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Thursday, May 28, 2020

at the end of a good day

Yes, there is always something good in every day
but today,,,'well

Breakfast was homemade granola ( Tiffany's homemade granola )
Brunch was homemade Ice cream  ( Christian's homemade ice cream )
lunch at The Burg ( their great fish and chips )
afternoon snack homemade cookie ( Anita's homemade cookie )
Dinner might have been leftovers, but Anita had made the dish ( don't ask the recipe, just saying , it was good )

Can you detect a sweet thread?

I live an exciting life

Tea Party number two

It started out like the first distancing...getting acquainted with new neighbors.. hubby doing some of the grunt work.

And the party can begin...


Since our last tea party, I had noticed that whenever I slipped over to say hello, the girls would run to greet me, and both Mom and Dad would come and say hello too.   Mr and Mrs very social.   So this time I decided to add an extra chair so they both could join the party.  It was the right thing to do.

As I told my friend Martha,  it was a very refreshing two hours.  Yes, we sat together and visited 
Oldest daughter, age 5 ( in 10 days she will be 6) came in a sweet sundress
Little one  came with two different shoes.
Dressed for the occasion, for sure.

Dad, left his seat briefly for a conference call
Mom, left briefly to change a diaper  
I never left my chair 

We talked about the special places to visit here and where they had been so far ( last year their home was Japan )  Since they arrived in December, they had very little time to explore before we entered the new normal.

They shared some things about their family, both come from large Irish families. 
I shared some things about my family...not just my grandchildren.

I listened to them... we were in no hurry... they listened to me...I did not have to talk fast.  There were a couple pauses when older daughter decided to change out of her dress ( daddy offered to help unfasten that tough button ) soon she was on roller blades.  Little one slipped off her chair and mom just scooped her up and hugged her and planted her back on her chair.  
    They helped themselves to treats.  Little one loved the sprinkles more than the cupcakes. Everyone seemed to be very comfortable and happy

Then, it was time to go home.   The whole family helped carry the chairs, tables and umbrellas over to our garage.   

Everyone said a genuine thank you and goodbye

Yes, I will never forget our first tea party but
this is a day I will always remember because I will always remember this family. 

I live an exciting life.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day

This year, May 10th is Mother's Day

  In 2006  May 14th was Mother's Day 

It was my first celebration as a Grandma and my first year without my mother

I have many pictures of my mother but this is a favorite and it is on my kitchen windowsill
I see it everyday, but I do not need to see her face to remember her.
I think of her every day 
God chose her to be my mother
He knew what He was doing
My Mother was no respecter of persons, she liked everyone. And everyone liked my Mother. ( not just her cookies that she baked to share on a regular basis ) 
Yes, we had challenges and some hard things, pretty sure most families do.  But, she worked hard. there were some things she had no control over.  She did what she thought was right. An example for me to follow  

And that is something that is part of my parenting too.
Reflecting on our years of raising our family there are things I wish I could erase, but we did what we thought was right, at the time. Sometimes what we were advised as the right things to do. 

Then came the grandchildren.  The role is different but always responsibility and privilege. 

So many memories 

That is another story

Today I am remembering my Mother 
I will always miss her 

Honor your father and your mother which is the first commanded with  a promise
Ephesians 6:2 

Saturday, May 2, 2020

May 1

May 1.... May Day !

From the time I was a little girl
            ( over a 1/2 century ago ) I have celebrated May Day.   At school, there was a May Pole on the play ground.  

I am not sure when the "may basket to the door" started for us, but, I know my children and my grand children have participated.

Here is a little  "May Days" past...

And one year, an extra surprise for Lady Z

And now 2020... 

Starting with the same green cones.... candy kisses in the bottom 

Then lilacs... in perfect bloom and fragrance

 And we are ready...  two little cuties next door are my helpers..


To the door, ring the bell, run and hide.  Watch the surprise on neighbors faces.    And this year, neighbors were actually home. 

And  in the end,  little one said she wanted to  leave one at my door

And she did...

