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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lunch at McDonalds

Ok, it happens often,
especially when little man comes for the day
he LOVES  McDonalds.

Cheeseburger without the pickle, and, usually, at the end of the meal, a mc flurry with m and  m's 

And that is what he ordered today.

The difference today was  the location.

The center lane on 156th  is  blocked in front of the restaurant so you have to make a U turn to get into the parking and lot and than another U turn to go back home.  And that is only if you make the right left hand turn.   Which I did not.  So, on the way home we went way, way out of our way.

oh well

Once inside, the layout is small and there are lots of window seats and some high benches and tables and a TV screen    Huge TV  screen       I was glad there was no sound because the news is not good, even at the lunch hour  ( not sure if that really makes a difference because I don't even watch tv at home )

It was not crowded, but little man picked a spot next to a "family".
The child in the booth next to ours had his back to us.  The couple facing him were holding phones. Neither of them were smiling, neither of them seemed to hear the voice of the child in their booth.
I wondered what was so interesting.   
How long before that little fellow will turn to someone else, someone who will listen. 

To my right was an older man eating his lunch, minding his own business and yes, glued to his phone.

But, I was most entertained by the little man I came with.   He entertained himself.   We had our own conversation about our trip to the mall and all the 25 ¢ rides.  He is pretty tall, but still has 4 years to go before he is too old to ride.  Who knows how long before he will be bored on the rocket,  train, or 3 horse carousel,  but for now, I am so thankful that such a small thing can  make him smile.    And I am thankful that he  comes up with interesting ways to drink his juice

Normally, we say, please sit up to the table.  But, when you are with Grammy, she can recognize creativity. 

I live an exciting life
I am very blessed  

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Most Wonderful Story

How can one phone call bring so much  Joy  ? !  

 Our youngest daughter called to tell 

On Wednesday February 7th, 2018 I was laying down with my TMan.  He asked me to sing him a song, so I made up a song about a boy, loving Jesus.  I paused in my song and Tanner said “Dear Jesus, I ask you into my heart.”

I said “Tanner, what made you ask that right now?  “Because Grammy said that whenever I’m ready, I can ask Jesus!”
So we prayed together...Jesus, I love you so much and I’m sorry for all my sins, please wash them away.  I ask you to come into my heart”

So now you know, how one phone call can bring so much Joy !

Joy in heaven over one little sinner that repented !
Joy for a mother to hear her child ask Jesus into his heart, and put a date on it !
Joy for a Grandma to know that she has been used in the most important decision of life !

So I celebrated.... fresh flowers, chocolate frosty, french fries and the top down on Sabrina - 42 ° and the sun is shinning in Bellevue and in my heart !!  

my eyes are still swimming  

Luke 15:10 

10 In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”


can't seem to figure it out

can't seem to live without it.

 with my new computer all my passwords and lots important information is

out of sight

I am back on line and have a very wonderful story,  a true story  and it deserves it own page


That is all

enough said..

just be n me...again   

Thursday, January 18, 2018

a holiday and memories

Martin Luther King Day
no school
so Grammy gets to spend the day with little man

He arrives about 7:30 and has already had his breakfast
               ( every morning, favorite granola bar )
He takes his shoes off at the door and heads upstairs to find dirty clothes
               ( once we get the laundry started, we can start our adventure )

He is hungry now and those waffles sound good
                ( amazing what a growing boy can consume )

We are ready to start our "journey"

First stop is Bartells, favorite drug store,cleaners, Rx, just a little of everything.... for years
                 ( just ask any of our kids who was the candy lady )
Next stop is Aunt Gingers.  She belongs to everyone. 
                 ( little man keeps track of numbers 1122..almost there )
  As soon as we enter her cozy home she directs little man to a lego board and he begins to "sign" his name and make a design.
                   ( Grammy  needs to add he was a perfect gentleman while visiting. )

As we drive down the hill I tell little man to look carefully out the window and see the beautiful mountains.
Little man says:  " One thing Grammy, are you paying attention to the traffic, or looking at the mountains? "

a little later little man says:  " One thing Grammy, I love you "

I could stop right there and not write another word, because that is the highlight of the day.
We  continued on to Crossroads. They were celebrating the holiday and were handing out toothbrushes, water bottles, bandaids , candy and a fireman's hat
This mall still has those great  25 ¢ rides.    And little man is still happy to take a ride


Hungry again we are heading to the final stop.  Keeping track of time and little man remember it is just like Aunt Ginger's ...11:22  .....
    ( he is good at math )

and where does little man like to get lunch?

