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Sunday, October 23, 2016

an old saying?

Here goes...

              Grab a Wing Chicken 
Have you heard that before?
Did your Mom say that to you?
Did my Mother coin that expression?

Maybe you can help....
by leaving a comment   :)  

Well, let's start at the beginning...

Last month I was asked to speak at a mini Women's retreat.  As you can imagine I was very surprised and ready to say no. But, decided to give it some thought, and prayer. Afterall,
 I have been reading / hearing the Bible for all my 71 years and
attended Bible study at least once a week all my life
 been a small group leader for 14 years and
 shared at devotions several years. 
 I should have something to say. 
  I am more comfortable writing.  There is that advantage of correcting mistakes before they are seen or heard. And no one knows if you are in your nighty or your Sunday best.    
All that to say, I said yes. Ten minutes maybe 15.

Then we were off on a vacation with our daughter and family and one evening we were out walking and my daughter held out her elbow and said
            "grab a wing chicken"
Since my mother did not drive, we often rode the bus.   Sometimes it would be dark  when we got off and Mother would say "grab a wing chicken" and my sister and I would each grab an elbow and snuggle a bit for the walk home. 

That got the memories flowing.  What are the things I remember learning from my mother ? 
And more importantly, what will my children and grandchildren remember about me?

a Beautiful day

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
  and at the Pumpkin Farm
        Today and yesterday
           The fall colors
             The fun little grandsons
                 Perfect Kodak moments

and where are those photos you ask?
Not on my camera

I have been reclining for the past 35 -40 hours. coughing, sneezing. blowing. sleeping.

Oh well, I had pumpkin cookies ready for the little men
they keep ( sort of )
And I don't think my outfit would have been acceptable
     sweats, mismatched socks, fluffy pink robe.

Now you know.
Now I think I will have some coffee ( keep hydrated )

hmm...where are those pumpkin cookies?

Friday, October 21, 2016

and the 4 year old said...

little man had been looking forward to lunch at McDonalds
                 1. his mommy does not take him there and they have treats
                 2. grammy was having a luncheon and needed the boys out of the  house

So Grampy came and picked up little man  and Grammy at Bible Study, took Grammy home and then headed down  the street.   It is is just a short drive, though there is always some road construction going on .  They headed west on Northup way and pulled into the Burg.   The server came to the window and Grampy  told her  " we have this coupon"   and she said " that is for McDonald's".

As they drove away Grampy asked little man why he did not tell him he was going to the wrong place.

"Well, you were so focused on your driving I didn't want to tell you "

out of the mouths of babes ( Psalm 8:2 )

Thursday, October 20, 2016

mini women's retreat ?

It was called a Mini Women's Retreat,
it was in no  way small 

The table is lovely AND the food is delicious 

refreshing AND fun 

painting pumpkins
pine cones 

and then comes lunch 

She introduced speakers and events

Our Mrs. O shared her testimony.
 very sweet, very personal

Then discussion time
quite special

A short sharing by yours truly
Things I learned from my Mother
available  upon request 

Jan spoke to us on John 15
took lots of notes
 John 15: 5  and Phil. 4:13

final discussion time

Crafts, food, fellowship,

Let's do this again

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Through a glass darkly

Sometimes I forget  ( well most of the time, to tell the truth )
       That she is young enough to be my daughter.
She has words of wisdom  ( like a mother might give )
        But in her own style
Like, last night

She said she has glasses, but she prefers not to wear them
       She can see to drive and she can see to read ( with arm stretched out )
She prefers not to see dust, wrinkles, pimples,  garments that don't match or fit perfectly.

You get the picture?   She wants to see what is important. She looks beyond  and within.

I like that.    I need that.    I want to remember that.

There is a verse that says....Now we see, through a glass darkly, but then fact to fact.
The truth is, even if we think we can see  and know someone,  there are so many things
      that we not visible and take time and energy and prayer to realize.  Even then we might have to              wait until heaven to know for sure.

I would LOVE   ( not guessings about that )  to hear what YOU are thinking.
Especially my octogenarian friend Marti.
Or a young reader ( I know you are out there )

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cowboy Bill

We were talking about "old times" and someone mentioned Cowboy Bill

I googled, asked around, checked BTP and then

          good ole Facebook.

