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Saturday, December 26, 2015

a long and lovely day

Yes it was long...started at about 3:45 in the morning.
        ( that was after three times around in the revolving doors at the SeaTac Hilton _thanks to Heather )

So, we were happy to see coffee in the lobby.
 First shuttle to the airport.
 Seated on time and off to LAX.
Not my favorite airport, but once again, thanks to Heather.
 She took care of the arrangements and the car rental and was also behind the wheel at all times.

This is it !   Our rental.  And I might say, I am partial to Cadillacs. My first car was a Cadillac.
Baby blue convertible
But I love red, it is a happy color
and we were happy !

We had hoped to get together, but it was a real miracle when we just about bumped into each other at the mall.
 This is my friend Julie
 ( I 'm the one in my new California sunglasses ) 

Hard to see, but there are reindeer on this merry go round
the rides were free and very fun

Heather had never ridden on a merry go round !

then off to our hotel with a view 

view from our deck 

In the lobby

At our door 

Chef with a fine name
at the restaurant next to the lobby 

Squash good as it looks

Salad with prawns and much, much more

The called it smore delights ( something like that)
and they were

By now it is about 8:00 and all things considered, it was bed time for my chauffeur

I remained awake and spent some time in the soaking tub

When in the tub, the water can come up to your neck
I tried it out all three nights
it works.

After watching a few Christmas scenes, I too went to bed.
It had been a long and lovely day.

( now off to another adventure )

Monday, December 7, 2015

A true Story

A short, sweet and true story

A friend and I were visiting this afternoon.
She comes from a family of 8 children and I was pretty sure they had all been around our table for a meal at least once.
Yes, she said, and I will always remember.  My Dad asked Tiffany how old she was  as she was carrying a platter of food to the table.   She held up her little  hand showing 5 fingers and dropped the platter. 
That was  about 37 years ago and I am so glad her memory is still sharp ! 

( I had no recall, so I must have been in the kitchen    )  

Thursday, December 3, 2015


we give thanks every day

  but this THANKSGIVING DAY is one to remember

We will begin with the first course and then move on 

First course, Squash Soup . thank you Chef Aaron 

Poached Pears : Thanks Chef Christian 

Yeast rolls,turkey, ham,  dressing, gravy,  Mac n Cheese, Asparagus, pickles and olives ,  cranberry sauce,deviled eggs,  pecan pie.
Thank you: Chef Christian

Potato Cheese casserole: Thanks Chef Uncle D
Sweet Potatoes: Chef Grammy
Red Cabbage: Chef Auntie Bobbie
Sparkling Cider and Coffee

Little man and Grammy decorated a Gingerbread Turkey
with chocolate frosting. Tasted better than it looked.