Love your neighbor as yourself
              Jesus said:  Mark 12:33
     Happy May Day

I live an exciting life

Friday, April 24, 2020

a new normal

We do not know how long it will last,  but we are in a new chapter of life,   a
                          New Normal

Most days feel about the same.  They all seem like Saturday 

Starting at about  6:31 A.M.

That is when  I head downstairs for my first cup of coffee
           If I wake up before then I just look out the window, say " Good Morning" to my creator and put my head back down on my pillow.

For about two hours   ( now that we have no place to go or  people to see ) I read, and pray and write things.  If I am praying for you, I might just send you a text to let you know.    If you have shared a concern with me, it is in my prayer journal...but that is another story.

So by about 8:31, hubby has refreshed my coffee at least twice. Bless his heart.  I am downstairs and rustling up some breakfast.  Kale.  Yep. My son-in-law introduced me to it  and I like it.  Saute  in olive oil and throw in a couple eggs, maybe some left over spuds.  

We are thankful to be in good health.  Someone wears hearing aids. ( that is not an aid to listening)  Both of us are failing in the memory area ( not to a threatening point )  
Allergic Rhinitis ( perpetual runny nose / not allergy )
Nothing to complain about 
And that is how today started.

Hubby ?  Well, his day looks just about like it did last week, last month, last year.  He is out cutting and stacking and delivering wood .  Enough said. 

Yesterday morning was laundry.   Not that long ago we did laundry every day.  But, just the two of us, maybe once or twice a week. 
Then in the afternoon, 6 mini loaves of banana bread.  

Told Ya !   
This week I tried one new recipe.   I already have a favorite, but it does take a little longer to get all the ingredients ready.  But, I have all the time in the world.   

I also like to sneak in a chat with the littles next door  ( tea party .  egg hunt ).   Yesterday it was just a quick hello and a little bag of cookies.

Back to today.
A dilemma.   My friend Sally is turning 80 tomorrow.   ( she used to live across the street, now about 12 minutes away )  We have been friends for about 45 years.   She has been in quarantine, I have been in quarantine.  Yesterday my shopper bought some chocolate cupcakes.  What should I do?


Lunchtime is usually leftovers.  That is what women do, they clean up what no one else loves. Then it is time for a little ( or not so little ) power nap.  

This afternoon I got a sweet video from the little cuties next door.  They were thanking me for the cupcakes.   ( How did that happen?)  And it is raining, so I am content with that "chat".  

Time on the computer
Then out to The Burg.   Drive-in hamburger joint. Yes, they come to the car window, take your order and then your dinner comes back on a window tray.  But now, it is in a to-go bag, but we can stay and eat in the car.  
On the way we deliver 3 mini banana bread loaves to our favorite seniors that live near us, but not near their family.

7:00 Zoom time. Bible Study and prayer.  Tonight had a very hard time getting on line... but that is another story.  

9:30 ish... time to pray and such with hubby.  He goes to bed early. 
Me?  I do enjoy a good western: the good guy wins
  Or a mystery: like Perry Mason where you do not know the bad guy until the end, but it is never the guy who needs Perry.
Time to iron, computer work, cleaning up here and there.  
Last night, 26 hankies  ( allergic rhinitis needs ) Tonight, 5 old, very old, from the family farm old, flour sack tea towels.  Still wet from the wash, so they will take quite a while to iron up.

Each daughter would like one. 

Plenty to do while watching on YouTube a favorite mystery.   It is a great series and I have seen it before, but I just can't remember who did the naughty deed.

No virus 
No  complaints
I live an exciting life

Monday, April 20, 2020

Tulips and more Tulips

Hi Marti..

