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Saturday, October 12, 2019

That special moment

It happens
that event, little glimpse, small encounter

and it haunts you... haunts in a good way

The story,  true story

Breakfast at the Crystal Palace is a real treat. An amazing buffet of delights
From our table I could see a little family settling in for their meal.  They looked very "refined" as my mother would have described them.   The father was wearing his large college ring, he was tan and well dressed. Mother with her long blond hair and also a very lovely ring ( I could only see her left hand ) and her back was toward me.   But, it was their daughter that caught my eye.  She was challenged. I  use that word when I see that someone is struggling with a physical or emotional or other problem.  They have dignity.  They deserve respect. 

She was so excited when Pooh bear came by and again when Tigger came and she stood up and had her picture taken with Dad and then with Mom and the characters.  So many little ones are thrilled to see these characters and this little gal was thrilled too. 
( We also saw some grown adults that would not leave until Tigger came by and signed their autograph book and did pictures )

My eyes were swimming.  They are swimming now.   I love to see sweet innocence and hope and pray that parents and grandparents will help to  nurture that  with love.

As we were ready to leave, I had to go over to their table.  I sat beside the mother and told her how I was  happy to see the joy in her daughter.  She smiled and as her daughter moved closer to her, she told her that I was happy for her. 
When emotion hits, it is hard to carry on much of a conversation...later I thought of many things I would like to have shared.
Her mother simply said that she has had some difficult times.
She is 9 years old.
Mom  thanked me for stopping and the Dad turned and told me to have a good day.

What triggered the emotion?
The joy..the innocence ... family together

or because 
There is no father in pictures of me growing up
Maybe all of the above...

This is not a Hallmark movie
This is not a any  movie

This is real life !

I live a blessed life
I am Thankful

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Movie review

Or.. What did I watch on the plane?

Yes, it was that time again, and thanks to Delta Airlines, free movies
and this trip, free food !    Since the trip was over 3 hours, they offered a complimentary cheese platter or a sandwich with chips.

Down to business
I always look for the movies that are at least based on a true story.
( Since we are not much in the know about these things I scroll and scroll )

Found one.
And it was good.

Here goes.

Two very different and unlikely men end up "helping" each other.

One is on "probation" and no longer allowed to be with his son and family.
The other is a very, very wealthy business man who needs help with every part of living.
        he is quadriplegic

They do learn from each other and yes, there is one part where my eyes are swimming.

One photo 

So... do you know the name of the movie?

    Do you want to know?   

I live an exciting life... 
and this was just the beginning of 4 days of fun at WDW  

Sunday, September 22, 2019

long fun day

All good days seem to start early

like today...

it started on Thursday.
I always try to set the table early for a party
I text my grandson pictures of the plates and napkins so he can help me pick the right one
 ( he is 7 )
Well, on Thursday, our friend had a lovely dinner before Bible study ( with out of town visitors it seemed to be the right thing to do.

She has a way with flowers and when it was time to go home, she asked if I would like her arrangements for my brunch on Saturday. 

You can guess what I said.

Went home with all four arrangements.

But, in the morning light , I could see that the colors did not go with my first choice of tablecloths, but
I had a perfect one to use instead..

And the guests arrived 

Hashbrown casserole, waldorf salad, fruit salad, scones, clotted cream with raspberry jam
Sparkling cider, coffee

Dessert: Indian Custard, cashew taffy and Swiss chocolate

and just the beginning of our day

The Greek Festival 

                    Getting close   

Such a beautiful old neighborhood.   Each home has it's own design and well kept garden

                           Greek French Fries 

Both delicious Greek Delights 

And then the dancing
First the children

Then the adults
In costume 

And then something touched my heart..
At the table in front of us, there was a group of very special people.  It was hard to know if they were deaf and blind because they were "talking " with their hands ..  and the "speaker"  was so gentle and smiling.
It seemed different than "sign language " 

Still time for our usual Saturday night entertainment

Bellevue Square, and  the Trio

They usually attract a crowd, but tonight even some dancers 

Food, Friends, Music, Dancing..

I live an exciting life 

ps. no time to edit, I know Marti is waiting....

Friday, September 13, 2019

10 days of hard things

just within those few days...
heavy stuff  

Gary had brain surgery -

Al has an aneurysm

Helen had gallbladder surgery, then back in the hospital twice 

Jerry had open heart surgery

Martha has major corrections needed on property

Wendi starts radiation and chemo next Wednesday, surgery did not cure her cancer 

Now today, my friend Pat, lung cancer and a stroke.

