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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An early bath, PJ's and out to dinner

A cool bath on a hot summer afternoon, a few tub toys, and bubbles.
Jackson and Claire had a great time freshening up and getting dressed
for bed. No, not going to bed. Not ready for that. Going to the Burg. We
always like to visit the Burgermaster when they visit, and since we don't get out
of the car, we can wear whatever we want. I often wear slippers, just because I
want to. Jackson's favorite PJ's have short sleeves and long pants and spidery
arms - he is Spider man. Claire's summer set is yellow with dragonflies. The photo
does not do them justice, but it seemed appropriate to add a picture to the story.
We all enjoyed those juicy burgers ( mine with bacon ) fries, and then a blackberry
milkshake. Just one to share. 1,000 calories never tasted better

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