I live an exciting life and the best part
    Little man loves me 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

There are some things we cannot change

We are just born with certain "things"

like.   we are good at math,or not, 
         we are high energy,or not,  
          we are right handed, or we are not, 
 there are many things we are born with and we cannot change, 
            like a brain for maps, or not.

And that would be me 

So, that is why  we have GPS in both cars.  
So, with GPS logged in, Sabrina and  I are ready to join my little man at the school Reflections  event.

BUT,  5 minutes on the road and all dash lights go out, and the headlights, too.  I quickly pull off the road. Sabrina starts up and the lights go on, but this grammy is not going to risk getting caught miles from home with a dead car.

Back to home plate and into the Boogie Buggy . Why has the GPS been broken for so long and the driver with the map in his brain is playing basketball ...Oh, I have GPS on my phone.

Not sure why we arrived at an apartment complex instead of the Reflection address...and why did this homeowner have no idea where the facility could be.    Re enter address. Arrive and seconds before the main man arrives !!!

No need for GPS inside. Viewed lots of entries, and the best of all, our little man's .   Light refreshments ( one chocolate cookie for me-which I saved for later. Snacked on in the car. Crumbs found their way to the seat of my pants - don't ask ) 

hugs and on the road to Sally's for Hallmark movie night.

Quick text to Sally...on my way...
This is going to be easy. I just retrace my steps to Totem Lake and I know my way from there.   
But, it does not look right. And it does not feel like the scenic route.  Juanita Drive, yes, I now that and a right turn seems right. It is dark and rainy and I am not sure now if I am going north or south. Time to  put the appropriate address into my phone GPS. 
Turn here, turn there, go here and...why does that look like the Reflections address? !

Now I listen to Gladys and turn and turn , and again ,Juanita Drive ( so I was not completely wrong  - I think I was just wishing my friend Juanita was with me and we would be laughing ) 
Arrive at my desired destination
  When I turn off the engine, the GPS shows up on the screen.  It has not worked for months. This is when you think the writer is making up her story, but it is the truth.

and when I got back in the car after treats and a movie with Sally, it was still working. I know how to get home, no GPS needed.

Tomorrow?  When I need help getting to West Seattle? Who knows.

But tonight I am just remembering what my niece Lisa asked, about 51 years ago  " Auntie, are we going to get lost today? "

And that is a true story.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

What's in a box

who's in a box..

An afternoon at  G and G  ‘s  and a sleep over. 

Arrived just about the end of the first quarter…

Football games/ wore his KC t shirt  ( sorry Rick, it did not help )

Uno /  He won / Grampy won / He won

Snack/lunch?  4 pieces of toast with Dane and Sarah’s jam

Dinner ( he choose to stay at g & g’s ) french toast, bacon, syrup, lots of syrup  / 4 pieces of bacon and  a waffle ( he prefers the frozen waffles )

Ice cream bar/ could not finish. ( I think we know why ) 

Help unload Avon order.  “ You call this fun.?   Oh, it is kinda fun “ 

Climb into a box and  “roll” down the hall , in the box, a sort of hide and seek.

And then….
Started with a fun video, about coffee ( somebody around here loves coffee)
Then while scrolling, we came across
        Eric’s hero…. Will, in Bothell. ( viewed over 30,000,000 times )   You have to see the video. There are actually two.  After we watched twice, we talked about how it feels to be kind to friends who are different / challenged. All the time, Little man was sitting on Grammy's lap. Eyes never leaving the screen .  Little man said he has a friend who is like Will.  He calls himself a goofball.

Off to bed. No struggles ( ok, Grammy always makes hot chocolate and Grampy sings and tells one story )

In the morning, little man remembered Will’s name and he talked about his classmate, again,  who calls himself a goofball, like Will does.

And that is the part the touches my heart.  Little man is 6 years old.

I think it will touch your heart too.

Enough said. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017


No long standing traditions around here,
except, hubby usually likes to avoid the noise and hit the sack early

So, this year, I decided to celebrate with a favorite octogenarian neighbor and friend.

Down to her place at about 7:30

First the countdown, from New York, Live on Fox   

And now for the apple cider toast

Happy New Year 

Ok, by the time you read this, it will be