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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Next stop Wisconsin

The Real B & B 

We had been invited to drop by our friends as we were passing through Wisconsin

We are so glad we did

Hostess served coffee and sweets
and we sat and chatted in her cozy kitchen 

The pictures explain themselves, so I will just add our delight when our friends told us to stay with them next time we are passing through.
and my disappointment in the "cloud" eating up the rest of the photos of this charming home.

if some 5 or 6 year old comes over and shows me how to retrieve those pictures, I will be happy to share them.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Back in time --early summer 
           We took a road trip

This is not our first visit to Caforio's , but each visit seems to get a little better

Most often we come in the winter, so our visit in summer was beautiful

the backyard

 this is a video

The front yard 
and the tub with jets

always a memorable adventure
This time  Naperville

First stop
Metal works
and a lesson
He who does not work, does not eat ! 

The Newspaper 

in the old days
the only way to ride 

Going to the Chapel 


Back home to
Sharon's happy place 

Any craft and she can help you
Take a seat, and she will do it for you 

Leaving Illinois, we stopped at another happy place
Daughter and son in law at
Cafe Crop !

Friday, August 18, 2017

Good Morning

Hi Marti, hope this makes you smile today 

Treasure found in an old building on the farm 

inscribed:    to Sharon
lovingly yours,
(your other Dad & Mom )
Bob and Marti
Ps. 37
Dec. 73 

Lots of memories connected with Bob and Marti and Spokane
Very Grateful ! 

Sunday, August 13, 2017


                       Kathleen and Me 

We were friends since the 60's .  Roommates in Oak Park. 
 What fun times, and different.
 Life was different so long ago.
We  were only together for about a year  but for me, many  lifelong friendships.

Conference time in Des Moines

She started to call  herself my little sister
two Kathleens in one family
too much fun 

A few years later I got married and then with our kids we took a trip out East. Our kids loved Kathleen, she spoiled them like they were her own nieces and nephew.

We caught  up from time to time
a reunion in Oak Park, hosted by Russ and Sharon Caforio

Ice cream at  Peterson's
A trip down memory lane
Where was Norm? 

  ( our final night was at the nearby hotel - Kathleen and me - we jumped on the bed )

When her nephew Todd got married, we were together again - fun time with her sister in law Joanne Keisling.  - Kathleen and me - we jumped on the bed )

Mostly phone calls since then . She always wanted to know how our friend Fran Erisman was getting along  Our Oak Park memories  helped to keep us connected.

The message that came from her sister was so shocking, so unexpected.   I could not find the words to respond, except to say that I would be praying.  
 My eyes were swimming.

And I have been praying and knowing how much her family is hurting.
and me,
I am hurting
I did not get to say goodbye

One day we will be together again...soon, I think 

Third,,,fourth generation

        My mother,
               my children and now,
                     two grandchildren

I am smiling and I know the Lord is smiling too 

Learning the Bible, never too early, never too late


Fourth generation for answering Bible Questions
at least Sixth generation for loving Jesus !

Thursday, August 3, 2017

a birthday story

A True birthday story 

For her birthday, every year, the girls go together  to the casino.  This year, there are only  three girls to celebrate and the driver is 92 and needs a walker. So, a young friend said “ I want to meet your girlfriends, let me drive “   So she did. 

 They went to Casino No. 1. That is where they still allow smoking So Driver stayed in the car. Pretty soon they were off to the new and luxury casino.  Driver went in with the girls and they had a great dinner.  When it was time to leave, our driver friend went to get her car. When she came around to the front lobby, she went in and saw that  girlfriend with the walker was heading into the ladies room.   Driver girlfriend decided to pop a coin into the lobby machine.
                                  BINGO ! 

She won the jackpot $ 1.500.00 !

The management was not too happy to pay up to someone who had not “paid in” but in the end, they did . A nice reward for young driver friend!  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

One fine day

it was

one fine day

the weather

the setting

the family

Sisters ready for fun  
getting close  



three generations

cutest shoes 

our shoes 

Cousin and hubby 

cousins ( to me )

I hate this

I love this 

Princess of everything    

is there any happier grandparent around ? !
I don't think so 

And Party Hosts 

The barn / now Canopy Tours Office 

In the shop

see the pumpkin?  latest crop 

Handsome driver to the view 

The spot

Doesn't get any better than this  

comments and more photos welcome !!