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Thursday, January 16, 2020

who's world ?

No, my world has not changed,  has it?

I was shaken and brought to tears and reminded to take a closer look, at life


I read her story,
The story of a mother who lost her young adult son
to drugs.

No, I have not been through that
but, I know and love someone who has

Your life, your world, your hurts...they are all unique 
Lots of thoughts going through my head, but the bottom line, for me, right now...

What is so important in life that we / I cannot forgive

No one to forgive with Cancer
No one to forgive with financial debt
No one to forgive with....

But, what is it in my / our heart of hearts that we cannot forgive ?

Tell me

Then I came across this:

Things you will never regret
Putting your phone down
Listening over talking
Visiting grandma
Reading the Bible
Kindness on social media
Investing in memories over things
Not gossiping
Thankfulness over comparison
Buying lemonade at the stand
Taking the higher road
Catching fireflies with your kids
Getting to know your next door neighbor  
Forgiving others
Forgiving yourself
Doing that scary thing
Giving the compliment
Drink more water
Saying “ I love you”
Trusting God

Many more...

I like it

So, no picture needed,  but copied in my heart 

No editing,   Just thinking and writing... 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

California here we come

Landed ... John Wayne 

First stop, a parking lot
Took a different "exit" and just in and out
But, she made us pay $1.00  

Next Stop..dinner ..and good coffee
Then, phone died.... 

Phone woke up
and so did the sky 

Waking up to mickey and good coffee
( thank you Bonnie )

Hot Spring
105 °

Always good treats 

The bluest skies you will ever see are in Seattle
sometimes Murietta Hot Springs 

Final shot with Juliana
then phone died
and so did my other shoe

So, just a little evidence that we went away for a few days in December

Happy New Year !   

Thursday, December 26, 2019

December moments

Hi  Marti wishing you more happy memories 

They come
     and they go 
          those moments you wait all year to enjoy

so in a few photos 
     A few of those moments
                 (almost wordless )

Happy 79 th birthday at Nick's 

Christmas Eve with family 

One of three trees.... maybe my favorite  

Stringing popcorn 

Major cooking and baking and fun  

coconut cake  and coffee  

P J's
then the movie 

Good night 

Candlelight and Carols in the neighborhood 

The Day has finally arrived  

Then my phone died again.... 

Sunday, December 15, 2019

something sweet happened

It happened this morning
first the "background"

For many years I have been blessed ( spoiled ) with my cleaning princess Tammy.
Then she moved
Forced to find a replacement
   ( but who could take Tammy's place...she cleans, does plumbing, electrical, computer
          well, she can fix almost anything )
Our community has a newsletter..Next Door.  there were some posts about cleaning needs  and responses.   Four names,  and one was quick to answer and at my door and ready to start tomorrow.
Kind of took me by surprise and without a list of questions for her,  she gave me an estimate and her smile and, well,  Elizabeth is my new cleaning princess

That was August 1, and I am loving Elizabeth.   We do not chat very much, she works fast and hard and that works out fine.   She seems very wise for her years ... younger than my youngest child, and she has 4 children ( like me )

This morning, Elizabeth came two days early because she leaves tomorrow, Sunday for two weeks in Mexico, celebrating her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary.  She was telling me about her trip and then she asked me to pray for her.    I said I would be happy to pray for her.

She moved close to me and said " Pray for me right now"   
We moved closer and eyes a little swimming, I prayed for her ..her family... her trip... her life.

( Elizabeth is taking the place of Tammy in a new way...I am blessed )

Saturday, December 14, 2019

December calendar

Fist comes

Trimming my tree...
BSF leader friends from way back

After being a leader for a few years, I decided I would reach out and try to get to know some of the other ladies a little better.  So, I picked the cream of the crop and invited them to a Christmas luncheon.   Darrell had put the tree up and I had scattered decorations around and made lunch.
One thing was missing the tree ornaments. So, when the ladies arrived I asked them to help and that is what has happened every year since.   I now call it my Trim My Tree Party.

Each year seems a little different.
This year was a smaller group, several had other commitments
  also, a new friend was added ( she makes great scones )

These two are Ole Favorites
one is just a little more weary than usual 

So, December celebrations can begin...

Saturday, December 7, 2019

every year is different

and Thanksgiving 2019 was different

the guest list

the food

and even the beginning.

Yes !   Torches to light the path

Me, the hostess, in my pumpkin apron

Christian, Anita, Tanner
( they co-hosted)
Asha and Arun
( they brought Karthik, but then took him back to his grandparents)
Jim and Shirley

Then  a little football...competition??   

Go Tannerteam !!

Family, neighbors ( now friends )

Did you notice the table?   Turkey,cranberry sauces,  ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, spicy southern spinach delight,  gravy, pickles, olives,rolls, butter, jam, sparkling cider, coffee, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, whipped cream and ice cream.

Very special time 
Much to be thankful for
         beyond food
               It was great
                   But, fellowship is far above

Blessings abound 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Life is full of changes 

Like downtown Seattle !

I drove downtown today ( Seattle will always be downtown, even though I live in Bellevue, and it is growing and growing ) 

The first change.... my old favorite parking lot, across from Macy's, now has the first three floors for rental cars.   And the price increased.  OK, so I didn't make the early bird  for $9.00... but for less than four hours   $19.00.
That is one reason I will not be returning.

The sky bridge to Macy's leads to an elevator that takes you down to the 3rd floor.  What happened  to  all the other 4 floors of shopping ? 

And what happened to what used to be the most beautiful ladies room in downtown Seattle? The airport has more appeal

First happy encounter... meeting my friend MaryAnn.  Planned.  On time.   

No star on Macy's...but I heard it is coming. Even though Macy's is closing, Amazon is going to take over the building and the tradition.

Primary mission: lunch and conversation. So we head out of Macy's and down Pine 

There is always a carousel for the holidays.  But it was still in pieces.  We keep walking 

Next stop Nordstrom.  
 This is the old Frederick and Nelson store.    Eight floors of everything you might ever need. The door man, and a row of elevators with people who operated them.  Sales people, who helped you.  Paul Bunyan Cafe in the basement.  Upstairs, 8th floor sit down restaurant ..The Rhododendron Room ?Also a little child care, while you ate...they make little necklaces out of straws..

Back to the real world.  It is now Nordstrom's and only 3 floors of goods...
We pause on the first floor..handbags. We chat with the salesman about the robbery in Bellevue Nordstrom.   He showed us the type of handbags that had been "lifted"  $4,000 and up.  They are real animal skin.  They are Gucci Zumi.   Now I know and now you know. 

That is the Gucci display on the far wall. I touched a bag, it had a $10,000 price tag. 

On to the 2nd floor   

The black for MaryAnn,  the pink for me.  

By the way.. those are real flowers  in the ladies room at Nordstrom's  

Final stop at the Cafe.   The food is always good, but I have to say,  the service is just not like it used to be.  Oh well.  MaryAnn and me, we just wanted to talk  ( the pumpkin pecan dessert was delicious)

All good things come to an end.  
But that piano music, live piano music?
Yes !  And wait, is that Joe Rojo, the pianist who played for years at Nordstrom in Bellevue?
Yes!   He told us that he was the first and now the last to play the piano for Nordstrom.   He still looked the same.  Well, he said, I am 58.  

My trip downtown was now worthwhile,  very worthwhile.
Hearing a favorite, Joe,
and being with my friend MaryAnn

Shameless selfie...

By the time I got back to my car it was raining and then hail ... lots and lots of hail... then sunshine and home.

I live an exciting life.