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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wedding of Wonder

 Wedding by the Lake

The Stage is set 

Programs Presented 

Pedals to surprise 

Music, Music, Music 

Grandma and Brother of the bride 

Here comes the Bride 

Groomsmen in a row 

Rock, paper, scissors 

and again 

And Julia wins

Vows  and rings 

Mr and Mrs Palmer 

The Entertainment begins 

Lauren brings on the fruit kebobs

Karie has watermelon  squares 

Roger loves those squares 

Darrell is ready for fruit 

Karie has mozzarella apps, followed by bacon wrapped jalapenos 

Now the big buffet... 

someones favorite 

Cake top. real flowers

Banding together 

Friend, Bride, Sister of groom
Bride designed and made her own dress.  

 Guests  Family and Friends  ( in no particular order and many escaped the camera ) 

The one on the left made 400 cornbread muffins !
That is what Aunts do for their nieces 

 Shoes, Shoes,  Shoes

                                   Fun times   

Go Cougs !   

Go grasshopper ! 

Final memory of a fabulous celebration 

My cousin Kris is the father of the bride
Julia's Grandma is my Aunt Pat.

Always wish I had the opportunity to take photos of every guest, but there has been more than once I have come home without a picture of the bride and groom.  I will try never to let that happen again.