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Saturday, March 15, 2014

An evening out

            we have been there before, maybe you have too
                              they feature very good  Chinese dishes
                                       and a lovely artifical tree with apples 
    It might have been because I had just raised my hanky to my nose that I noticed something hanging from our servers nose.            
Was I going to lose my appetite?  Perhaps it was a growth. Poor fellow.   I focused on those lovely prawns, pea pods and I was smiling again.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. 
  There was plenty to bring home in those cute little boxes.  
    No fortune cookies.
      No growth
        Oh well.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Signs of Spring and Sweet Memories

                               My Son in law picked some  pussy willows for me
 The perfect house is date   2/ 87  Hawkinson
                Mickey and Minnie like it too

Thanks SIL for the bouquet
Thanks Amy Hawkinson for the sweet memories
Thanks Kim for knowing me so well

I live an exciting life

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Therapy here and there

getting there is half the fun on a sunny day.

  did I promise to show the outcome of my first stop?    
Kathy N. you are probably the only one who might notice.
                                        Hubby didn't .

                                             just plain fun
                               Time for good byes.  

k, k, and k.  you do realize that Grammy got everyone involved in her therapy.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Equal Time

I try not to have favorites, but when your name starts with K you have an advantage.
                  Oh, Kristin and Kathy both start with K.

                       And that is why I have no favorites. 
  Kathy did make a very nice herringbone patch for me

and everyone will be glad to know I can now hold a goblet.  
                             Yes, it is plastic, but it is full !
                 And that is the latest update  for this Kathy.  

there is a picture of kristin somewhere.... 
i just need a little more flexibility in the wrist and i know i could find it ...

I live an  exciting life