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Monday, October 11, 2010

Not your usual garage sale

IT all starts with memories from our last sale - we have one every year ( usually)
Last year was great!
I can't remember how much we earned, but we had great food and fun. And we had Jane and Jeanne.
Jane was visiting from England. Her visit was unexpected, but she played along very well, protecting
merchandise that anyone thought was free. Jeanne, who is now is Honduras and wishes she was here, was our display artist. It is all about presentation.
So with that in mind we were set.
Barb always comes to spend the night. That is fun right there.
Laura is moving, so she had good stuff to add, and good customer conversation.

Check List:
Ad- check
Signs- check
Coffee - check
This year we added a canopy in front of the garage.
By Six Friday morning I was up and had my first cup of coffee, and
starting to put 79 pieces together to erect our canopy. Single handedly I had it 90% ready when Darrell came and offered to help with the final touches. I let him get in the act.
The sale is now open.
Our first sale
And our first ever email sale. A friend had been over on Thursday for a BSF luncheon and noticed a couple water dispensers. She forgot to check on them before leaving, so she sent her request via email.
PLUS, when she came to pick them up she brought 6 of the cutest muffins with fresh raspberries on top.
Our favorite customers, Denise, Vivian and Emily. They came across the street at least 3 times, purchasing several items.
Our biggest customer, was Collette $ 61.25
People always want to buy your display items. Like our antique coat rack. Never. The table with our adding machine. No. The tool that is peeking out from the sheets hung along the wall. You know better than that .
Or can we have this $20 coat for $2. ( not this time )
Each day Barb made her special sandwiches ( that is not why I invite her, but she knows better than to come without them)
The sun shone for most of Friday and all day Saturday ( 80 in Seattle!)
All together we sold $725.00 - a record!
So thank you
Nita - for putting the Craig's ad together
Darrell - making and posting 14 garage sale signs
Imhoffs - the canopy
The Lord - good weather, good sales and good times
See you next year....

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