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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It Just came out...

      He asked if any other appliances might need replacing soon, and I said  " these should last until the Lord comes".

I kind of surprised myself, but only for a second, when the salesman said.. " You must be a Christian"..

You can imagine how the rest of the conversation might have gone, but I did not have a good feeling that   Damon    ( such a fine name ) had the assurance of where he would spend eternity. 
 So, as they were leaving, I gave Damon " Are you going to Heaven" and 
to Phil  ( the man with the bill of sales ) 
          "The Rest of His Time"  by Berwick Hyland.
( if you would like a copy of this  true story, let me know )

And now we pray
and be ready for the next opportunity to share.
We do not know when our time will be changed .

I live an exciting life ! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Gathering, Third annual

Hard to find, you drive through a residential area then up a narrow road and suddenly there it is .
  Trinity   Tree Farm, Pumpkin Patch

This year, friends from Eastern Washington are joining us.

Colorful wheel barrels are ready for the young set.

So we all head to the large field of pumpkins.
The ride is great fun.
Racing around the field is great fun.

        Yes, there were at least 2 more in our group,
                      but sadly they escaped the camera 

The bouncy houses are great fun.

Eating a picnic  lunch is great fun.

Train ride for little people

Hay ride for all.

Just as the rain drops are starting to fall it is time to say goodbye.

One more highlight, on the drive home.
No picture, so use your mind's eye..
A long convoy.  large open  jeeps packed full of gear
Sitting right up next to the tail gate. two or three  soldiers.
These men are in full camouflage ... even their heads

Jeep after Jeep.
Yes, it is raining pretty hard now.
I wave.
I wave again.
They wave.
I wave
I am smiling
Smiling long past the convoy. 

Wishing I had pulled out my camera.

But the picture remains  in my mind
Thankful for those brave  men.
Thankful to live in America.

God bless America, please. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

                                   A Date with Zena

 I should say an adventure.

The plan...

Lunch at the Boarding House and then she would go shopping at Gillman Village and I would head to my hair appointment.

The reality ...

Salmon Days.

Front street:  Gillman  exit to front street the traffic was down to two very slow lanes.

The Salmon Days parade was marching toward us on Gillman way. They were going faster than we were. We spent a good/entertaining  half hour   traveling that  1/2 mile up to front street.

For Zena it was a front row seat to view the parade.
 For me..a running commentary.
  Look at those beautiful horses. i really like that black one.
Oh my that rider is so proud.  Is that the Sammamish City band? No Sammamish High School  ( go Totems )

 My, a front row and I don't have to stand. Look at those little girls. Oh, they are doing hands stands. They must be cold. 

  And I have a front row seat and I don't even have to stand.   That is a great marching band.
( you get the idea )

Then we came to Front street but kept going. The street was blocked. By now we are passing Boehms's candy. Zena said she would be happy to stop there for lunch. Ha Ha.  
 The first right turn looked like a dead end.  It was.

Dialog.  Oh, a dead end. You are  going to have to turn around. . It said dead end.  We just need to get into town.

We reach the end of the dead end and pull up  by two police officers.
Can you please help me get to the Boarding House.?
Officer number one said go here and there and back and....
Officer number two said, just go back to Front street the parade is over and it will be open.


Front street is still blocked and there are a couple officers.
Officer one is directing traffic
Officer two said. You cannot get to the Boarding House, but I can take you to another mall and several places to eat. Just follow me. 

A police escort.
no flashing lights.
I'll take it

I call my hairdresser. She sounded like she was clueless, however, her baby was due and she had to get her 3 children to the studio. I don't know where she was, but what had to done was done. ( turns out her baby came two days later)

We are now at this "mall"  Nothing of interest and now  I know where we are, so we turn back to the Costco area and Pickering Farm.  

 Yea!  Farmers market. and coffee.
Beautiful fresh flowers.. I am coming back.
Fresh pastry. Bought some
Mt. Si coffee.
a bench.

Ah.  I guess this is why we made the trip to Issaquah today. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Greek festival. Held at St. Demetrius Church in Seattle. 

we have gone for many years.
I love the lemon rice soup, stuffed grape leaves and
you guessed it 

 Baklava.   ( no picture needed for that one )

The church has lots of areas with displays and things to purchase.
The big tent has food and a stage where  a quartet is playing their string instruments

Part of the program involves children dressed in native costume and they sing and dance. * we did not stay for that this year )
They have a thrift shop. One of the classrooms is set up with homemade soap.  another  had more bakery. Church literature is also on display.
Just before leaving we stopped at the "store".   Home baked bread, olive oil, etc, ..  we always end up with a  good sized bag of treats.

One last look back.  Someone wearing a large straw hat is bent over reading a book  A large bottle of wine is sitting on the table beside the book.   

Missing the music. Missing the atmosphere.   

Always something different and this one   ↑ 
 is probably  a one time only.
We usually run into someone we know, but not this year.  
And I guess it is a good thing, I was not wearing cute shoes. 
 Truth to be known,  nothing matched. 
 But I am sure you won't tell.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tea for ten

A Tea Party 

               waiting to happen 


                       and you are so invited !

                             And I am ready

 A tea party is not a party without friends

And party is not a party without party favors 

             I am blessed with the best of friends

           BSF united.....and much much more !

       I said thank you, they said thank you.   :)

Friday, October 3, 2014


            Davis gave me a big hug.
                  ( I hugged him back )
  Karen told Grammy she missed her at leaders.
                      ( Grammy will write that in her journal )
   Liz told Grammy she loved her 
                   ( softly, so Grammy made her say it twice )
  Ruth asked Grammy if she wanted a hug
             ( she did not have to ask twice )
  The Sun is out.

               IT's  A GREAT DAY !