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Friday, September 15, 2017


My Friend


Being leaders in BSF puts you in a group of amazing women.  That is where I met Liz.  Leaders, together.   It took a while, but when my mother passed away and Liz came to her memorial,  I got a a little picture of her passion for others.   

  Then, I had my own episode in the hospital and Liz popped in to see me Sunday Morning. She brought a little vase of flowers.

That was 11 years ago, and the relationship has grown.


BSF retreat 

More Luncheons

a little game of scrabble 

Fun friends 

Always Fun with Liz 

A gathering too fun to say goodbye 

More Luncheons

at Liz's place
I could just drop by

Had to be summer
Always a reason to get together 

Our friend with our friend 

Entertaining  her favorites  

Well some of her favorites

With baby Alistair 

More Luncheons

Looks like Christmas 

Saying goodbye to our friend

Always smiling
a great sense of humor

One year training day for leaders was on Mercer Island

and a little awkward to get to.   One morning she arrived

rather late  ( BSF means discipline and being on time)

Well, she walked in, the room kind of quiet,  she said
 " I know I'm late and I don't want to talk about it" 
 The room erupted in laughter.

She could bring a  smile to just  about any situation

Dinner party with small group 

                 this must be a selfie...but a cute one

Engagement party, more friends 

Luncheon in 2016 

She loved her family very much.. I know because we prayed for them on  Monday afternoons.

She  knew the  Bible and was comfortable  sharing..   I  know because we  were  in  Wednesday  night Bible study together.

In July we went on trips - she went to see her sister and I went to visit a friend. As she made her plans, it seemed like details just fell into place for her travels.  She felt like her trip was a final time to visit her sister. Sue's health had been failing.
Liz was very thankful to make that trip

We flew home on the same day, July 10

I am pretty sure she loved her cabin.  She really, wanted us to go there with her.  Our evening Bible Study group had plans to go there for a summer gathering. That would be July 22.  A week before the anticipated date, she realized she could not do it.

  That was just the beginning of changing plans.

Her Sundays started with 9:00 sermon and then to Talk Time . It was that  third Sunday in July when she was walking into church and she felt like her back was not supporting her.   She made it through the morning, but needed some help in getting into her car.  Once she got home, she was pretty much flat on her back for the next two weeks.
We talked about her BSF group and  she was waiting to call her women until she felt better. 
It was August 9th, while I was in Chelan with my family, that she called.  " Robin brought me to the ER and I think I will be here for a while. Will you please call Roberta and tell her I don't think I can take my class?"

I called Liz that evening to see how she got along.  Home phone, no answer. Cell phone no answer.  Evergreen Hospital, yes she had been admitted.

I called the gift shop in the morning and had them send her one of those chatty little bears.   It was Monday morning before I was able to visit her. The family had said no visitors, so I was taking my chances, and brought along fresh scones.
She was alone, cheerful, but in some pain.  We chatted and prayed together. Nicole the nurse came in and it was time to hook up for a platelet transfusion.    There was a little discussion about symptoms and treatment...looked like a full schedule.  The word Oncologist was mentioned.  At this point, no diagnosis was to be shared. I told her if the doctors didn't help, I would call Doc Martin.  ( She  laughed. She is the one who got me started on that series she loved ) 

That night, I returned.  I wanted to confirm I had heard correctly. Her daughter was there and explained that the family wanted to wait until test results were in and then she would give the ok to tell her friends.   Of course, that was very understandable. and to be respected.

Wednesday, I returned again.   This time I brought chocolate chip cookies.  Liz was sitting up in bed. She asked me to read Acts 3 from her ipad. Then she quoted a verse and we prayed together.   

One more visit in the hospital.  Her daughter gave me permission for a brief visit.  As I walked in Liz said " Kathy, I am loopy ".   Her daughter confirmed that she was not going to be with us much longer.  
I leaned over and kissed her forehead and told her " I'll see you in my dreams"   Liz said " Kathy, you smell good ". Well I told her " I'm the Avon lady, I better smell good".   As I was leaving she repeated " Kathy, You smell good "

And those were her parting words to me. 

