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Friday, August 16, 2013

Get ready, this is a BIG famly vacation !

 Keeping the tradition of going with Grampy to get the morning paper.  We came back with a cup of coffee and a melon smoothie
 Getting ready for swim time -
                                          Snuggle time after a long day
                                          Balancing before dinner at
                                  Lake Chelan BBQ

This was before a "big" boy was being a bully to our little man. Uncle was on his feet so fast we didn't know what was happening. But we could hear. And almost everyone on the patio could hear. Let's just say, you don't want to mess with a proud uncle. Get your own hula hoop.

                                 Hula hooping - new best friends,
                                      Rachel and Brook
                                        rolling and rolling and rolling
                                        the girls had to leave so 
                                    who can play with me?  
                     Uncle Shawnyappleseed. to the rescue again

                              We could hardly wait to try
                              at least half of the 24 flavors

                             until we found out it was not ice cream ! 
                          Whoever called soy  " ice cream"  
                                     ( ice cream in the fine print ,                                       no mention of  soy )
                         Reading and gaming with grampy
                             Blueberry HIlls Farm. 
                       Gift Shop and blueberry fields 
My favorite memory of the week happened this morning
 We had just been served our plates of wonderful breakfast delights and asked, Can we pray ?
Yes. With bowed heads Darrell gave thanks. It seemed like the whole patio became a little quieter. I glanced at my little man, Sebastian, and his eyes were shut tight.     That was a sweet moment for Grammy, she will never forget.  
                                           A group effort,
                        but Sebastian is the biggest helper
                                                Manson Market Day 
                            a perfect bouquet for our condo
                                          Danish Ebelskivers - 
                    could never be as good as Uncle Roger's
                          There is a dog at the lady's feet -
                              his bark is twice his size
                                               maybe three times his size
                                       Just your average market goers

                                            When parking under a tree,
                    make sure there is plenty of folage for shade
                          We can see the no diving sign.
                           We can see the boy diving.
                                           Can  the boy see the sign?
Campbell's restaurant, Flowers
and lodging

Mom and Sebastian 

                                                  A view from our deck

                                           Snuggle time with Grampy

                                                   Dining area and kitchen.
                        Anytime is a good time for snacks.
                                                Skyping with the Schirbers - 

                                 Wish you were here !
                                            Let's make a deal Uncle D

                                            View from kitchen window

Good Bye Chelan
What happens at Chelan
stays at Chelan


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three Amazing Events

                                                        Cake of Wonder

     Event:  a 60th Birthday party. Not invited, but enjoyed the photos on facebook. This catered celebration was fit for a queen, just like the guest of honor. Queen of flowers.

                                                         Dinner of Delights

Event:  A birthday party.  Not invited, but my daughter was and she can attest to the fine world of Tom Douglas cooking  ( and to  his generosity in preparing a meal for 30 guests, without a payment. )

                                                   Shower of Blessings
Event:  High Tea for the Bride to be.    Invited !   The Lord provided a beautiful sunny day. The Hostesses  provided a beautiful table and wonderful  treats, teas and coffee. 
                                                Two flavors of shortbread

                                  Strawberries, scones, devonshire cream and lemon curd.

                                           Coffee, good coffee,  very good coffee.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Serene setting for dinner

                                                           or no, probably appetizers.

 The invitation was for dinner, and when we called to get directions and confirm, it was  not dinner,  but probably appetizers.   6:00   Friday evening.

  We had been parked in the driveway for about an hour waiting for the Host and Hostess.  OH, here comes a car  and out comes our Host, but wait, he opens the back and out shoot three boys.  And I do mean shoot.  They are in the house and out of sight, but we can still hear them.  We are ushered into the beautiful home of our old neighbors and he is off to control the noise.  Though only two boys live here, one of the sons has brought home a friend from day camp so there is a little competition upstairs.
We are viewing the 6 acres and our host tells us that each of the kids has 2 acres.  So if they are not getting along, they can head out to pasture.  so to speak.   About now, that sounds like  a good idea.  But wait, our Hostess has arrived with their daughter.  And if the boys are pistols, she is a machine gun.  I am sure she said hello before she was upstairs to make sure all the boys were behaving.   Not!   Down she came and reported.
 Mom was waiting for hellos from the boys and then told the boys to say hello to their guest. Silence.  Number one pistol is out the door and Mom is right behind him.  He is back very fast and I am sure he saw me and said hello because I am sure I saw him pass by and away.
  Mom sits down at the table and motions for me to do the same. The table has a tennis shoe and some magazines in the center, but I do not see anything edible.  Commotion.  Up stands Mom and off to settle things.
By now I see our husbands are heading toward the house from the back pasture and I   tell our hostess she has a lot going on and we should probably be on our way.  ( It is 7:45 and I am sure someone else is hungry besides me-though hostess has a little bag of gummies she is snacking on  ) Her body turns  quickly toward the door and we are walking outside.  It is a few minutes before we see them come around the corner and then hostess is back in the house and we are trying to say our farewells to our Host.  He then goes back to get Hostess and we tell them how lovely their home is.  They are pleased and say we will have to come back some Saturday  and have lunch. Nice  idea.    
We get back into our car and wave.
  It is so serene.