Darrell and I are so blessed with good health.  Sometimes it does not seem fair.  Oh, we have had some hard times. We are dealing with something tough right now.  But, it will go away and we will move on.   But cancer, aneurysms,  surgeries.... they leave  pain and marks  that are not forgettable, or forgivable. 

Eyes swimming 

Want to tell all those we love..... I LOVE YOU !   

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Garage Sale of the Century

That is the title I use every year.

  Garage Sale of the Century

We.. my sister and me... have a garage sale each September. Sometimes one of my girls joins us or a neighbor or friend.
This year, it was the husbands.   Nice to have a man around the garage sale ( the truth comes out later)

Set up each morning. Complimentary coffee and cookies
Cushy chairs for shopkeepers
Sister always makes cinnamon toast for breakfast and gourmet sandwiches for lunch 

And the year begins with surprises and much much more 

Greatest fan:  she comes every year And she usually brings treats.  This time, it was nutty biscuits and little cream cookies. Who does that:  Ofra, that's who.  ( don't ask why there is no picture )

Gifting: Neighbor and friend brought several  things to add to the sale ( not for her profit, but mine ) and included some of the most spectacular shoes ever...just my size  Who does that:  Janet, that's who. 

Sweetest Mother :  Lady  with challenged adult son.They walked arm in arm down the driveway.  All he wanted to buy were some notebooks, for drawing.  He knew they were four for a dollar, like Fred Meyer, so that is what he got. 

Sweetest Husband:  came back and bought the antique rocking chair that his wife thought was too expensive ( we both compromised on the price )

Grateful customer:  Little fellow, 5 years old, was offered a cookie and without any prompting said " Thank you".  

Ungrateful  customer:  as he was heading back up the driveway he said " by the way, your coffee is colored water "

Patient husband:  Wife wanted to make a purchase and visit with us. She was struggling and then asked her husband " How old am I?"   He said she was 82.   She had picked out a couple things to buy and while trying to figure out what to do with the change, she said " How old am I ? "    He said  " You are still 82 ", with a very gentle voice.  Then she blew him a kiss.  

Now you see them, now you don't....

Oh...the adult pig is still available, if needed 

Disappearing shopkeeper: Where were those husbands ...time to set up....time to lift up...time to..have some fun  

I think there were some football games that needed some "couching and cheering" 

Preacher :  He pulled out his phone,found his  facebook page, It was a message on the gates..mind gate, eye gate, ear gate, mouth gate. ...  then held hands and prayed over sister and her hubby.  

And that was our last customer of the day.  A very interesting two days.  It always is.  

BTW  always  help:  called in the ad to Craig's list, came by with hugs, brought clothes rack and ideas. 

I live an exciting life 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hi Marti

A big day ahead  ( full week ahead and behind )
But I just had to tell someone ( hubby is out on the roof and I am not going there )

Just saw out my window

Mother, walking with two dogs, a baby in a back pack

talking on her phone !


How is technology helping us?

OK,  she is probably calling her mother to tell her how much she loves her and never realized how hard being a mother can be and how sorry she is for not appreciating her and....

I feel better now.  
And I need to get back in the kitchen
Window washers and gutter cleaner coming ... poor timing, picnic on our patio tonight, for neighborhood Bible study group.   Who is going to clean up after the clean up?

Not going there

Have a good day
NO, have a great day !!

I live an exciting life

Sunday, August 25, 2019

making notes

I think it is important to know the likes and dislikes of your guests, before they arrive.
Not always possible, but worth looking into.
I just like to be prepared.

One group of friends seems to inhale sparkling cider
another not so much, but loves coffee, lots of coffee.

There are some things you cannot predict or even prepare for
that is what is calling me to write tonight.

In brief
August is the month I try to catch up on hospitality.
Last Wednesday I had a brunch on the patio. It was a beautiful day and I had sunglasses and sunscreen on hand.  
What I was not prepared for:   bees.   One of them seemed to really like Martha and "ouch". But she did not complain.   And no one else was attacked.   
Hubby is now on pest control.  

This week,  the weather was wet. My brunch group were seated around my dining room table. 
What I was not prepared for:  chair with a weak frame.  Betty was simply trying to scoot away from the table so she could hand little one back to his Mama, but the chair legs did not move. Just the back of her chair "leaned back" with her and little one going down..   I was right there to grab crying little one and other ladies rushed to help Betty get up and onto a new sturdy chair.  Betty was all smiles. Little one settled down
Hubby took care of that bad Chair. Naughty chair !  Into the garbage for him !   

Notes completed.
I don't think I will forget this August, but just in case, it is now documented !

I do have plans for another brunch...but, think I will wait until September. 

( no photos.... for obvious reasons... do you have a mental picture?)

I live an exciting life.