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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grammy Time

It was Saturday morning  
                           Nordstrom's  Cafe 

 Grammy brought bubbles ...

He brought sunflowers ....

  Then we stopped in the Home Decor shop for a repeat pose....

Hard to decide which is the cuter...(2012 )

Now for the big question..
  Would you be pleased to have bubbles blowing?

   Yes?      or No, not really ! 
Sure would like to know what you are thinking. 

Therapy Therapy

THERAPY    again...
ok.  physical therapy
It had been a few months and my wrist was not getting any stronger, I could not stretch a full octave on the piano, AND, I could not get on my wedding ring. 
So I was given orders for 6 weeks of accountability. 
Now, after just two weeks, my strength is much improved !
I have great praise for PT's and OT's
 and some PA's.
Just a hint to K and time I come in with pants that do not match my jacket, you have permission to tell me.  I know you liked my shoes. They are cute and they match. But when I looked in the mirror when I got home  :(  .

Just another hint,  the other kind of therapy is sometimes needed,
 but I don't want to talk about it.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

sale sale sale

Garage sale of the Century 

 The signs were out.  The ad on Craig's list and a post on facebook.

Thursday prep day

Tiff came and did all the heavy moving of stuff and putting up tables
     Sebastian and I were at Bible Study
Then Tiff continued to put out garage sale items
     Sebastian and i were taking a nap
Then more stuff came...friends and family, to be exact.
Tiff left for an appointment, So Sebastian was now my shadow.
 Just about 20 minutes to 6:00 the magic hour to eat,( since Darrell was leaving for Bible Study)
     folks were gathering in the garage to display things and then our neighbor came over. Introductions by Darrell
      and I   headed into the house to finish getting dinner ( me and my shadow ). 
  That was when I felt like maybe there was a whole lot going on and I needed to
     to focus on getting food on the
     table and not on my broken tooth 

Garage Sale day one      Beautiful sunny day


     Coffee  check

      Cookies   check

         signs   check

 Customers.....a slow stream sort of

First customer was interested in a couple items. One was $1.50, could she have it for 0.50 ?  She ended up with 3 items for $1.75

Then there was a fellow who did not want to break a $20,  so instead of  $1.75, could we accept $1.41 ?

My friend Judy brought donuts.  There were 12.  And Pizza. 

       Always fun to see who buys what and so on

     At one point there were two customers ready to check out at the same time ( each had a few items to add up ) And at the same time a neighbor came and sat right down and began chatting about this and that.  She also happened to have a few tomatoes in her purse which she asked my sister to pull out for her to share. She also happened to be sitting on a few items waiting for purchase.

      Then, coming down the driveway, my friend from BSF, Carol.  She saw my post on Facebook and came by to say hello.  She didn't need anything. Or did she?   A nice compact dining room table that seats 12.   Hmm.  she had to think about it.
My friend Zena brought cookies ( homemade, we kept for the staff )
Dinner at the Burg.  Sebastian, his mom, my sister, Darrell and me...tailgating.
A good nights sleep for all. 

Garage Sale day two 
  Probably got up to 85 degrees
And we think many people must have wanted to play on what could be the last warm day in September. 
 But it did not keep Carol away.  She came back and paid for the dining room table.And that was our biggest sale.  The seller, Judy, was very happy.  She said it was an answer to prayer.

My sister always makes lunch for us. Yummy sandwiches and fresh strawberries. 

Today we got visits from both little grandsons and their Moms.   The hose was a great entertainer.

Then off they went, Tanner, his mom and Darrell.
And  soon they were  cheering at the Mariners game. 
 Don't ask who won.

So, once the gang cleared out, I had Judy's pizza.
  Don't ask how many donuts are left. 

A great day for us all.  You should have been there !