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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Spending time

it takes time to learn about  friends
And I am still learning 

Here is what happened.
Last Saturday I was out walking in the mall.
I do that
Usually on a Saturday, sometimes mid week
I can walk a couple miles in comfort
in safety
Most often, I just window shop
That is what I was doing on Saturday
and suddenly, there was Heather !

 Turns out she was just out walking too.   And we both had time to stop for a cup of soup. We chatted for a while.  No deadlines, no phones, no masks  ( oops, that was just for eating our soup)

It wasn't until I got home and started thinking about that special time

I do that

I sort of relive the conversations of the day
Wonder if I might have talked too much or too little
Did I interrupt?  
Was I listening, carefully and not assuming?

On Saturday I just felt happy.  Content. Heather had shared some hard things with me  ( sh!  I can keep a secret, so don't even think about asking )  I had confided in Heather.  There was a trust level, like when you don't have to say "this is private".   You know that it is just between us.

I was also  reminded that I value one on one times. Especially in person.   ( Do you call a phone chat one on one? )  In a group I usually take a back seat  ( hubby likes to be in the front row, but that is another story )  

Then I was trying to put that into a personality...

not introvert, 
not sanguine ( unless I am nervous, very nervous and talk too much, way too much
advocate ?  Hey, I like that, but, might be a little out of my league
protagonist ? Ok, I was checking on Wikipedia..

Well, I don't have to fall into any group.   

One  thing that was reinforced.....friendships take time
Sharing and listening and learning about each other, well it is priceless.  Oh, sometimes, it takes time, but then, that is time well spent. 

 It  is worth it !

p.s. little did we know that when Nikki ( my favorite server) said

" see you next week"..... the Grill and all restaurants in the state are closed to inside service !  UGH !

But, we have memories to hold on to

I live an exciting life


Sunday, November 15, 2020

A Sunday word..


Yes,,, number 322...And harps of minstrelsy

I don't think the hymnwriter used this  dictionary 

  1. 1.
    the art or occupation of a medieval minstrel.
    "a tradition of oral minstrelsy stretching back for centuries"
  2. 2.
    the form of entertainment associated with minstrel shows, featuring songs, dances, and formulaic comic routines based on stereotyped depictions of black Americans and typically performed by white actors with blackened faces.
    "it was a counter to the proliferation of racist caricatures, particularly in blackface minstrelsy"

But, after singing that line this morning, I thought I should add it to my word collection

Anyone have another definition?   

Thursday, November 12, 2020

who is coming..

 Who is your company coming to your banquet table? Interesting seating arrangement       She said 

And I said:

( first the long version )

This past summer, during Covid, a Christian neighbor ( Jan ) invited Darrell and I over to a back yard, keep your distance, supper.  It was very fun, but that is another story.  They also invited Linda R, who I know from BSF, and Janet D. I had never met Janet, but found out, just before we left, that she enjoys cleaning houses and has time for us.
So, sure enough, she came the next week and has been coming every other week since then.

On  Sunday  I called  Jan to check on  a few things and she reminded me that when we left her house this summer, we agreed that we should do it again.  Why  not when Janet is here?  Why not Tuesday ?  

Jan had a little glitch in her memory.  She thought that M & R had come to her dinner.  I remember it was Linda.     She had already called M & R and they were eager to come so...

Fine.   So, I set the table...for 7 with spaces as big as I could manage.  On short notice and giving myself permission to make it easy, I pulled a meatloaf out of the freezer, Nita brought some of Christians home baked rolls ( on Monday when she dropped Tanner off...I know this is getting complicated, sort of.. but read on ) also found a pumpkin pie in the freezer and made a quick trip to Trader joes for fresh fruit, flowers, and heavy cream to whip.

I usually have party favors, but I did have cute napkins and once we give thanks, I do not apologize or complain.   

They came at 2:00...kind of late, but Jan set the time.  We sat around the table and talked and talked and pretty soon it was 4:00.  I went to the kitchen to find something to snack on... first M & M's, then Jan pulled out the peanut butter pretzels she brought and... about 5:00, they were out the door.

