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Monday, June 7, 2021



10,000 cookbooks
and much much more

Here is what happened

About two years ago, we had a garage sale. It was the same day as a memorial for a dear friend and I was feeling a bit distracted  
Customers were coming and going.  Hubby was on the scene and so was a gentleman who showed an  interest in wood.
There is almost always a pile of wood in our driveway. It also comes and goes.
The gentleman needed some firewood and a date was made.

Hubby discovered that the Lady of the house loved cookbooks. She has a collection.  A large collection of over 7,000 !

I procrastinate and the Lady leads a busy life, so now almost two years later I have a date with my fellow cookbook lover to view the now almost 10,000 cookbooks. 

The Lady shows us many things.  Dishes, more dishes, crystal and silverware and linens 

Everything has it's  place and is all so orderly 

 Pretty soon we arrive at the library.

It is amazing.   Most of the shelves are in layers, you know, a row in front of  a row.  They are all  well organized, very well organized.  

We visit with the Lady and she shares about her  years of entertaining.  She also sends both  of  us home with one of her own cookbooks  

Adding to my own collection.... not counting them yet 

I live an exciting life.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

It happens once a year


well maybe more than once a year

you feel a little older...  and people, friends and family, like to let you know

Well this year, very different from last year, and maybe that is why my daughter kept telling me Happy 75th.  She forgot that we had an unusual celebration last year, and in the real world, I am 365 days older. 

putting that aside,   

Let's start with how this celebration week began..

 Friend Martha texted to see how I was spending my day. Since I was contemplating a visit to my daughters garage sale in Kenmore, she suggested meeting for lunch, Birthday lunch.

Who could resist that !

 At the Cottage they serve complimentary bubbly and dessert with a sparkler and the servers singing
 Happy Birthday to you ! 

A celebration like no other
Right in our driveway. When my friend of over 50 years is a little too tired to get out of the car, we bring the refreshments to the car.  

Hoping to find out why the pictures are not coming through.... Very patriotic celebration with my sister and brother in law.   D├ęcor, food, and gifts all red, white and blue ! 
And Lemon meringue pie like our Mother used to bake for my birthday 

On to the real day... Sunday, May  30, 2021

Just a note:  when I was born, a few years ago, Memorial Day was May 30th.  So I never had to go to school or work on my birthday.  How about that !  Then, someone decided that most holidays should fall on Monday, so, for some people, it changed.  For me, I still do not go to school or work on my birthday      

Chase Pancake Corral 
Pecan waffles
and two lovely ladies singing Happy Birthday
and a chorus at the table next to us 

After "church" and before "sing time" 
Delicious chocolate cupcakes 
( yes plural.  ate one, and one to bring home )

 Gift bags, cards and love 

Family celebration at Coho
complementary dessert:  Key Lime Pie ( to take home ) 

Very sweet new neighbor with very sweet chocolate birthday cake
announcing the arrival of a new family member in October

But, it is not over yet.


Betty came with a rose from her garden 
and Minnie in Sparkles  

Linda brought bouquets
and chocolates 

Sally fed me with Key Lime pie 
and sent me home with a potted azalea 

A celebration
complete with cake and many decorations 
candles and ribbons 
seashell globe 
and a bouquet
Janet outdid herself
and she couldn't even stay for a bite 

I live an exciting life   

Thursday, May 20, 2021



Memories are made of this  

not just for Marti ( but especially for you ♥ )

 Timely Blessings on our back porch 

The message on the back of " Sharon" is gone, but it also was from Bob and Marti

You can view it...posted 8/18/17...or you can trust me.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Saying goodbye, but


Ninety + one 

Special lady  

 Celebrated her 90th with just a few of her many many friends

Part of my life for  60 +  years 

Starting with Chapter one:       In the early '60's  I started babysitting for four of the McCoy children. They were living in that cute log cabin near Lake Washington. That was before they started coming to  our Beacon Hill meeting room.   ( How I met them is another story )   I was there the night that Layle was born, that stands out as special memory.   Life was busy for Bel. She set an example for me that I will always hold on to.   Not sure when the move came to the big house on Beacon Hill ( ?) but  I am sure that I had dinner around that table more than once, In fact, I remember opening our wedding gift there. 

Chapter two:  l971  we got married and a whole new world began.  We keep our friendship going but at a different level.   The McCoy household now ..Grant, Scott, Joyce, Sarah, Layle, Vauna and Merry Merry.    I cannot say them as fast or with the second name, like Bel, but those names roll off my tongue very easily.    The Tanner household grew too.  Our families were together every Sunday, and Wednesday evening, now in Kirkland.  I could look across the room and always see a smile on Bel's face. 

McCoy weddings were a special event  ( yes I do love weddings ) and two stand out.  Sarah wore my  dress for her wedding garment.   Another wedding, I was one of two friends that Bel picked out to come to the ceremony.  

