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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Next stop... WDW

We go often, but this time it was to acknowledge the end of hubby's radiation treatment.

MY choice, because we were on the journey together.
OK, it is not his favorite place, but it is mine.
Mine, because we are miles away from hubby's wood business.
He can actually relax and leave his phone turned off.

So, bottom line... we enjoy each others company.

and the food

and many of the attractions.

When we checked in, they gave hubby a pin to wear.

If you are celebrating something, you write it on the pin.
or    Good Health...that was the pick for hubby.

So here are a few of my highlights

This little face resembled our grandson when we was that age
I could not stop peaking....something  about those eyes and
wishing our now 13 years was with us

It was a clear night and this was the view on the river boat

And then the landing
boat landing, that is. 

Not everyone takes pictures of necessary rooms
I am not everyone 

Can you guess, this is a seafood restaurant   

And then, who knew we had room for a dessert for two.
Well, it said two, but it was easily enough for four 
The waitress serves up two pieces...

So after we had stuffed ourselves with mud pie

We offered the remainder to the family behind us
Their little man decided it was his first course

Permission granted by his mother to post

That is the end of our first day at the WDW Resort and an easy highlight. 


First full day begins with breakfast
As we were leaving the dining room a tall dark and handsome man smiled at me.  I thought he might be smiling at someone behind me, but I smiled back.  As he passed by I heard him say
          " we ate every bit of the pie "
By the time I realized what had happened I turned around and ....
Well, I hope he heard my happy reply, though I could not tell where he had gone.

enough said

but, it was nice.

We have our favorites at Hollywood studios.   Many of the fun rides are gone, but there is still the play  Beauty and the Beast...which we love.

and Lunch at  Prime Time Cafe.

Each year we get a photo of someone sitting in the turquoise lounge chair
This year, no lounge chair..but it is turquoise 

And every table is like it's own kitchen table
playing old black and white clips of
50's shows

There is time for Indiana Jones  and a couple more attractions  

Then we leave Hollywood Studios and take a boat ride to Epcot Center.   We could spend more than a day at Epcot,  so we do. 

This is part of the Festival of the Arts event...We helped both days.

And by the end of the second day......Finished !

and this is the postcard all participants received...


Full day at Epcot.   Good weather... Good Food.


The Magic Kingdom

Breakfast with favorite bear 

Now we are ready to head out to the rides 

Goodbye Crystal Palace,

Hello ...

Favorite ride 
Country Bear Jamboree
It's a tradition 

And this is my favorite spot at WDW   The Grand Floridian 

We have dinner in their family dinning room 

Fresh and delicious  

Always room for dessert  

Good bye Grand Floridian

We end our last full day at the Park, and on the shuttle back to our room a passenger commented on Darrell's Celebrate button.

You have to look says...Celebrating Good Health 
This is the end of the day and kids are tired and parents are exhausted and the bus is often quieter than in the morning.  So the conversation was a little more "public" and serious.  Talking about cancer and treatment and family and celebrating and... 
well suddenly , the back end of the bus was clapping.   

And yes, that was my highlight of the day....maybe even the whole trip.  

Once again, final morning

Waffle ! 

But is is also a day at the Park.
The Animal Kingdom

And much much more.
It is a real Safari Ride and this year we saw more wild life than ever before.. maybe it was the weather    

Not quite as good as it looks, quite  tasty
A final treat before
Going home

We knew the flight home would be interesting.  We flew from Orlando to San Diego ( cheapest seats ) and then to Seattle.  We knew that flights had been cancelled the day before and the weather was still threatening.  But, we made the connection and arrived home to find.......      The expected snow

But, the unexpected 40 degrees in our home.  The furnace had stopped working and no one at home to get help...  2:00 in the morning and hubby made a fire in the wood stove.

I live an exciting life,  and a blessed one. 

Much to be thankful for.  

Friday, March 1, 2019

It was a great day
Well, it was a busy day
OK. it started last night.

I try to plan menus, check the freezer, make lists...all the night before.  
Funny thing last night.  I pulled out what I thought was meatloaf.
It was some bar cookies.  Well, that means I don't have to make a dessert for Bible Study,  but I will need to take out some beef for meatloaf.

  I had gathered recipes and tips from my girls to prepare something Kale for my friend.