One of the Northwest favorite "shows"

This year, a little different calendar. There were no tours, or parades or festivals 
There are tulips

So we made the trip to Mt Vernon, Washington

Along the way.... rest stop.  no coffee, but a landmark we have never seen before
( funny how life changes when you have all the time in the world ) 

And here they come..   the fields of wonder   brilliant colors and sunny skies

Three different nurseries  but  this time of the season, they all start looking "similar"

But this place  "Tulip Town"  had some fun decorations, tulips for sale, and food to go

And before leaving town,   this very cute house caught my eye 

We are still in the area... needing some lunch and another "rest stop"\

          One more landmark  

And another

We stop at Jack in the Box / lunch bowl
Stop at Safeway  /"rest stop"
Stop at A & W / root beer float 
Then the most fun of all
Stop at T Man's 

Now you see him  

Now you don't 

But we can see a table set with coffee and warm cookies 

And that brought even more smiles

I live an exciting life.

Much to be thankful for 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

memories are made of this

It started with a text from our neighbor.

He is in Boston, waiting out the virus situation here, and he remembered   that last year at Easter, he spent the day with us.        ( I had forgotten.. I was too absorbed in the now...not able to be with family)
The thing is,  he is not a Christian, but he wrote...Have a blessed Easter.

I was touched.
  I thought it was worth writing about. I was busy in the kitchen and as I headed to the computer I remembered grandpa would say  " you can't cook dinner in the living room"  That was his way of saying that the stove was on and I should be heading back where I was needed.

You know how it is with memory..... sometimes you have it, sometimes not

Hard to forget Easter 2018 .  It started out in a normal sort of way.  We always celebrate here,  and the usual menu.   I was bending down to lift out the clay pot for the ham.   I could not get back up.   The pain was bad.   Very bad. With the help of hubby, we got the ham into the oven.  I stayed home from church. The girls always come early and help.  But, Anita called..".sorry,Christian is sick, I am so sorry, we can't come.  Tiffany is going to bring the salad for me." 
I could not let her know my concerns....
Then,  the doorbell rang  and it was Anita and family   " April Fools".
The rest of the day went well.  With the help of the girls our other guests had no idea what the morning had looked like, or notice my unusual walk.  

here is that pot...

Now you see you don't... gone !

Another Easter memory...  forgetting where I hid the eggs... So Damon took over on the 100 + outside eggs, and I now take pictures of where the inside eggs are  ( they have $$ )

This is always on the menu
Jeanette's recipe.... Carrot cake 

Always on the new ones this year  ( date on his bottom 2013 )   He is a keeper, that Old Bunny   

And there is more to decor than food

Gifted to our kids about 35 years ago
Full of Sees Candy !
Now it houses those yellow Peeps.  The same ones for a few years. No one eats them anymore.  Hmm.  Maybe I should introduce them to the grandkids   

These are also very old.... Solid sugar, me thinks.
No one dares to eat them either 

And pretty much always something "musical"  

One year we invited our neighbor across the street to come for Easter dinner.  He declined,saying he needed to pack, he was moving the next day.  So, our boys ( all the family here that year) headed across the street.  Sure enough, he had not packed yet.  Apparently he could not come to grips with the fact that his house did not sell and he could not make the payments and he needed to be out ! We all lent a hand.  

Then there was the day after Easter..because am sure hubby would not cut wood on Sunday.    Just down the trail, he had been cutting and stacking and on Monday...

But this year, well it will always be remembered.   No egg hunt.  No family gathering. But, wait... 

I put on a spring Sunday dress.... had prepared an almost typical Easter dinner with what I had on hand ... The new family next door have two little girls.  They are 2 and 5 years old.   About 9:00 we got the word that they were heading out to gather eggs.  So, while standing on a step ladder, I peeked over the fence.    It did not take them long to find 17 ( one is still hiding ) colored eggs.  We waved goodbye and headed inside. 

We had our own corned beef dinner and then met with most of the family on Zoom

The boys across the street came to our door with a basket of treats "Pick out something you like"

So this year will indeed be an Easter to remember. And every day we are thankful for the morning, long ago,  when Jesus arose from the grave !   Simply believe and receive the greatest gift of all... Salvation !
Read more in the Bible.  
Need one?    just ask me

I live an exciting life

and thankful