Chapter three;   Now our kids were all pretty much grown up and the four of us, Sam and Bel, Darrell and me,  went out to dinner and  a "travel adventure" about 6 times a year.  In those days, the World Cavalcade shared movies the professional folks made of places around the world.   We had great times together.  Bel and I had time to talk, one on one, and share stuff ..  Telling anything and everything and feeling safe. 

Chapter four:  Sort of a misty line when life's shifted... Bel was always very close to her family. Especially those girls.  I loved seeing pictures of them gathered for a birthday or maybe no reason at all, except for good food.  Pretty sure all the daughters got that gift. But she only  loved dark chocolate. (that is another story )  I was blessed to spend time around that little table at her last address and yes, brought home a bouquet and cookies.   ( have the macaroon recipe in her handwriting in my recipe file )   Those times were always sprinkled with laughter, scripture and maybe a few tears.   Bel was genuine. She really loved people.  She really loved the Lord. And I know she really loved me.

Final chapter;  Due to the restrictions in 2020, I did not see Bel very much after her birthday.  We played  Words With Friends,  and chatted now and then on the phone.  I can't remember the last time I hugged her  ( though I hugged Merry Merry at West Port !  in January - no masks) 
 But, the last time I saw her, she was reclining and her eyes were closed.  I sang a few hymns to her, tucked a little teddy bear in her hand  and said goodbye.        A few days later she was lifted up to glory.   It was her time, though hard not to be sad.   There is great comfort knowing that I will be joining her when my time comes.

The Memorial was so personal, so Bel.  Well done !  
No I did not get to attend, my Anita represented our family, but the message was on line, And we have listened more than once. 

My tribute to Bel is as much a family story, but that was Bel, family , family together,  so loved.

Behold, thou hast instructed many, and hast strengthened the weak hands. Thy words have upholden those that are falling and strengthened the feeble knees.   Job 4;3 & 4 

Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

John 3:16 For God so loved that world ( you and me ) that he gave his only Son, Jesus, and whoever believes in Him has everlasting life

Blessed to call her my friend 

Monday, May 3, 2021

another fun day

 Fun times in the laundry room

Yes, last month it was a tumble off the dryer, not in it

Okay, not so fun, but very glad I did not break any bones.  Just bounced off the wall and onto the floor. knocked a few things off the wall ( must have been using my head ) and slowed the progress with my arm and leg and... well, no blood.

Made quite a loud crashing on the floor with clothes rack, wall plaque and... hubby comes around the corner.... are you all right ?

What was my answer?    You don't want to know.

Then today.  With the change of seasons ..we have two in our part of the country.  So I was washing up some winter things to store and when I opened the washer... guess what was there?

A very nice, large, brown, wooden Nordstrom hanger.   Who knew we needed a clean hanger for my now clean winter jacket?   Well now I know

and now you know   

I live an exciting life 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Little man and me


Today we spent a little time together
    ( after school / zoom and before Grammy’s nap)

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and the top is down on Sabrina
 We put on our sunglasses and away we go.
      We wave and honk as we pass the Brotherton’s  ( we always do that )

First stop, Chase Pancake house
        Little man has a conversation with our server. She remembers him and his order...chocolate chip pancakes.

I am impressed:  he is comfortable talking with this lady and she is engaging in conversation with him.  He tells her a little story and she smiles.

Back in Sabrina 
Both of us wave now and then, at someone along the road

Next stop, Checking on Alfie, Zena’s dog, and Jacobi, his caregiver

I am impressed; he sits quietly on the sofa and Alfie jumps up and makes himself comfortable on his lap,.  He listens as Jacobi tells how she is getting along and her stepping up at Starbucks

Last stop:  Mission Healthcare, Aunt Zena. She has had a tough work out this morning and is very glad to see us. She has a couple pieces of candy for little man.  As we leave the Mission a nurse is entering with a tray of cookies.  She offers them to us.. One M & M for little man, one oatmeal cranberry for me. Yum

Little man is now waving  and waving. He said his arm was hurting, but he kept smiling and waving.  He let me know when someone waved back at him. 

I am impressed:  In the car and he starts on his cookie.."that was so kind of her.  That was so thoughtful "  Little man tells  Aunt Zena that Jacobi had said she feels like she is family. ( he was listening ).

We are home.   About 2.1 miles.  Cookie is gone... memories linger. 

