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Friday, December 10, 2010

Observations on an airplane trip ( one way )

Before getting on the plane, Darrell had to try and fit his carry on bag into that little structure by the Jetway. You have to know that Darrell takes pride in getting all his stuff into a carry on, for a week away - that is pretty good if you can do it.
But he didn't. Well, his bag didn't. He told the attendant that this is the bag he always brings, but that did not change his mind. Well, at least he did not have to pay to have it "checked".
I did. I had already checked two bags. How can you fit a birthday, Christmas and Zero degree temperature into any less?

Now we are on the plane.
Darrell and I usually sit across the aisle from each other ( one reason is in the next paragraph ). Often we have an empty seat nest to us. It was looking good. Real good. And then, many passengers came on board. Every last seat was filled. The seat next to Darrell was taken, first by a man who we will assume was airline person ell. He got right up to Darrell's row, looked at him and pointed to the middle seat. It is amazing what you can do without saying a word. But pretty soon another gentleman came and "speechless in Seattle" had to give up his seat. Despite the fact that he was larger, and snored loudly during the flight, Darrell was smiling.
He explained to Darrell that he was on an earlier flight to Minneapolis and almost half way there, they made an announcement that they had to turn back. No explanation. But that explained the added number on our flight.
I do not know if the guy behind me was on that flight or not, be sure was fidgety . He must have been 7 feet tall because hi knees keep knocking on the back of my seat. Knocking and knocking. Or perhaps he was 5 feet tall and doing palates.

Before take off, I am in Restroom # 1. Sticky floor.
30 minutes into the flight, I am in Restroom #2. Sticky floor.
By now I am wondering two things.
1. Why did I have that large ( not grande) eggnog latte in the airport. It wasn't even good and 420 calories?
2. How am I going to get out of this room? The door was stuck. After a brief panic, I was able to get out
and for my third visit, I was back to Restroom #1.

The airline stewardesses were very pleasant. I find flight attendants kind of stuffy. They act like they are doing me a favor by bringing me luke warm decaf. And no peanuts. But this Delta flight had smiling attendants and a choice of peanuts, pretzels or cookies.

Well, here we are in Minneapolis, safe and sound.
End of story.

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mschirber said...

very funny! you had me laughing at the sticky floor and door! i guarentee it was worth the delight of an eggnog latte!!