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Saturday, May 28, 2016

tip of the day

here is a little secret.

Have you ever tried to put on a sweater while it is still on the hanger?

don't bother

it doesn't work

just doin what I can to help you out.

Friday, May 27, 2016

a night to remember

a LONG night to remember

                  approaching  the event...

Our delightful server, Hulia 

Moving toward the lower level
              and another kind of treats....

Ice cream bar 

Latte and bakery 

Welcome to soft and lovely seats... and more service 

After ice cream
the final treat
french fries 

Now that is some kind of game  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

They call him Valentine

They call him Valentine

      Don't you love it?

Well my friend Alice especially loved it because her grandpa's name was
      Valentine !

                  And Valentine's grandpa was Valentine !  

So, it started a little conversation when Valentine took our order
 and went out of his way to make our lunch date special.  

You know,  plenty of coffee refills,
 allowing us to linger over our salads without trying to take our plates away before we finished that last bite,
 smiles  and

agreeing to have his picture taken
Cute, right ? ! 

See you next time Valentine.

( oh, they call him Valentine, because that is his name ) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

page two

middle of the story.

The new view
cards, flowers, goodies (empty plate?  lemon meringue pie )

More flowers ( Mother's Day )

Still in bloom from May Day
(don't know who does it, but every year there is a single flower at my door ) 

Lunch with a view
at a friends
Real treat

Came home to find dinner at my door
( thank you Liz )

It won't be long now and I will be back on my own two feet, but in between time, I am making the most of the boot from Jan  S, the wheelchair from the Cantrell's
and door to door service. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

It's a long story

Yes, it is a long story, so I decided to just tell it once.

Short version:  I took a tumble.

Full version:  Here goes.

It started in the front yard. I was busy banging off those dead azalea blossoms and my sister was busy cutting flowers for her party. The little men were in the back yard with Grampy and Uncle Rog. 

Along came a salesman.  Yes, right down our driveway.  He represented an asphalt driveway repair company.

He started his sales pitch and kept talking and I let him keep talking until hubby came into the yard and I let him take over.  So I just kept up my banging and started to move around the corner
forgetting there was one little step.
  Yes, one little step and boom. I was on the ground. I have no idea why.  Don't know what hit first.
 I just know I was on the ground and that salesman just kept talking.
He did lend a hand to hubby to pick me up.  I sat on that one little step for a bit and then got help into the house.
Then we went for dinner at the Burg ( you get to stay in the car and they bring your order to your car window  )
Then  sister and brother in law left
Then  time for little man to go to bed
Then his mommy came home and
Then Hubby took me to the ER.
By then I had found some old crutches and my foot was changing color and swelling ( ok, just a   little )
Nurse Ashlay took care of me
Tech Tara did the x-rays
Dr. Bennett gave the exam and diagnosis:  Sprained foot

That is enough for one day

Good morning ..  

This is how it will look for maybe two weeks. 

This is the little man who prayed for me
with his eyes closed.

This little man also kissed my foot
about three times

This is room service 

This is the view from my couch.
Sunny day.
Screen saver is photo album
It might just be the meds, but i think i can handle not lifting a finger for a couple weeks...well, a few days anyway.

Many thanks for friends and family praying !