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Friday, January 29, 2016

i am not a doctor

and for that matter i am not a nurse

but, i do believe there is something wrong with this picture.

you see, our friend gets these occasional spells of dizziness - vertigo  ( same thing )
and while he was here visiting us, he had an episode.
it was so severe that he had to drop everything and come back to our house and go to bed.
     He had come for a two night stay and a day trip north to look at some stones he is interested in buying. Too unstable to check out any stones  
Slept for hours. He thought maybe the morning coffee could have triggered  the episode.

I am making chicken soup .
Though the guys were going to go out for a quick bite for dinner,  since Mr. Sleepover was under the weather, we all sat down to  chicken soup.

Then the first surprise, Mr. Sleepover wants to go to Bible Study. He thinks that to be social will help him get better faster.

I am not a doctor, but if that makes sense to Mr. Sleepover, more power to him

So the men went to Bible Study.
Then, the men had snacks after Bible Study.
Chocolate cake, popcorn and coffee.

I am not a nurse, but that sounded like something a kid might say would make him feel better.

But they all had a good night's sleep.

Breakfast suggestions: eggs, bacon, toast, cereal.
"I Il take them all". said Mr. Sleepover 
And he did.
Then hubby went to the freezer for his stash of favorite apple fritters.
"you probably  aren't interested in  one of  these?"
But, to my surprise, Yes, he said, I will take 1/2, but not without some coffee.

I could not hold back the laughter
And it was pretty hard laughter.
Mr. Sleepover could not figure it out. "What's so funny?"

I had to tell him,
Do I have to tell you?
Did it strike you funny?"
Are you a nurse?

Well, Mr Sleepover is here for another night. He does not feel well enough to drive home to Eastern Washington , or well enough to drive into the big City of Seattle.
  Have you figured out this will be three nights and then we are looking  ↓ at four.

  So, the guys will make a little trip into town and Mr. Sleepover will be here one more night.  

This picture?  Pretty amazing isn't it. And it has nothing to do with my story. But it is a story of it's own. You see, my friend found it in the dumpster at her condo. Just bare stems.  She brought it inside and set it by the window.  This is the second time it has bloomed for her 8 blooms and 4 more buds.
Now THAT is amazing.  and beautiful.  

If four nights turns into five, I get out the gun, or a nice bat. I have a big party that day and the guys party is over .

I live an exciting life.

Final day

Yes the final night was the grand finale

woke up once and back to sleep.  Oh, just like last night. Oh, Grampy was on duty again.

I might have said that was unfair, but the truth is, the day will come all too soon, when there will be no little men to come and spend the night.  For now we gladly give up a few hours of sleep to have the privilege of a little man coming to spend the night.  A little man who loves coming to spend the night at Grammy  and Grampy's 
But until then,  a bed is ready.
 And if a little lady comes, we have pink sheets too.

I live an exciting life 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fourth Day... 

Your probably think it was such a long night and I have been sleeping all day.
But, little man  only woke up once, and went right back to sleep.
So, I got a fresh start with my favorite beverage..

You might remember, Grampy was on duty. 
 So unfair. 
But, he is on again tonight, so we shall see what we shall see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day three

Third Day started at about 2:00 a.m.
                Little man was scared in the bedroom
                      Let's pray about it and then you can try again

            So we did. And he did. And was quiet until about 4:00 a.m.
                          Just wanted to snuggle.  Who could say no to that ?
                                   About 6:30  I slipped out of bed

An he slept on. Not for long, but oh so sweet. 
So, Grammy is a little tired today, but tonight, it is Grampy's turn.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day Two

Day Two

Yep, got off to a much different start.
Ok, little man came in about 4:00 A.M. 
 He gave me a kiss and I told him he needed to go back to his bed.
He did.
I did not see him again until my bed was made.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Day one

Long night  Short night Hmm..

Little man is spending the week with us.
 ( parents away on business )
He goes to "school" during the day, so all we have to do is feed him dinner, put him to bed, feed him breakfast and take him to school.


We have a kid bed all ready and the next room has a bed, so Grammy stays downstairs when the littles sleep over.

Little man went to bed about 9:30  ( he had a good 3 hour nap earlier  ).  Grampy rocks the bed and sings and pretty soon little man is in the land of nod.

I usually hit the hay about 1:00 or 1:30...about 3:00 a little face is in front of my face. He likes to cuddle. So we cuddle and he is fast asleep.  There is some coughing. I look at the clock it is 5:?? There is a head on my arm. There is a pillow on my back. I look at the clock it is 5:??.    And again, 5:??    Wait, it is now 6:??  and I usually get up around 6:30, so I try to slide ever so carefully out of bed.    
About 6:45, there is little man coming around the corner " Grammy will you play with me?"

