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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tea Party

So much food. Strawberries, grapes, bagels, animal crackers,
Jane made deviled eggs, heart shaped sandwiches and little arrow shaped peanut butter and jelly.
Janet brought Paris blend tea and cupcakes. Pink coconut cupcakes with wonderful fronting. ( she brought 4 extras for later )
Emily, Ava and Lexi. All 6 years old. The guests of honor.
We all gathered around the table and Ava took her Mother's hand, and Carole's, and soon we were all holding hands and praying. Giving thanks for a beautiful day, friends, food and good health.

The table was ready.
Pink and green color scheme
Fun runner printed with children and animals ( Easter )
Little girl napkins from the Swedish Institute ( Carl someone - even our Danish guest loved them )
Mickey sugar lumps ( thank you Nancy )
Now we can begin. First tea party. Janet explained that coming for tea involved conversation.
So along with all the goodies we talked about such interesting things as raccoons, sleep overs, face
painting, and lots of other things. The time pasted quickly and soon it was time to say our goodbyes.
We all put our feet into a circle for a great shoe photo.
Everyone had a little party favor to take home
And we all have a memory of 3 young ladies getting to know a little more about friendship.
I am still smiling.

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Jeanne said...

Kathy, you make every occasion so special and you always set a beautiful table.