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Saturday, July 22, 2017

3 days 2 boys 1 great adventure

The week was special

VBS and spending the nights with grammy and grampy

We are off to VBS


Some of the fun

more fun

water fun too
Yes, they had Bible stories and
memory verses and
(picture that in your mind and heart )

back at Grammy and Grampy's 

Night time:.
 jammies, hot chocolate and grampy singing a song or two 

Doing things together 

The trail that leads to the favorite adventure 

Kelsey Creek Park 

This is when they discovered golf bags from the nearby course

Final night. always a favorite spot 

end to a perfect day 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


we all  got the memo ...

it started with a birthday bag and card  
Then a birthday umbrella  

 And it works

 Then ...well....

So we all got the memo 
but we don't know 

who sent it 

Flamingo Day !!

Friday, July 14, 2017

another day

well, another morning,

Hubby would like to know what kind of fruit is on hand

I tell him, " there are grapefruit in the frig "

hubby:  "Pineapple?"

me: "no, grapefruit."

hubby: " do you think I can find it ?"

me; " absolutely, a large bag is in the frig"

hubby:  comes back with a grapefruit in his hand and says
             "I couldn't find it"

me: " you have it in your hand"

hubby:  "the pineapple, there was no pineapple."

next question: " are you wearing your hearing aides? "

So, how is YOUR morning going?
sure would like to know

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Name it...

Finally a GOOD free movie on my flight  !

A true story…
My favorite part came about halfway through the movie. Leading lady, with hair sopping wet comes dashing into the office space and the big boss says

" where have you been".

It is quiet and he continues  

“ Where  have you been? Everywhere I look you're not where I need you to be. And it's not my imagination.”

She freezes

“Where do you go everyday?”

 She answers (quietly) “The bathroom, sir. “

He shouts “The bathroom! The damn bathroom! “

 She responds, “ Yes, sir. The bathroom.”

He says  “For 40 minutes a day!? What do you do in there!? We are T-minus zero here. I put a lot of faith in you.

. She whispers: There’s no bathroom for me here.” 

He shouts “There’s no bathroom? What do you mean there’s no bathroom for you here? “

 Her voice rises. “ There’s no bathroom here. There are no COLORED bathrooms in this building or ANY building outside the West Campus. Which is half a mile away! Did you know that? I have to walk to Timbuktu just to relieve myself! And I can’t take one of the handy bikes. Picture that, with my uniform: skirt below the knees and my heels. And don’t get me started about the “simple pearl necklace” I can’t afford. Lord knows you don’t pay “the coloreds enough for that. And I work like a dog day and night, living on coffee from a coffee pot half of you don’t want me to touch! So excuse me if I have to go to the restroom a few times a day!”
And by then she is talking loudly
        and tears are running down her 
                         cheeks and mine.

 You can hear a pin drop


second favorite part.

      She tells the big man in charge " You are the boss,

 you just have to act like it.

In the final scenes...well, you will just have to catch it 


There is never I place I wanted to fast forward. Moves along 

well.  Does not reveal the other kinds of harsh treatment that 

was suffered by black people.  There is hurt, but these are 

strong women, very strong, and smart, very smart.

Monday, June 26, 2017

B & B  Madison Wisconsin

So looking forward to this splurge
( we had been staying with friends most of the trip, only one night in a motel so far )
So not a REAL splurge, but a bit more than the Comfort Inn.

the website showed the beautiful red house, with a view of the lake.

We arrive

walking up the steps I am a little taken aback by the huge peonies - they were dead.
So, I focus on the front porch and garden chairs - somewhat inviting.

While the hostess checks us in, I recognize the  sitting rooms...wood floors and one or two area rugs with cushioned  chairs and sofa - mostly wood ( not over stuffed )

Hey, they are expecting us ! 

We are escorted to our room - 3 flights up - no elevator, but that's ok, we will only be staying one night.

The room is very large - a beautiful wood bed, large writing table, sofa and private bath ..with a tub !!!    
 There is a frig, t.v. and air conditioner ( oops, not plugged in )  and a view of the lake.

There is something missing.  The room is huge and very little furniture.  No wallpaper. No linen cloths. Hardly any decorations at all. 
But, a view of the lake . And a bath tub.

We walk into town. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and a college town.  Nothing like the college town of Holland where we stayed over the weekend, but there are shops and restaurants and the weather is very comfortable. Sun glasses !
Found a cute little cotton dress.

 We had noticed the Rare Steakhouse as we walked  around and saw the menu. So we decided to go back.  Stopped at a darling little Italian restaurant for a little refreshment, but not hungry yet .

Back to Rare.  We were seated and then handed the menu.  Not the same. No, our waiter said, the one on the display, that is our lunch menu.

We had a little chat about our Seahawk who came from his town, and the waiters name Bret , the same as a certain football giant.  Then Our Bret said " we often go next door for meals, they are much more reasonable, why don't you slip over there?"   So we did 

So we are now at Cooper Tavern, outside, very pleasant evening, very pleasant menu.   Spinach salad and famous fries for me, the dinner special for hubby, roast Duck , vegies and much more.

French Fries...always a good idea 

no dessert necessary.

Back to the B & B  and the Best features...

Back to ..the lake view  :)   the sun is setting and it is very pretty.

Though it is only 9;00 Madison time, it is 10;00 Holland time, so hubby says good night. I take a nice hot bath and watch old Perry Mason episodes and the Wild Wild West.


Now this is where we expect the tea cups and scones...well
scones, yes...tea cups, no....
Coffee !!! Yes !!
Then we are ok.
my plate has a little chip -
no pancakes or waffles
Flowers on the table. -

We are able to make our departure in record time
off to Pillsbury street  and family.
Can't wait.

p.s quick stop at a very special "B & B " so to speak, coming soon.  

I lead an exciting life.   

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunny day

Yes the weather was sunny.
A great day for

day at the beach
graduation party
stay inside air conditioned home

Our Garage Sale 

Well, at the end of the day, the choice was not a garage sale. We always say, it is about being together. So, even though it was the smallest sale in our history, we had a good time. My sister always spends the first night with me at Tiff's.   Then in the morning she makes cinnamon toast.  Plenty of coffee. This weekend, with 90 degree days, plenty of water.  Then for lunch, sister makes turkey sandwiches. 
 It is tradition.
 It is great. 

And despite size, weather, whatever, 

There is always one or two things we look back on - highlights - 
   this year, it was the Grandma who picked up a box of Peeps. She checked the expiration date and commented that they were still nice and soft . She bought it. "I just love them" she said.
A huge umbrella had been propped up against the garage wall. Decided to open it up and set it out in the driveway. Minutes later, a couple purchased it and off they went, under the huge umbrella and 90 degree sun.

I lead an exciting life. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Here comes the bride

not your usual view of weddings,
but it might make you smile 

 program and the wedding favors....seeds of love to plant 
These shoes are made for weddings 

Sign  your name on a little wooden block 

Desserts and more desserts 

Porcelain SWANS ...Bride's maiden name 

fun socks, always in style 

Here she comes,,,,there she goes   

Beautiful buggy brought by Bride's Dad