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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Off to Ethopia


it happened on a Friday night, when my friend Martha Ann took me as her guest to a very special event.   

Table setting / hint of treats 

Buffet.. very typical Ethiopian meal
A soft bread roll with many toppings  

Very appealing to some 

Very appealing to all 

They sang beautifully  

I am the one in the red
The pretty lady agreed to pose with me 

A very special evening.

Reminded of how much I have to be thankful for here in America, here in my neighborhood.
The family responsible for bringing this event have served the  Lord for years in Ethiopia 
and shared His love to many .

God is good

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving started early

well, when I am hosting,  Thanksgiving always starts early.

This year a friend gave me a hint...some things can be made days ahead and frozen.


The table can be set, as soon as you know how many will be gathering


But wait...someone brought a beautiful arrangement Wednesday evening....

  The table is looking even better

What do you think..... torches to light the path !! 

And our little man has made a thankful tree.
Each guest will take a card, write what he is thankful for 
and place it on the tree

like this

and I could never get everything made and on the table without help

And here she youngest, very organized, energetic and adorable girl
After years of taking her week of  " kitchen helper"  she is very at home in our home

Sorry to say, this is the best group picture  ↓

Please note some guests are wearing crowns.
   The cutest is our friend on the left...white hair and blue crown. She is from Scotland and she is very familiar with the tradition of poppers.  Each popper pops ( sort of a loud snap ) and contains a crown, a surprise and a joke ( it varies ) 

Turkey, ham, dressings (3 ) rolls ( and biscuits )gravy, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, sparkling cider, desserts ( 3 + ) and of course, coffee
( we do not do those Mid-west green beans )

This work of art was as delicous as it looks
the photo does not do it justice
you will have to take my word for it
( I can verify next week, our guest left 1/4 here and it's in the freezer ) 

a place to sit and be challenged - the only teenager almost finished this on his own
Also, he is the young man who answered the question
What is your favorite part of thanksgiving ?....

" the people"

This year we had guests who celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time as
      U. S., citizens ! 

In the end, a great time was had by all  (  no one complained, so we are quite sure )
and we ended up with other treasures

Yes the arrangement, also Autumn tea towel, Blessings ornament and dish with Scottish shortbread and much, much more 

So, assuming you have scrolled this far, you will be "rewarded" with the story.  You will have to use your imagination since I could not find my camera fast enough.

Here is what happened...
 I have been wanting one of those whip cream dispensers, for a long time. Then I found one on sale and tonight was the first time to use it.
 Whipped cream does look good on pecan pie.....Our dear and oldest ( he is 88 ) friend was ready for some cream and I was ready with my new gismo.
ready ! presto ! all happened so seconds there were splashes of cream all over Vern his glasses, his clothes, the sofa,  Christian to the left, Zena to the right, carpet, table and me ..
screams and laughter and
daughter came running from the kitchen
someone came with towels
It shot 360 degrees
If only I could have found my camera, but I think you can get a mental picture.
I really wanted to try it again
no one seemed interested in whipped cream
through it all, Christian continued to eat his pie, through his cream spotted glasses.
Why his wife asked?   I didn't want your mom to feel bad.
He is a true Southern Gentleman 

After everyone had gone home, we opened the container and poured the cream into a just kept bubbling and bubbling this

There is still one more secret.  It is a secret until now. I have not told anyone.  It happened on Wednesday.   I had taken our turkey out of the freezer on Sunday, put it in the frig, and then planned to roast it on Wednesday. Well, when I pulled it out of the frig, it was not a turkey.  It turned into a ham.    For about 45 minutes I was nervous for the first time this season. That is how long it took to drive to the market where they still had some fresh turkeys.   I grabbed the biggest one and drove back home and never said a word.   Until now.    So that is our secret.  Pretty sure, it will never happen again.



I live an exciting life.

Monday, November 20, 2017

One day in November

Started in Seattle.

took the scenic route by  some of those beautiful old homes

and then.....

The  adventure with a foursome began..

One chauffeured with ease for miles and miles
   ( very comforting, and no tipping required )
One found something to smile about at every turn
   ( actually, we laughed at every turn )
One found a cart to squeak at every corner
   ( very thoughtful, never got lost )
One snapped photos here and there
   ( you never know when you might need a photo of stuffies )
All in all a great time was had by all

Can anyone guess where we landed?

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Visiting  a friend when she got a text...

Elijah just knocked my phone off the table and it is stuck between the bed and the wall. I can't get it out unless I get help moving the bed.

My friend does not recognize the number and we talk about what to do. If it is the wrong number, the person will want to know.  If it is the right number....

So my friend responds questioning the identity of the sender.

Oh, your phone number is just one digit different than my friend...
so  unless you are a child psychologist or are strong enough to move a bed,.. sorry, wrong number.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Not just today


      not all veterans,

             all precious and worth remembering