So, was it a long night? Was it a short night? 

and Why am I on the computer? 
Good question. I think I will go back to bed.  ;)  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Copy the Canon

Ready, set, write..
          That is the plan.  
  A group of us  have agreed to copy four verses a day, starting with the book of Philippians. And I have started.

but first, I need to make a decision.

            Stick with my first attempt which is, copying 4 verses every day right along with my daily journal entries    

Private, but not private, if you know what I mean.
 The green part are the verses.

I have kept journals for many years

However, yesterday, my neighbor and friend Jan brought a very adorable journal to my door. 

So me..  Well, the book is adorable
I love the shoes. I am a shoe princess. 

It is perfectly laid out with room for four verses.

So, will you help me decide what to do?
or will you just read on and smile?
I know you are out there because
My blog records numbers
no names.

I am a good listener .....

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time to have a party

Party Time

Yes, I am having a party. Well, it 's a luncheon, but I call it a party because I send out invitations
( actually I have three containers of inivitations on hand to choose from, and this is the one I found to suit my friend

Now this party is to honor a lady. Yes, very much a lady, so I found the most elegant invitation I have and I think it will be fine.

OH, I also like to set a pretty table, have flowers, party favors, you know, a party.

The guest list.  Mostly our circle of friends who get together as often as we can.
Plus three.
I know the others, but one in particular I know only by face  ( I think )
She responds quickly to my email
She offers to host the party.
I want to respond quickly.

I begin, and realize her address is close to me.
I google it and
oops not google, it is Zillow
There is her home. WOW
There is the value of her home WOW
There is the size of her home - twice the size of mine.

A Dilemma 

Now, I am wondering.
Should I let her host the party?  
( I will never have the opportunity to see inside her lovely home again)
Will I feel funny having her at my little dining room table?
( Should I buy a new table? )
Should I ask the guest of honor?

What shall I do ?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Garage Sale of the Century.....

Garage Sale of the Century Chapter two
                        ( or is it three ?) 
First there was Chapter one.
The sign that gets the good ones 

Chapter can go back to the blog post, or I will tell you briefly, we had a customer who loved so many things.   Especially the cards that were photos of our property in Spokane that Mimi had taken.   She came twice on Friday and then came back on Saturday and bought a few more things  ( well over  $70. total)

customer on left, sister on right 

Chapter October we were gone on a little trip and when we got back there was a package at our front door. It was a book which  our now favorite garage sale customer had purchased for us because there were pictures that reminded her of our farm in Spokane !

The sweetest book 

Chapter the mail, a Holiday card from, yes, our own favorite garage sale customer.

Seasons Greetings 

and as my not quite 5  year old  grandson would say 
          " I did not see that coming " 

I live an exciting life ! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tidying up

       My mother used to say that and I thought it was one of those Norwegian words. So, it was not a new word to me, but the book...well that was new to me and I asked for it for Christmas and I got it.
 Thanks Mimi.  

I read the introduction and am feeling ready to find the magic .

I probably should have read a chapter or two before starting because..

1. if you have the book, read page 3,
2. I have a severe back ache and haven't even made a plan

3. I don't want to get discouraged before I tackle my shoe collection
    ( I will find a disclaimer for that )

So, now I am going to take a hot bath and read a few more pages.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another long day

     A "full"  day

           Breakfast with my friend..she served that cereal you serve your grandkids
                              Chocolate Chip Cookie...and then added walnuts
    not bad ( no picture )

Then to the airport

        We are sitting in rows 30 and 31 and usually our favorite fruit and cheese tray is gone so
                  we ordered  guacamole burger, fries and chocolate turtle milkshake at Ruby's.

                            Hubby had the huge burger, some fries and some shake

                              I had fries and lots of shake.

We got our seats changed as we could sit together and now we are in row 17  !

   And they had the fruit and cheese tray. We ordered one, but for some reason we are not very hungry.

Our great friends pick us up at the airport and we head to Applebee's

                It is Appy hour so we ordered apps and they are pretty tasty

no picture, but you get the picture...a day a grazing and very "full"

We say goodbye to our friends and in a while i decide to start unpacking my suitcase.
"Who put a blue ribbon on my suitcase?  wait, this is not my suitcase"

So hubby calls the number on the tag and i call the airport and soon we are back in the car and on our way to SeaTac airport.

Blue ribbon lady ( Gonzaga Mom on her shirt )  is so happy to get her bag. It had missed her early flight and she was wondering if she would ever get it.  She got it. I got mine and we are back on the road again.

Soon, hubby is tired. Good night
 I get involved in the new puzzle I got for Christmas.

Yes, I spent two hours putting pieces together
then it was midnight.
I had some Chex Mix, told myself  "Happy New Year"
and headed to bed.

So you get the was a full day..full of food in particular

OK  here is the puzzle ( finally a picture )

You get the is a hard puzzle
please come and help me
I have coffee and M & M's