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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Les and Me
We have known each other since grade school. Even though she moved to the East coast long ago, we have stayed in touch. She makes an annual visit to the Northwest to see her brothers and if we can work it out, we get together too. This year we spent a day together. I picked her up at the airport and we drove to our old neighborhood. We stopped at the corner drug store, which is now a café and had lunch and compared pictures of our grandkids. Then we drove around and took photos of each other and of our houses, schools, library, etc.
The time to say goodbye came too soon, but as she left she said…
I love you, I will pray for you.
Now as I reflect on our friendship I wonder
How can two people, who are so different get along so well?
She knew what she wanted to be very early – I still don’t
She was always at the top of her class – let’s not talk about that
She is Jewish I am a Christian
She does not eat pork - I love bacon
She has very creative ideas – I just follow the rules
She prefers the red eye flights, - I avoid red eye flights
(hates to waste daylight time) (very inconvenient )
She does not write long letters – I write long letters
she reads my long letters - I search her daughters notes on FB
There is an element in friendship sometimes you can’t put your finger on it, but it involves an appreciation for each other and tied together with love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakfast Back Home

After a week of being served the most wonderful meals, I had to ease into my real world. So I opened the granola that Sharon Z gave me, tossed on strawberries ( fresh from our garden, picked by Darrell ) and topped it off with whipped cream. Then I decided to take it outside to the front bench.I closed my eyes to the weeds and savored the moment. An almost perfect morning.

You have to wonder about that person who has time to linger over her meal, close her eyes to chores, takes pictures and then posts it.