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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just another day

Well, not really, this is my first day to blog
I am utilizing it as a journal
so this is what a day can look like for me
Was it just another day?
started as usual with coffee in bed, reading Proverb for the day, brief exercising ( very brief )
A call from Helen -let’s do
McDonald’s: our Tuesday tradition, before BSF for many years, but since she now has the care of Destry (soon to be two ) we don’t make it very often. And who knows when it will change - Destry does not like being in the high chair. He likes climbing on Grandma, and the table, and the window sill. While trying to keep him on the bench Grandma Helen gets a few hands in the face,etc. I leave the table with the trash. Destry’s pacifier is now on the floor, for the last time. Time for me to brush my teeth and head to church.
BSF: I am trying to get there a little earlier so I can do a little “greeting”. It helps me get out of myself. My Mary Anne is already seated and I snag the seat beside her. It was an OK morning. However, upon leaving no one crossed my path so I just walked out. I did not even get to tell Martha Ann how cute she looked ( especially her flowery sweater ) I paused by Mary Anne, but she was chatting.
Library: I picked up my book on hold,checked out the table of new non fiction books and found one on Shoes - big and full of pictures, also one on how to have a better memory.( I want to start reading that one soon ) So I have some books to look at for a month. I always stop at the “Friends of the Library book store”, and that is when I am aware that the same man who was checking out books behind me, is still behind me. I take my time, find a Veggie Tales VHS for .50 and leave. I am aware that “he” is leaving too. So I take my time. Stop to check out the bulletin board ( who reads this stuff? ) and “he” pauses to look at the free newspaper stand. He is ahead of me, and I walk slower, but he waits and holds the door open for me ( it is the automatic door that opens itself, but he did not know that ) so now he smiles and says ” I could not help but notice how feminine you look”. I smile and I hope I said thank you.(Pink jacket, fluffy long skirt, cute sandals ) Then he says ” do you use a rolling pin on your feet?” He is speaking with an accent, so I can only hope he was just using the wrong word, but I said no and speeded up my walk.I did not put the top down on Sabrina just in case he thinks she is more feminine than me. Got safely home.
Visitor: An elderly lady came to the door. She is the mother of a neighbor up the street. I am ashamed to say I have not met them and they moved in last November. She is very friendly, I offer her coffee, she says no, but stays and chats for about 45 minutes. She says she is a christian but her son is an atheist. I want to introduce myself to them, very soon. They have two little boys.
Ivars: He would be 105 years old, so they were offering “buy an entree and get the second for $1.05. There must have been 105 hungry people waiting in line. But after a 45 minute wait, we were eating our own Ivar’s traditional fish and chips.
Movie with Sally: We watched ” Mrs. Arris goes to Paris” - just the kind that makes both of us laugh and cry. She did most of the crying. Which was a perfect time for a very low calorie ice cream bar. And then goodbye - so she could work on her lesson.
Home early - Darrell was still up so we had time to pray together before he went to bed.
Spring Cleaning: well that is what I call it, but since I have never done it before I am not sure if cleaning out drawers and throwing away outdated coupons qualifies. But, I had one more drawer - I had dumped it out on the floor to make sure I did not forget. So while listening to “Rio Bravo” for the 100Th time, I can now say the cabinet is in order and I can walk into the closet.
My dilemma for Wednesday? Should I wear the same outfit, again?!?


Yo Programo said...

Wow, what a day! Interesting stuff.

Also interesting: vertical spacing--makes for easier reading, too (c=

Kirsten said...

Just finding this, Kathy--LOVE the story about the man at the library!! You just never know what people are going to say, do you??