Janet stayed to help clear the table, but she lives at least 40 minutes away, it was dark and, thankfully she let me do  the rest.


And here is the short version:
I set the table for 7 friends coming for lunch.   We kept our distance and talked and ate and talked some more.

I live an exciting life 

Monday, November 2, 2020

The End of October

 Where does the time go....

well, it happens, and this year has been different and this last day of October was a little different, but somewhat the same.

Prep:  50 treat bags ( usually over 100, but pretty sure the count would be down ).   Pumpkin lights on the path ( new this year from the dollar store )   Pictures from past years posted on the door 

And dressed for the occasion,  

(this little yellow number was a bridesmaid dress from long before Belle. It was a great price, at friends garage sale,  and it works for me )

A clear night and a full blue  moon ...the first in 76 years ! 
   blue moon, as in the second full moon in the month, otherwise, every 19 months 


                                        Picture posted with permission   

And this is our first guest...and she brought a treat to us !  A pretty bag full of at least 35 pieces of candy

I felt obliged to try one KitKat, one Reece's, one heath bar ( oops, make that two, now I remember why I never buy them, I would eat the whole bag )   Many thanks Robin

The next fella came without shoes or his costume

came back latter in his "donut " and "french fries"  ....he lives across the street

then, little one came inside and took her cape,  shoe and sock off before sister could tell her this was not a usual visit... more candy... get movin...   ....they live next door  

And it was not the usual number and lots of parents in the mix. I do have a few shots to post for next year...  the following does not require permission.

And so another end of October event is in the books.

OH  and the winter blooming camellia ...yep, in bloom

And Tinkerbelle....she comes back every year when the blooms appear... 

and this one, from a few years back...

Pretty sure this will be the favorite for years to come
         but I do have a very creative family

I live an exciting life

Friday, October 23, 2020

A terrible, horrible, no good very bad day


Might as well talk about it

It started about one in the morning with a headache

I am not one to pop pills, but I had big plans
Two tylenol...
Cleaning princess was coming
Cousins from Denver were coming for lunch. ( table set the night before )

Double batch of banana bread in the afternoon ( most ingredients tucked in the closet to pull out after guests had gone)
Pack suitcase for early morning take off for Spokane

Plans can change quickly
And they did
Yes cleaning princess came and I said hello and she took charge
About ten o’clock I realized that the bellyache was not going away, so cancelled the lunch date

two more Tylenol

The door bell rang and rang. Then cleaning princess answered ... the little angles who live next door wanted to visit on the bench . So, they had a little visit, and then  back to work for Janet
I could hear a little bit of activity,,,the land line,,my cell ....the door bell ...but I just laid on the floor in the bathroom
Then hubby came home and asked what he could do.
Please bring me a little can of Coke
( that has a story, but I won’t go there now )

So he did. He poured a little bit in a glass and I had a sip, maybe two and
Bingo. Up came my dinner
Pretty close to an immediate recovery
Took a while for the headache to leave completely. 
But awe what a relief

( am I the only one, or does this happen in your house.....
if you are reclining there are no expectations from the peanut gallery....but once you get up and are maybe standing at the sink, or sitting at the table, you are back on your own, so to speak )

Hubby heated some chicken rice soup and I packed for Spokane
Then I opened a little package left at my door.. my cousins from Denver had come by with a gift package. 

Hand made scarf, wrist warmers and cloth credit card holder

Feeling better and better

End of story

I live an exciting life 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Wedding bells ringing in the rain

 A beautiful setting.....

        a sneak peak

The bridge that leads to the island... perfect setting


                                   Mother of the bride...

Cousin of the bride  

Another cousin of the bride 

Sister of the groom
and reluctant little man 

Sister of the bride
and another reluctant little man 

Here comes the bride............

I pronounce you Mr and Mrs McDonald  

The reception can begin.

 Table preparations early...  Honey and lavender for  guests 

Stepping into a special event 

But the cake....   and dramatic cutting with very real sword   

The cake was delicious... maybe 7 layers in each of the cakes..  

Managed a few pictures of guests...especially family memebers. 

                              Future bride