used. Unacceptable. A feeling of being caught up in our own little world.  Self. 
 Even if she did not know the person along the way,
 she would at least smile and often even engage in conversation. 
Please smile at a stranger today. 

These two charmers were having a little visit with me and asked " am I a Christian?" I explained that they can say YES, because both of them asked Jesus into their heart this summer. 
Nothing could make me happier. 

 Three places to sit and chat 

Three places for dancing

                       a wedding, a park, at home  

With friends

With strangers

With family.

                                                                               Dining in style 

Wedding feast

Grand Hotel

Community "empty bowl" .  Pick out a bowl, enjoy soup and bread, leave a donation for those who have nothing to put in their bowl. 

              Taking care of business



 Three amazing bouquets 

Church side

park side

Bed side

Frosting on the cake.......



New and interesting tastes   

and always,  that great cup of coffee

So, as I reflect on a long and fun filled vacation what is still lingering in my mind 
( aside from time with family and friends of course ).

A mental picture:

The hotel lobby where we have stayed many times and are always thrilled ( yes thrilled) to hear their intercom music .  " His Eye is on the Sparrow".  Yes, at a  Disney hotel.  We have heard it for many years. I don't think it will ever change but I KNOW the one whose eye is on the Sparrow will never change. 
 He is still in control. 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It Just came out...

      He asked if any other appliances might need replacing soon, and I said  " these should last until the Lord comes".

I kind of surprised myself, but only for a second, when the salesman said.. " You must be a Christian"..

You can imagine how the rest of the conversation might have gone, but I did not have a good feeling that   Damon    ( such a fine name ) had the assurance of where he would spend eternity. 
 So, as they were leaving, I gave Damon " Are you going to Heaven" and 
to Phil  ( the man with the bill of sales ) 
          "The Rest of His Time"  by Berwick Hyland.
( if you would like a copy of this  true story, let me know )

And now we pray
and be ready for the next opportunity to share.
We do not know when our time will be changed .

I live an exciting life ! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Gathering, Third annual

Hard to find, you drive through a residential area then up a narrow road and suddenly there it is .
  Trinity   Tree Farm, Pumpkin Patch

This year, friends from Eastern Washington are joining us.

Colorful wheel barrels are ready for the young set.

So we all head to the large field of pumpkins.
The ride is great fun.
Racing around the field is great fun.

        Yes, there were at least 2 more in our group,
                      but sadly they escaped the camera 

The bouncy houses are great fun.

Eating a picnic  lunch is great fun.

Train ride for little people

Hay ride for all.

Just as the rain drops are starting to fall it is time to say goodbye.

One more highlight, on the drive home.
No picture, so use your mind's eye..
A long convoy.  large open  jeeps packed full of gear
Sitting right up next to the tail gate. two or three  soldiers.
These men are in full camouflage ... even their heads

Jeep after Jeep.
Yes, it is raining pretty hard now.
I wave.
I wave again.
They wave.
I wave
I am smiling
Smiling long past the convoy. 

Wishing I had pulled out my camera.

But the picture remains  in my mind
Thankful for those brave  men.
Thankful to live in America.

God bless America, please.