Found out there is a poem and a tract.

Here comes the poem  ( I might have copied a word or two wrong, so correct me if you catch a mistake )

Bill’s Hitchin ‘ Post

Put the horses  out to pasture
  Given em oats and hay
Done for me the last big roundup
   Lord, I’m home to stay
Loose the cinches on my saddle,
  better seats up there
Hang my Stetson on a fence post
   Never rains, but fair,

Hang the buckets by the pump house
    Sweeter drink up there:
Never bitter, never sorrow
  Take my fill for e’er.

But no kindlin’ for the cook stove,
  No flap jacks for me now”
Better far the bread of heaven
   spread  before my soul.

Set no brandin’ irons a blazin’
   All my spread’s above
Grubstake from the chiefest foreman
   and the Father’s love

Nail me up no lucky horseshoe,
    There’s better tack around
All things work together for me,
   Now the Lord I’ve found.

Blow the lantern in the bunkhouse
   Never night up there,
Never cloud and never shadow,
   High noon all the years,

Take my hand, a broken cowboy
   Gone his last to roam;
Walk me down the path a parcel
   Lord, I’M comin home.

Bill Blann     September 1984
Oregon Cowboy  1890-1984
By C David Lunden 

So now you have read the poem ( thank you Jennifer for making a copy for me )

          Next is the tract that was written about Cowboy Bill  and I have two copies
                            The first person to respond, by email, on comment below

                                             or phone call.......gets the extra copy !!

Thank you Beth for sending me  copies of the tract.   

 What a great story . 

 And what a great writer, your sweet Mom

Final verse on the tract:
   Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Romans 10:13 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

finale - page two

If I understood this blog business, I could have put it all together.....
            but now for page two of Surf Side.

Friday is prime rib night and also the night when local musicians might gather  and do some singing.
And they did.
After a fantastic dinner (  fish,fresh today,  and Prime rib ) and then some home made ice cream sandwiches, the music began.

Prime Rib  night

Home made ice cream sandwiches 

Hookipalani   - 
I do not want to forget his name ! 

One of the locals came around and chatted. Very friendly.  When he found out that we were from Washington he said that he had been to Walla Walla, for a wedding,just a few months ago.   He said the groom was from a family of 10 kids. Our friend  smiled and said, that sounds like a family I know.
Our new friend, Hookipalani,  pulled out his phone for details and
Yes, it was the very family.

And this is the story.  A young woman from Walla Walla won a trip to Maui. She asked her boyfriend if he would like to meet her there.   Boyfriend thought, "this sounds like a perfect place to propose ".   And so, on that night, Boyfriend spotted Mr. H who operates a little boating company. He asked him if he would take pictures of the event. And he did. The evening progressed and the friendship grew and in just a short time, Mr. H was invited to their upcoming wedding.   He accepted the invitation and attended the wedding and even sang at the reception.  
And now, he is singing for us. 

First dinner

Then the music 

She danced to the music, but my video will not copy 

The Song book and our old friend  :)  

The main man...with our little man

Well, it's a small world,
 also providence, that we would be there that night and have a conversation  with that man.

Aloha - final


This is just like the grand finale. 

The Surf Side is a small locally owned restaurant. No more than 10 tables.
One wall has shelves of 60's place settings and accessories. They are for sale but they are displayed in such a way to make you feel like you are home.

The four year old son / grandson hits it off right away with our little son/ grandson

They did bubbles,  ate dinner and played music together
just like old friends
Actually, they met 4 years ago in the same restaurant

now turn to page two....

Monday, October 10, 2016

Your husband is out of town
      Her husband is out of town

          She invites you for dinner and a sleep over

It is 6:00 p.m.    still daylight...

Should you put on your nighty now, and slip into a long coat and.....
            be ready for dinner, 3 Hallmark movies and popcorn ?

Thursday, October 6, 2016

random aloha

Happy Place in the morning
Little man gets up about 4 and heads into parents room
Pretty soon I am awake and....

Tea party while Dad and Mom have a date night

This man read 4 books in 12 days 

The Tall and short of it 

Tic Tac Toe

Long and Happy Day

Sunset spectacular 

Happy Place at night
on the lanai by the light of the moon