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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Living Life

What do you call someone in their 80”s ?   
    I call them amazing. 

  Or, you can call them octogenarian !

 My long time friend is in the hospital and I was so surprised to see her sitting up in bed with her computer on her lap.

she had so much to share about her new excitment reading the Bible. ( especially Paul's writings )                 What a doll !   

then off to visit another octogenarian.
I missed her birthday and since she had spent her 80th birthday in the hospital, I was anxious to know what happened on her 85th.  Well, she said...." just the usual.  We go to the Casino. "
and who drives?  " Olivia.  She is two years older and has had double hip replacement and uses a walker, but she is a terrific driver.
You know how it is when you go to the Senior Center, they just talk about their ailments. We don't. We just eat and have fun. And this year I came home with $$ "  

       My Friend is shy

                                            she always serves something good.
                                               A peek into her yard

                       she loves birds.  There is much more to her than a love for animals, but she is Scotish, shy and it has taken a long time to get to know her.  Sometime,  I hope to share more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

 O Shallowbrook.  ♪ Our home for 5 short days.

♫ True patriot love in all thy sons 
             (oops sorry I forgot where we were )

                         The real Shallowbrook. 
But there is more to Shallowbrook..
                       come inside. .....   
                   Here are Al and Pat
They have been hosting a week long Bible Study for young people for many years.  So they know what they are doing.   Thanks Al and Pat!

And they know how to put a team together so we are well fed, along with the study time. There are a few folks who escaped the camera but here are most of the crew.

                Our head cook and baker Gary and Linda 
Roger and Sara would stand on their heads for you, but I can't figure out how to put them upright.     

                                             Stan and Lois
                        Sid and Linda
                         Tom and Carol

Did I mention food? Well most of the recipes come from Texas. Need I say more ?!?

 OH !   Is something missing?  OH, the entrees. Well we had more than grilled burgers, but they are my favorite. Gary did it single handedly.  
   ( who is that barefoot guy,   sitting on the bench ?)

People who love to eat these wonderful delights  are....

                                                  Linday and Amber
                                              Allison ..  Lois  ..Tonie
                                                        Paige ..  Marissa
                                              Samara    ..      Lisa
                                             Alexis   ..  Tonie
                                               Brenna ..  Maribel
                                          Andrew    ..       Ben
                                           Jonathan...   Mark


                                           Tonie ...Allison...Rebecca
                             Becca..Brenna..Paige..Katy Marie..Glorianna
                                       Brenna...  Seth... Paige
 ( a few of the gang were not caught in time, I am so sorry, but you will find them in aprons below, hopefully )

 And then there is the clean up....



   a  very nice group...just a little out of balance

Then  we have snacks and such....

And entertainment...

And relaxation....


and let's not forget....

                                                sometimes bad boys get red carded
                                  some speakers use a broad brush

The Group

The goodbyes..  
                this came early, Tanner was needed at home

Let's just say it is hard to say goodbye.  so why not do some acrobatics !

Snag one of those young attendees and allow  them share a gem or two. 

Despite a bad blister, an ugly cut and a broken leg, a great time was had by all.