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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Favorite Restaurant

yes, we have been there many times
      we especially enjoy the "atmosphere"

Usually the guys sit in this chair, but this time, I got the privilege

a favorite restaurant
it is entertaining.
You see, the setting is Mom's kitchen from back in the black and white tv days.
  the   50's

so the waitress will make you set the table
introduce you to your " cousins" at the nearby tables.
scold you if your elbows are on the table.
deny dessert if you do not finish your meal

Naomi was a great waitress. She introduced a bride and groom from Mexico. Then she told them our American custom of feeding each other a piece of cake.  She gave them a piece of cake so they could try it.  Everyone was happy for them.

Naomi was not our waitress

Elizabeth did a nice job of singing Happy Birthday to two birthday groups. She sat down on  at the table with each party.

Elizabeth was not our waitress.

A cute little couple were celebrating their  anniversary at the table next to ours. 
They got no song and dance.   But, they didn't seem to notice. 

What's her name was probably having a bad day.

We will probably be back there next time.  The meal loaf is great !

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Special Occasions 

One in Tallahassee, one Orlando,  one Minneapolis 

Three memorable moments.

    The bride and groom.  A lovely wedding.  We have known the groom for quite awhile and we like him. OK, we love him. ( part of the reason to fly across the country for a wedding ).  But the bride. We did not know her. We had never met her. We had seen her picture and knew that she was a very-pretty  lady .  It was not until the reception, when her maid of honor shared her long time friendship with Amber and her inner beauty    I wish I could remember every word, but I remember enough to know the important part.  Amber has loved God since she was a little girl.  Her life has been devoted to giving honor to the Lord.    That was all I needed to hear...... 
Very happy for you Nick  and Amber.

This little gal, Opal is her name, was selling products that have been recycled. That intrigued me because my grandkids have collected bottle caps and now I have a picture of something they can make with them.         But her comments about Americans is what impressed me the most.  She was using the guests at the park as an example. They walk by one another as though they were invisible.Never a smile or a nod of the head. In her country, that would be unacceptable.  That is the word she used. Unacceptable. A feeling of being caught up in our own little world.  Self. 
 Even if she did not know the person along the way,
 she would at least smile and often even engage in conversation. 
Please smile at a stranger today. 

These two charmers were having a little visit with me and asked " am I a Christian?" I explained that they can say YES, because both of them asked Jesus into their heart this summer. 
Nothing could make me happier. 

 Three places to sit and chat 

Three places for dancing

                       a wedding, a park, at home  

With friends

With strangers

With family.

                                                                               Dining in style 

Wedding feast

Grand Hotel

Community "empty bowl" .  Pick out a bowl, enjoy soup and bread, leave a donation for those who have nothing to put in their bowl. 

              Taking care of business



 Three amazing bouquets 

Church side

park side

Bed side

Frosting on the cake.......



New and interesting tastes   

and always,  that great cup of coffee

So, as I reflect on a long and fun filled vacation what is still lingering in my mind 
( aside from time with family and friends of course ).

A mental picture:

The hotel lobby where we have stayed many times and are always thrilled ( yes thrilled) to hear their intercom music .  " His Eye is on the Sparrow".  Yes, at a  Disney hotel.  We have heard it for many years. I don't think it will ever change but I KNOW the one whose eye is on the Sparrow will never change. 
 He is still in control. 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It Just came out...

      He asked if any other appliances might need replacing soon, and I said  " these should last until the Lord comes".

I kind of surprised myself, but only for a second, when the salesman said.. " You must be a Christian"..

You can imagine how the rest of the conversation might have gone, but I did not have a good feeling that   Damon    ( such a fine name ) had the assurance of where he would spend eternity. 
 So, as they were leaving, I gave Damon " Are you going to Heaven" and 
to Phil  ( the man with the bill of sales ) 
          "The Rest of His Time"  by Berwick Hyland.
( if you would like a copy of this  true story, let me know )

And now we pray
and be ready for the next opportunity to share.
We do not know when our time will be changed .

I live an exciting life ! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Gathering, Third annual

Hard to find, you drive through a residential area then up a narrow road and suddenly there it is .
  Trinity   Tree Farm, Pumpkin Patch

This year, friends from Eastern Washington are joining us.

Colorful wheel barrels are ready for the young set.

So we all head to the large field of pumpkins.
The ride is great fun.
Racing around the field is great fun.

        Yes, there were at least 2 more in our group,
                      but sadly they escaped the camera 

The bouncy houses are great fun.

Eating a picnic  lunch is great fun.

Train ride for little people

Hay ride for all.

Just as the rain drops are starting to fall it is time to say goodbye.

One more highlight, on the drive home.
No picture, so use your mind's eye..
A long convoy.  large open  jeeps packed full of gear
Sitting right up next to the tail gate. two or three  soldiers.
These men are in full camouflage ... even their heads

Jeep after Jeep.
Yes, it is raining pretty hard now.
I wave.
I wave again.
They wave.
I wave
I am smiling
Smiling long past the convoy. 

Wishing I had pulled out my camera.

But the picture remains  in my mind
Thankful for those brave  men.
Thankful to live in America.

God bless America, please. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

                                   A Date with Zena

 I should say an adventure.

The plan...

Lunch at the Boarding House and then she would go shopping at Gillman Village and I would head to my hair appointment.

The reality ...

Salmon Days.

Front street:  Gillman  exit to front street the traffic was down to two very slow lanes.

The Salmon Days parade was marching toward us on Gillman way. They were going faster than we were. We spent a good/entertaining  half hour   traveling that  1/2 mile up to front street.

For Zena it was a front row seat to view the parade.
 For me..a running commentary.
  Look at those beautiful horses. i really like that black one.
Oh my that rider is so proud.  Is that the Sammamish City band? No Sammamish High School  ( go Totems )

 My, a front row and I don't have to stand. Look at those little girls. Oh, they are doing hands stands. They must be cold. 

  And I have a front row seat and I don't even have to stand.   That is a great marching band.
( you get the idea )

Then we came to Front street but kept going. The street was blocked. By now we are passing Boehms's candy. Zena said she would be happy to stop there for lunch. Ha Ha.  
 The first right turn looked like a dead end.  It was.

Dialog.  Oh, a dead end. You are  going to have to turn around. . It said dead end.  We just need to get into town.

We reach the end of the dead end and pull up  by two police officers.
Can you please help me get to the Boarding House.?
Officer number one said go here and there and back and....
Officer number two said, just go back to Front street the parade is over and it will be open.


Front street is still blocked and there are a couple officers.
Officer one is directing traffic
Officer two said. You cannot get to the Boarding House, but I can take you to another mall and several places to eat. Just follow me. 

A police escort.
no flashing lights.
I'll take it

I call my hairdresser. She sounded like she was clueless, however, her baby was due and she had to get her 3 children to the studio. I don't know where she was, but what had to done was done. ( turns out her baby came two days later)

We are now at this "mall"  Nothing of interest and now  I know where we are, so we turn back to the Costco area and Pickering Farm.  

 Yea!  Farmers market. and coffee.
Beautiful fresh flowers.. I am coming back.
Fresh pastry. Bought some
Mt. Si coffee.
a bench.

Ah.  I guess this is why we made the trip to Issaquah today.