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Monday, September 9, 2013

Things I learned from a hornet sting

Things I learned from a hornet sting.
1. If you miss a couple days of FB, it is not the end of
    the world
2.  My husband can fix breakfast lunch and dinner.
     By hisself.
3   A sting can get red, swollen and hurt
4  Friends who have been stung are very sympathetic 
5. After the hurt comes the itch.
6. Wearing the same shoes three days in a row is ok.
7.  Wearing slippers is ok too.
8.  And  Much, much, more

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sleep over at Grammy's

 First we have snacks with Mickey.
Then snuggle time with a few more snacks and some reading material
     Now it is time for a little  "tutti fruti"  and  Little Richard then Dancing in the Street ( or Grammy's kitchen )
                                Just one of our moves.
  Still snacking and giving those pj's from Grammy's closet a work out.    How do they "Shake it up baby"?   

  I am still wondering why  these songs are so familiar when they are from a time when my mama said NO!  to such music.  

Let's just say  I am" feelin good "  that the camera is not on me

Now, was this a good activity just before bedtime? 
                        Well, somebody is tired.

I live an exciting life  :)