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Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Empty Chair

The chair beside  me was empty today
    Tisha always sits by me on Sunday

The phone did not ring at about 7:30 this morning
      Tisha likes to check in almost every morning and often in the evening
      She has Darrell’s number on speed dial,  she calls him “partner”
       For quite a while they worked together at the food bank , as a team of two

In my tote bag is a blue pen I picked up in Maui
    Tisha has a huge collection of pens and often shares one of hers with me
     She has hand written two cookbooks for us.. she prints very neatly

Sunday evening we often get a call with bowling scores
      Tisha  is on a  team
      Now her friend Megan can drive them to the league  games
       Tisha loves lots of games and the family plays together every night

Friendship can be described in many different ways, though always with love
     Tisha  has been described as loving unconditionally.   She always closes her
       phone calls with ,” I love you”.   

There is far more to Tisha than these few lines can express
      Maybe that is why God called her home
       Tisha is with Jesus now. 

Last week  we talked, while Darrell was busy in the kitchen.
   She said  "goodbye,I love you”             
   I said  “ I love you too, honey”.

We will always miss our Tisha

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Laundry Lessons Learned ( or not learned )

By the time you leave home you know that you never put whites and darks together in the wash.

By the time you are 30 you know that a red lined table runner is considered a dark color

By the time you are 40 you know that it is worth separating  questionable items

By the time you are older you say, it's ok to have a pink towel in your red kitchen. 
                                 Good Morning  Ü

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beyond the Sunset


Beyond the Sunset..

Always comes to mind on a day like today. 

We attended the memorial for Pastor A.  That is what the people who knew him best called him. I don’t remember meeting him, but  I had carpooled with his daughter Cathy for a few years and knew her children.    Cathy was waiting for her Dad, she went home about 6 years ago.  Though I really wanted to see  his granddaughter Amy,  I am not sure  that there was another reason to be there. 

Pastor A was over 90 years old.  As we entered the sanctuary many favorite old hymns of the Faith  were  played.  Several hymns were sung by  a lady whose love rang out loud and clear. 

Is that why I needed a third hanky?   Or was it the message that came through to me from the various speakers?
Passionate, purposeful, prayerful.
A man who asked questions  and listened , because he cared. 
A Barnabas, an encourager.
He held on to the true Word of God   
He helped me define my faith and he had a silly side.
He took time to pray.

We sang together: O How I love Jesus

I struggled in my mind wondering what my grandchildren would say about me. What would I want them to say? What would I want YOU, to remember about me?  What am I going to do about it?

While   I am still processing  all of this I already know the reason I was at Westminster today, and I did not get to see Amy, see was not there.