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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chelan, our second annual trip

You had to be there

  Three of us, we don't need help to have fun
 Every night, three of us, Monk and popcorn
Pro at making the good stuff

 Three in a bed, resting?

 What happens at Chelan stays at Chelan
 Three in a hug
 Three more in a hug
 Cure for wrenched back takes time and rest
Father and son and amazing view

12 th man loud and clear

 Do you see what I see ?

 Two men to the rescue of one little bird
 It's a reflection.  Can you spot the camera?
steps to a great view..    

Let me help you wake up. Here are some of our favorite cars It is 4:00 and  Mom says Wake Up

 just passing by...
 The perfect spot for restless kids who finish eating before the rest of the group.  It is a playroom under the stairs at our favorite spot for breakfast.

Good to the last drop

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

                               Friends   at  Chelan 


                                                   Joanne and Willie

                                        Me and that cutie pie

                                                            Their  view

                                               Toni  ( sorry, no photo of Chuck )
                                                  Their View

Not hard to figure out why they love Chelan

Family at Chelan


 Chelan to Leavenworth....without words....