She does not like Kale, but she knows I like Kale. So, bless her heart she asked me to make something Kale !!   
Then comes the shopping trip. Somehow I had three lists and focused on two of them so.... came home with just about everything.
Spent the evening preparing two salads with Kale.  Don't you just love saying the word  Kale ?!   

It took me about 3 hours.  Fun hours.  OK. I was watching  The Magnificent 7 while massaging Kale 
And wearing my favorite colorful apron. 
All good !

Now it is today.
Salads are ready and on ice in the car.
Bible Study is in my tote bag and I am ready to go.
Less than a mile to the church, but I am running a little late..hated to give a brief hello to neighbor Pooja and hurry on.

Approaching the parking lot and the car feels and sounds funny.
Well, I am not going to drive Sabrina to my friends.  So I call Hubby and he agrees to meet me here at 11:15 with the other car and take care of matters.

Walking into the church and Kristi says " I suppose you know about your tire? is flat "

So, quickly call hubby again.  Helps to know the details before tackling the job.

ll;15 and he is waiting for me.  
He greets Bonnie,who is walking out with me and  who always looks so classy.   
She says  " Hi,  your wife told me her tall dark and handsome husband was waiting for her. "
How sweet of her to look beyond the beanie hat and well worn miss matched outfit. 

We head to Sabrina and find out there is no jack.
No jack in the other car.
Change of plans

  ( are you still with me? - it gets better )

We start home and find a garage... no house sale !  What? In February ?  Yep.  So we stop and quickly find a few things like
a little text that looks like this:

$1.00 well spent  

My neighbor Jane was there... We agreed we needed nothing.  
Very beautiful home... new kitchen...front yard I have admired for years... 
Back to the sale.  After we all bought a few things we left and Jane checked her car to see if she had a jack.  No.
We go home.

Hubby checked one last time for a jack, and then said his goodbyes.
Apparently, it did not dawn on him that I needed the car to take my salads to my friend. 
I would not take his pick up for a number of reasons.

So, while waiting for hubby to return, I made meatloaf and swept the floors and dusted the living room..

By 2:00 I was out the door.

and this is the door I walked up to

And This is Baby .   Cute and quiet.

Had a nice visit with my friend.  
I think she has a positive attitude about Kale.
I think she is going to have a positive attitude about Kale.
The salads looked fresh and interesting.
Also included a few crackers, two chocolates, napkins and a tooth brush  ( don't tell anyone, but Kale gets in your teeth, and it's green )

Did not want to tire her, so I headed home.

Called to invite our Octogenarian friend to dinner.
He said no, he was sure his daughter needed him, but yes, he would come to Bible Study.

Well, it is a good thing he did not come.  The meatloaf did not hold together.  Hubby thought it was hash.   Home grown corn from the freezer, was a little hard to chew. But, we had plenty of Kale salad.    

7:30 Bible Study.
9:00 refreshments.  Guests were quite content with my bars, trail mix and cups of berries.

Then they went home. Hubby went to bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and here I am doing what I like to do... talk to myself  about my day.

If anyone listens, they never tell me
              seldom tell me 

 Marti, I know YOU are listening 
Sleep tight

I live an exciting life.  

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Time for a little trip

First stop Phoenix.
Staying at the Hampton Inn
They have this neat "hanger" 
Hang tomorrows outfit and go to bed 

 Then the next days outfit 

We are here for some Bible meetings... spending time with old friends and some new ones.

The call for lunch and delightful 

Stepping into a very good  weekend.

Then a visit with old friends...

Lunch around their table

Dinner and Delightful Evening
Always great stories 

Another day
Another lunch
Not just any friend...An old sweet friend 

Always time for Food
 Snooze Grill , Phoenix
Great food 

Always time to shop
Always time for footwear

Then: Grand Canyon College and dinner with
                                   Jess !

Final breakfast,
Always give myself permission to make a waffle
And this morning

This picture carries a little story....
I usually go to the kitchen door to thank the staff for breakfast, so I found out the lady who made the bacon, which I love, was Anita. 
I said  " I have a daughter Anita....and she loves Jesus"
Anita said:  " Come here".   She took me into the kitchen where she had her Bible.
We hugged.  Something about being part of God's family.

And this is at the
  Hampton Inn, where there are no Gideon Bibles in the rooms.

I live an exciting life