I live an exciting life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mission VS Mission


Mission  vs  mission 


My Mission ( to visit Shirley & Lady Z)
The Mission ( Mission Healthcare)

 After  Easter  weekend 

And here is my story

It was Tuesday evening and my appointment was at 7:30
The front door opened automatically
The next door opened automatically
I walked in and started down the hall
A nice nurse asked if I was going to room 130 and I said yes.
Room 130 is my Shirley Goodness and Mercy
She has been here for a few weeks and several people have visited her and she has had phone calls and greetings.
So, I spent some time with Shirley and we laughed and visited a while.
Then I started to head upstairs to Lady Z.
A tall dark and handsome man asked where I was going and offered to take me up by the shortcut.
Room 223. Lady Z.   A nurse/staff person came by and closed the door so we could chat in private.  
 Lady Z was so happy and surprised to see me. This is her first day here and she does not like the bed.  She does not like the tile on the ceiling that looks like some bugs might be coming through.  She will wait until morning to complain.
We visit for a bit and then I make my way out. It is about 9:15 and the visiting hours are 6 to 8, no one is around to notice, except that nice nurse who says “have a good evening”

It was Wednesday evening when I made my second visit.
The front door opened automatically
The next door did not open.   I rang the bell.    Soon a nurse was leaving and she smiled and the door opened and I was inside again.
Pretty much the same procedure
Lady Z is now ok with her bed and content that no bugs are coming or going from the ceiling.

Thursday I missed a visit

Friday both doors were open
Rarely more than one staff person visible on each floor. Sometimes I see no one

No visits on the weekends ( except during the day, and that did not work for me)

Back on Monday and the second door was not open.
Rang the bell.  In a while an aid from floor one came and let me in.

Wait.  This is the day that was a little different
First of all, Shirley decided to put herself to bed.
“ I get in bed by myself all day”.  So, she wiggled around with her wheelchair and pretty soon she slipped out of her chair and onto the floor, trapped between the bed and the wheelchair. 
“Help”.  And it came.  A strong man and lady .... and they had her settled in bed in no time.   She was a little rattled, so I kissed her forehead and said good night.
Upstairs to Lady Z and she had been through an uncomfortable procedure. 
 In the morning it was bathing time and a tall dark and handsome man came and did the job.  She told herself to get over it.   Guess it was the best thing she could do.  I would not appreciate a strange man giving me a shower, would You?

So today was a little different.  I was glad to leave a little loaf of banana bread at each nursing station.

Tuesday pretty much the usual.

Wednesday,  not a usual visit 
I started down the hall and noticed that there were a few guests in the hallway and 3 staff people at the nurses station.   One of them stopped me and asked me if I had an appointment.  I told her 130.   She let me go.
Little visit with Shirley.  She was a good girl and let the staff put her to bed.  She wanted me to stay and watch a movie, again.    Nothing worth watching, even for 10 minutes.
Now I say goodnight and start toward the shortcut to floor two.  There are still 3 or 4 women at the nurses station.  I just turn my head and keep walking.
 I hear a voice “Where are you going?”   I turned to see many faces focused on me, as I begin to explain where I am going.
"You can’t go that way
You were there last night, you were the one bringing the banana bread
You can’t see two patients in one night
Thomasina  is with her husband ( my Thomasina  has been a widow for 20 years )
Well, I am glad I am wearing a mask because I am not happy and I know that Lady Z would be very happy to see me.
 I say thank you ( I think )  and go directly down the hall to the front lobby
 and then
Then I take the elevator upstairs.   There is no one ..not a single person on that floor all the way to room 223.   Lady Z was very happy to see me.  I kept our visit short in case the hallway police came looking.    I did see one staff person as I made my way to the elevator and she very politely said good night.

We are at the end of 8 days

I  missed Thursday

 Friday  afternoon I get a call from  Tara, the administrator of Mission Healthcare.   She seems to know more than she is telling me, but I am telling all to her.   Starting with from day one, I entered both floors and no one, until Wednesday said more than a hello.

But now she tells me that though the receptionist is gone after 6:00 you are required to stop at the gizmo that takes your temperature and your phone number and pops out a little sticker to wear until you are leaving and check out at the same gizmo.
She apologizes for lack of staff and makes me feel like all is well.
And yes, you can visit two people, but you need to put both names on the appointment. Now my Shirley has checked out, so I am good as gold. ( so to speak )

And all is well

Wednesday when Little man comes to our house, we have an appointment.  I have been given permission to bring a 9 year old and this time it is at 2:00 in the afternoon.   The receptionist is busy, but I make my sticker and we go to Lady Z’s room. She is happy to see us, has candy for little man, I hang her clean clothes and we keep our visit short. When we are leaving the elevator and nurse is getting on. She is carrying a tray of store cookies.  “Yum”. We say.  “ Would you like one? “. She asks.

Yep.   An  M & M  for little man and an oatmeal cranberry for me.

We walk into the lobby and check out the fish in the aquarium
Then we say goodbye.

Off in Sabrina with the top down.   2.2 miles later, not an M & M in sight and we are home.   

I live an exciting life.