A few days later, Robin said a brief visit to hospice would be ok.  Tuesday morning I slipped into her room. She was alone.  She looked like she was asleep. So calm.  No longer in pain. She was alone. I held her hand and sang to her " Jesus loves Me this I know".  I told her how we all love her and Jesus loves her more. I noticed the little white radio on her night stand. It made me smile, like a little piece of me was in the room with Liz.  I talked to her  for a little while and then left the room.  
The facility has  beautiful gardens. I was not ready to leave so I walked around the garden and spent a while in the serene surroundings.  

That night, the call came,  Jesus had called Liz Home.

I wish I could remember some of her stories. Often it was just her style that made us laugh. Such a good sport. Such a fun lady. Such a good friend.   

I will always, always, remember my friend and the love and joy she brought into so many lives, 
especially mine. 
A grand farewell, in exuberant Liz style !

There is Liz, in little red Sabrina, waving a grand goodbye.

But, it won't be long and we will hear the shout. The Lord is coming back soon.  Be ready.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


Friday, September 8, 2017

it's in the bag

So, I was just shopping at our local T J's   ( Trader Joe's)  
Those employees all look like they like their job. 
Like the gal who serves samples and coffee.
She was smiling, but yes she was little cold
But " we have our coffee"

I just had a couple items to buy and was soon checking out.

Once again, a happy, and I might add cute, checker
He said his name was Aaron 
   and he like to pronounce it the Spanish way,  Aaron 

So, Aaron says to me " Welcome back"

and I say "How do you know I am coming back?"  ( in just a tiny sassy way )

He says "  your purse. When you were here before,I told you I liked your purse "
Again he smiled 
and I smiled
and said thank you

One more reason to shop at T J's 

here's the bag

and it is cute
don't you think? 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


There is another name for this
we will just call it
hammock adventures 

in the park in Minneapolis 

In Chelan by the beach 

Canadian sweeties 

Where oh where 

When I remember, I will add the location 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

last year, this year

Our annual trip to Chelan and my favorite view.

The difference?    Fires in Canada 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Make your bed

again, make your bed..

If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.
It will give you a small sense of pride and will encourage you to do another task and another. By the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into another task completed and another. 

            Even if you have a game today
Even if you want to run and play 

even if you are leaving on a jet plane

Even if you think you  are a princess

 There is always time to make your bed

making your bed can set the stage for a time to plan your day

Just throwing the covers up  can do the job   

and at the end of the day you will come home to a bed that is made. A bed that you have made. 

If nothing else got done on your list, at least you made your bed
And a made bed is an encouragement that tomorrow will be better. 

Having someone else make your bed is nice too, once in awhile. 

Now if you don't want to take my word for it, just listen to a very important looking man who represented the Seal Team at Texas University.  You can find it on Youtube ..Word Motivates, and so does making your bed.
 You can also read your Bible and know that you should obey your mother and I am sure your mother told you to make your bed.

Ready... MAKE YOUR BED ! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

I would like a glass of water

Here is the setting:

Happy Hour at Outback.
4 senior citizens in the booth,
hostess says: Tyler will be your server and will be with you soon

and soon the conversation starts:
Tyler : Good evening, can I get a beverage order started for you?
Barb:  I would like ice water with lemon and  a straw
Rog: I would like a glass full of ice and then pour water in it. Lots of ice and water
Darrell: I like ice water, no lemon
Kathy: water no ice please.

Tyler returns with the beverages

He remembers each one correctly, even a little bowl of lemon wedges

Rog: Can I ask you a question?   Why did I get a small glass and everyone else got a large glass?

Tyler: Well, you asked for a glass and all the others are plastic. I thought you wanted “glass”.  Do you want a glass of ice, can I get you more?”

We struggle to say, no it's all good 

thank you

 then  burst out laughing. 

( if you are not at least smiling, you are probably too young, or maybe you just had to be there. )

Thursday, August 24, 2017

a walk in the park

but first lunch

she treated me to the very best and healthiest food 

                  a walk through Whole Foods

We ate outside and she pulled out 
placemats, silverware, cloth napkins and glasses for our Kombucha 

then we rode over to  Marymoor and took a walk in the park

Blackberry garden...we picked all the big ones 

It was a beautiful day
With my beautiful friend

A day to remember
with my friend who is unforgettable

I am blessed