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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

You are always welcome

 Ask my family... Come to my door and you are invited inside....    It is the American way.

Right?   Wait, what happened?  

For the past two years I have been trying to meet our neighbors.  It is gotten easier now, with the pandemic, people are home.

So, every week, maybe twice a week I bake Banana bread.  Not just any banana bread, this is called Hippy banana bread.   I  tried it because I had all the ingredients on hand and it is good.  Really good.  After the 3 mashed bananas, you add walnuts, craisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and I also add sesame seeds and a little flax. 

So it is like eating a little meal

Several neighbors live alone, so they love having someone at the door with a little treat.   A little loaf is also a small, but great,  way to say thank you to the neighbors who have gone shopping for us.  There are many reasons to share a little banana bread. 

Something I have realized... rarely does anyone pause to chat, or invite you in. 

I discovered this because last week, a neighbor invited me inside and offered me coffee !  Wait, two neighbors invited me in for coffee.

So, that is the American way...or maybe it is the Scandinavian way.   

Call it what you like,  I live an exciting life !

Saturday, August 8, 2020


 OK...that does it...

a new word

are you ready?

toadflax ....had to google it ...again.

This is just a hint...just to add a little interest 

But, there it is.  a real word.

You did good Dave Z, and it put you way ahead of me, BUT, really, how many times have you used toadflax in our conversations today ??

I'm feeling better now.
It was the shock when I checked our Words with Friends game and

WHAT  ?   where once I had posted flax, now was toadflax and 57 points. 

I was going to talk about another word, before this happened.


If you have read Proverbs, you are familiar with that one. But it just doesn't sound like what it means.
It sounds like a bad smell, one that just won't go away.
Maybe that is what the man who lives with an odious woman would like to happen.

better not go there


oh-dee-uhs ]


deserving or causing hatred; hateful; detestable.
highly offensive; repugnant; disgusting.

And that is Odious 

Want to talk about it?   

Want to use it in a sentence?  

How about toadflax?   

I live an exciting life
( not giving this a second it !!) 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Garage Sale

Hi Marti... 

You had to be there
I wish you had been there
but since you weren't...
I'll try to capture the "fun"  

Well, it is a garage sale our daughter has every summer.  The whole neighborhood will participate sometimes.   ( Well, let's just say many families, that  might be closer) 
This year about 4 families opened their garages and the sales began !

The first surprise sale:

We had a large box of straws.  Drinking straws. 
ok,  here is a picture

We had a box of maybe 20 bags.  The first customer who spotted them held  up a bag  and said she would like to buy one.  The lady next to her liked the idea and snagged a bag too.  Then, another lady picked up the whole box and said she wanted all of them.
Straws !   The big item this year!   Who knew ?  
Well, some restaurants are not allowing them any longer, but that is another story.
Me?   I was smiling ( not long ago, someone laughed at the idea of selling straws, but that is another story )

Then there was the computer printer ink.   There were two packages of HP ink.  You know, the size that costs about $30. each.   How did I end of with sizes that do not fit any of the three printers in my house?   You try not to think about it and put a price on them and bring them to the garage sale.
Sure enough, there was a guy, willing to take the risk.   He was not sure if it was the right size, but for $15 for two packages ?   He did it.
Me?  I will always carry the size of ink I need my wallet !! or order on line while the numbers are in front of me. Lesson earned. 

No picture here, but try to imagine a lovely white wool jacket. Anne Klein.   I had just given myself permission to part with one of my two white winter jackets.  $10. is not a typical price for a garage sale, but this is the first day of the  sale, I had worn it twice at the most,  and I was not sure I was really ready to part with it.     
A customer offered $4.     It was easy to say "No".   Then she offered  $5.    I said "$6."    She said "No".   
Tiffany ( my girl ) gave me an approving look and put the coat back on the rack.           Minutes,  I am not exaggerating, minutes later, a very lovely lady was trying the coat on.  Tiffany whispered " I think you have a buyer"..   Sure enough!  Lovely lady added it to her "finds".  On her arm was a Cabi sweater ( very nice ) and she also found a box of small china cups and saucers  to use with her grands for tea parties.
Me?:  Go ahead, and hold to your price, at least for the first day of the sale.

