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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My mental picture of Ellen Foyle - Smiling, a lady, small feet and high heels. My memory goes back a few years - her daughter Shelly especially ( my daughters loved Shelly ). I was looking forward to calling Ellen while we were in the Bay Area, but was delighted that she was coming to the very same birthday celebration that took us to Oakland. We sat next to each other at the dinner table and had a good visit. That was Saturday night. On Sunday, we were once again at a dinner table and our hostess said that Ellen wanted me to call her.
This is the part I love. She told me that all evening she had been remembering our family and times spent together. In particular, one family trip when we stayed with the Foyle's, Ellen took us to some factory outlets ( in those days they had a different name, I can't remember ) While the girls, Tiffany, Mimi, Anita, and I were busy looking at fashions, in a big store with loud "hip" music playing,Ellen and Damon were waiting together. That is when Damon asked her did she know " the king on the throne"? She was not sure at first, but soon, there in that outlet store, as if they were the only ones around , Ellen and Damon sang;
Wide, wide as the ocean
High as the heavens above
Deep, deep as the deepest sea
Is my Saviours love
( end of the story, not the end of the song, never ending love )
maybe this is why I went to Oakland

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nicole said...

a couple of my favorite ladies. mrs foyle reminds me of my grandma light. i also love the story of damon and the king on the throne.