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Friday, June 22, 2018



They bring you flowers

They use your lip balm without wiping it first

They love walking hand in hand, by your side 

They share your bottled water

They listen when you speak

They enjoy the same story over and over

They play hide and seek in the same spot and love it

They are wowed by seeds that grow

They sing without shame

They love tea parties without tea

They dance with style that brings smiles

They build tents with blankets 

They can say nothing and bring delight

They teach you things 

They take delight in small things

They bring delight in a big way 

They bring you flowers

and much, much more....

The innocence,  the trust, the honesty of a child 

Don't let it vanish 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 10, 2018

You should have been there

             but since you weren't there

                       Here is a picture story of a special wedding

the guest book
Highlight your favorite Bible verse and sign your name !

The Ceremony begins

Yes, Here She comes  

view from the fourth row, brides side... 

Then the dance begins  

The Reception begins

Reflections of cupcake delights 

Father of the bride and his sister Linda 

Brother of the bride and the bride 

The other Tanner couple


Two Mr. Tanners , not related 

Mr Tanner and Mr Tanner 

Father of the Bride takes the floor 

Doreen, She is the expert photographer ! 

She wore the cutest tennis shoes 

All the ladies wore cute shoes 

Fun shots
No explanation necessary 

The last dance
The very last dancer 

I lead an exciting life   ♥