OK, maybe you had to be there, and I wish you  had been there. 
 We always have a fun time.  It takes some planning, work, commitment, food, ( good food and ice cream ) 
But, we are planning the Cherry Crest event....maybe September.
And BTW we still have four bags of straws !  "Why"  you ask? I don't want to talk about it. 

All are welcome !

And, we almost always come home with something that we did not bring

Not exactly sure where it will end up, but it had my name on it.

I live an exciting life 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

A little walk in the park

but a little walk in the park 

with a little man at your side
well, the adventure can be  life changing

you see

walking along or in the creek has no price tag

Your feet are cold, but you are brave
Your feet are cold,  but you are brave 

The mystery beyond is worth the risk 

searching, fishing, just splashing along 

Finding a little "something"..then releasing it 

Getting  a little wet is half the fun 

Finding a golf ball    YES ! 
Life is full of small pleasures 

When Grandson is happy, Grandma is happy

little note:  p. 63 in my latest read....In her village... None of the children had toys or books. The boys played cricket in a gully and even the ball was made from plastic bags tied together with elastic bands.

More to think about, and never forget.

Friday, July 24, 2020


So many words and so little time

read this one today:


Even "word" does not recognize it.
On to google and found the answer


  1. rashness or suddenness of action.
    "matters were taken out of his control by the precipitancy of his commander

So, where did I see it?
Pilgrims Progress

cowardice                  VS        Stand firm & a little more

Get it?
Can you use it in a sentence?
Can I use it in a sentence?   Working on it.

but right now, I am hungry, and  I going  to turn on the coffee and check out the frig...and I am standing firm on that.  

Oh...I am very open for correction 

I live an exciting life


Saturday, July 18, 2020

It began with a little man who wanted to have a 
National Creative Day

And Grammy said Let's do it 

Gathered a few empty pop cans, toilet paper rolls and a bag of "embellishments" from Staples

Little man came prepared too

He made place cards for everyone
on the inside was a word
( but don't peek until after dinner)

Check your "name"  and create it 

And they did

Come on, take a guess   

I live an exciting life

Monday, July 13, 2020

Social outing

When you have been in "Quarantine" for several weeks you consider a trip to Trader Joe's a social outing

and that is what I was looking forward to on Saturday.
Getting ready for the family to come to dinner Sunday, so I had a list of a few things for the gathering

Off I went about 8:40  ( to arrive during  the special hour for senior citizens) 
Sunny day, top down on Sabrina and arrived at Trader Joe's in good time
no purse,  no phone,  no drivers licence, no money, no plastic 

A driver at the car next to me,   " sorry I don't have a phone"

Another driver / shopper  and yes, with cell phone... I called hubby.
He was shopping at  the hardware store but as soon as he finished he would scoot home and then pop up to Trader Joe's

Thank you !

Plenty of time to shop !
One more phone call to make sure hubby  knew he had to stop for my purse
Kind T J's clerk ..and very sympathetic about being without  my purse

Shopped and checked with one of the clerks about corned beef and cabbage.  

Chatted with my favorite lady...she does not care for corned beef, but understands that when your son loves corned beef, mom cooks corned beef.

Since I finished strolling around at least twice I  paused in front, and at least two checkers were ready for me but... 
still waiting for $$

then, very cute clerk comes up and asks me what my favorite color is.
Well, I look at my blouse and sweater and mention that I am driving a red car and  say.."maybe red"
before long, cute clerk brings a bouquet of red roses to me and says he is sorry for the bad start to my morning !

Did he know that I was using red white and blue ( staying patriotic for the month of July ) for my dinner ?!

All I can say.
I came home with a bouquet  
and a recipe for cabbage 
and at least one clerk who will remember me
  ( might not know my name, but knows my eyes -I am wearing my mask ) 

I live an exciting life