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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

another night on the town

Well not just any other night on the town
    but it might seem like it to the casual observer    
       For us, it was a special night at a special restaurant.
               Yes, one more  Restaurant Week in Seattle 

View from our table


Reflections  reflecting 

If it is your birthday you get red rose buds
if it is your anniversary you get yellow rose buds
BUT, everyone can take the little favors at the front desk
( and they are special )

Leaving the restaurant
This is part of the Seattle Waterfront

Thursday, October 22, 2015

An evening in Seattle

It is Restaurant week, so we headed to a special place we have been wanting to try and not pay the price 
 (not including $12. parking but it only happens once a year ) 

If you are a Seattleite Foodie you might see two clues
 ( one large,one medium )
If you are not a Seattleite ,don't worry about it , this is just a blog !

(just having fun )

And it was very good coffee 
I prefer water with no ice, in case you noticed 

He chose soup
( with tofu )

I chose pasta. This is the appetizer . Very tasty.
(presentation is their middle name )
Then I forgot to take pictures of the entree - 

and the dessert... pie and chocolate tart
( but we took the tart home, you will see why soon )

Taking a walk down the long, very long hallway 

could not resist this photo for names sake

you probably guessed the necessary stop 

notice any similarity ?

Then after sharing the coconut cream pie, we drove a little farther to the grand finale' 

Almost there 

First things first ...the kitchen  
                      and preparing good coffee, very good coffee  

Many delights with very good coffee
and very good conversation 

this would please any Lego enthusiast   

This was made by a Lego enthusiast 

if only you could see the 10,000 piece of Lego  art !!

But the real delight of the entire evening was spending time with the people who live here.

No names, no photos ( did not ask for permission )
For almost two hours our friends shared with us .
The comforts of their home.
Their delicious  treats.
Part of themselves.
So now we know them better, respect them more and love them even more.  
 That is how it is, when you take  time and give time.

Thank You
And thank you blog friends. I know you are out there even when you don't leave a message. Technology tells me  the numbers, just not the names.  Probably better that way. Play no favorites.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

an author we love

she came to our library

The man i live with was out of town, so i went by myself with about 200 other happy people. 

The local book store was on hand with her latest story
I bought one, but it is for a friend. I am way behind on her other books
so i want to catch up first 

And there she was ! 
She had a sweet and not too long presentation and
answered some questions:
What is your favorite verse?
She began....I can do all things
and the crowd finished....through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
How old are you?
The same age as Robert Redford, Jane Fonda...
( she looks terrific, I think she must use Avon )

Sparkling Cider and cake for everyone !

And that was that.
Fun !

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Garage sale of the Century

It sure was the Garage Sale of the Century 2015  

we have one every year, but this year was the best

The lady on the right is my sister
The lady on the left is our first customer to remember
She spent over $70. (
on her first visit and then more on Saturday )
  She came back twice,( once on Friday with more cash and again on Saturday and bought a few more items )
She is an artist  ( a beautiful piece was in her car, so she brought it out to show us )  She also purchased cards with photos  from our farm in Spokane - she likes old things . They were pictures of  the old, very old buildings  that are no longer in use. ( thanks Mimi )
She knows a great deal about life and politics ( on Saturday she had a long conversation with my sister. They sat down in the lawn chairs and chatted for...a long time )
Her name is Ofra and she gave me permission to post her photo  *

The lady on the right is my sister
The lady on the left is our second customer to remember
She  is our neighbor .
 She comes every year (
last year she sat down, opened her hand bag and pulled out some tomatoes for us, from her garden )
She bought the last Downton Abbey bags (
don't tell anyone, she wants her sister to be surprised )
Her name is Mary Ellen and she gave permission to post this photo. 

Not many customers bring cookies when they come to a garage sale
but then, my friend Bel, is not just any customer
She brought a box of her delicious home made macaroons.
We thought she would stay for lunch, but she had other plans.

But, the customer to remember the most, I do not have a photo. I just have the story.
A gentleman and a young lady came up to our table to pay for a plaque. It was of Noah's ark.  The gentleman said that his friend was here from China, and she did not know the story, would I tell it to her.  So I did, with the help of my sister. I told her it was a true story from the Bible. She said she was going to go to Church the next day. She spoke very good English and I quickly ran inside to find a Bible for her.  She took it and opened it up and thanked me.
And I thank the Lord for the opportunity to share truth, a real true event and to have it well received. 
*  About a week after the sale, I found a package at our front porch.  It was addressed to " the garage sale ladies".  It was from Ofra.  It was a  story book with  pictures of old buildings that reminded her of the photographs of Spokane.  We have NEVER had that happen before  

This was the garage sale to remember 
I live an exciting life ! 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

rock a doodle

Singing " Rocka doodle all day "

We were a little suspicious when we were getting on the plane.
 The passenger right behind us was wearing a black sweatshirt, and his black hair was peeking out under the hood.  His shirt had lots of "flair" including what looked like a police badge sticker. 
 He was about 30 years old.   Not too long into the flight we heard him singing " rock a doodle" softly, but I turned around and saw that he was singing to a stuffed rooster. 
  As we exited we saw the rooster had a companion, a little brown marmot.

So entertaining to travel. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Small town New York

Yes, we were there
    You can guess the season
       Next time, maybe on foot, not shooting photos out the window
          But, I enjoy the welcoming  feel of a small town, even in a hurry   
                          (  question at the end, if YOU are not in a hurry )

Garage Sale...yard sale..

long row of houses close together

a duplex here and there ↑ ↓

So the question....
In the 56 house pictures ,
what are the two or three things that appear in at least 80 % ?