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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting Ladies

"Women of Faith" or "16 meeting ladies"

There is something about the bond of "Meeting ladies". Time can go by and not see each other and then, we are together and it's almost like no time has gone by. Our relationship is still the same, we still feel comfortable with each other. And even if we have known each other, only briefly, there is still a warmth that is hard to explain.
So, when I found out that my good friend Jean Harlow ( don't you love that name) was coming to town and the only place we could connect would be the Women of Faith conference, you can guess that I tried very hard to make it happen. We had just returned from Europe two days before, so I was still on a different time. But, when we want to do something bad enough, time is not an issue.
There were some interesting speakers. I had not heard most of the before.
The songs were a little loud. I had not heard most of them before.
Natalie Grant sang a beautiful, beautiful acappella " It is well with my soul". The audience sang along and that was indeed a highlight for me.
Several good visits with old friends ( they used to be young).
Treat bags with water, apple, socks and a very fun T shirt. It said "Sequoya Sisters". I believe the Lord was smiling too.
And the fellowship was sweet. Let's see if I can remember - Jean Harlow of course, and her daughter Tammy and Granddaughter Tiffany, then Jill Brandon ( she was the coordinator ) her sisters in law, Lucia and Jenny and then Jenny's sister Joanne, and their friend Glenda Connor, Robin Gooding, Sherrey Matthews and Jill's mom Denise Hayhoe and her niece Cory, and four lovely Lowe women, Mrs. Judy, Allison, Anita, and Amy, and we were all wearing cute shoes.
They are my new best friends

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