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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flowers at your door? or Happy May Day !

Yes, it is an old custom, but not forgotten. There were at least three doors in our neighborhood with baskets - I know, because I put them there. Usually, my little friend Emily across the street, is my helper. But this year, she was out of town. I am not very creative, so this year, they were just colored paper cones with a little candy in the bottom and a few flowers on top. Our garden is kind of bare this year after major yard work. But a few lilac, a little lily of the valley and three white camellias and I was good to go. Off to the usual homes where they would not be shocked to find flowers on their door knob. And yes, I rang the doorbell and ran. I ran to Bellevue Square where I wished a couple employees and friends "Happy May Day". Only one person seem to understand. Tina, at N.B. said her girls were at home making baskets for their neighbors. Later I read on facebook that Heather Tonn got a basket at her door. So how about You? Did you?

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