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Saturday, May 26, 2012

A visit to our new friend Tor

 Getting there can be half the fun, and spending the night at Bob and Alice's place is fun!
           This is the view from our bedroom window - out to the Sound, off Vashon Island
 Our First stop Thursday morning is in Centrailia.   The Rusty Bike is a great place for lunch, just be sure you order dessert before they run out ( That strawberry shortcake looked wonderful )
                  We arrive at Tor's house.  He lives with his Dad, Miles and Mom, Anna
First stop the kitchen. Alice in white ( Mormor, Tor's grandma ) Aunt Mea ( middle ) makes dinner every Thursday night for the Bible Study. Anna is in blue.

                                     You gotta love Tor's bedroom
                            Tor and Morfar ( grandpa) enjoy breakfast
Tor likes to read while he is having his morning milk

Puzzling over a puzzle

  part of morning routine is feeding the chickens. Tor helps Mom with the chores
                        Tor keeps an eye on Morfar - he is in a tight spot
                                             What a good sport
                 It has been a long day of shopping, eating, shopping, etc.

    This is the  Pittock Mansion - The owner of the Oregonian Newspaper raised his family here, long ago .   Took lots of pictures, but that is another story. The four friends below hiked around the building and lush grounds.
How this happened I will never know. But I might figure out how to put a blog together without three attemps, but tonight, twice is as far as I am going.     We had a great time and will add more photos soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

At Sally's Lake Place

Wake up to “the view” – Lake Washington at 6:30 A.M.   quiet,  amazing, beautiful. Add a cup of coffee.
Then  back home and a visit from Tanner and his Mommy. Sweetness
 Return of goods that had been kept past 90 days, Way past. Success!
With birthday gift card from Vera Bradley, downsized travel bag. Simplified
Dinner with very dear 81 year old Zina, and she insisted on buying. Satisfied
Upon return, she brews coffee and serves sweets. Spoiled
Home, bath, ready for bed, into Sabrina and off to Sally’s. Sleepy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Was a Glorious Day

                                            Our Hostess Lynne with fluffy Pearl
             Both cold and hot beverages with dainty tea cups and water pitcher we all coveted
        Fine China and little dollies from Hondorus, Utilla reminder
           It was a glorious day and sunglasses were provided for all
              Sun, lots of delicous food, friends and fellowship,  A glorious day.
                     Miss Martha wore her theme jacket until the sun changed her mind
          The young lady in the back room, the guest of honor Jill, faithful friend to Jeanne, and all of us
Kathy ( me )  Martha, Betty, Liz,    back row, Lynne hostess and Jill our new best friend

     Lynne our hostess with the mostess,   with Ichiro  your hero and mine  
 The Egg, with Jill behind the wheel, saying farewell to Sabrina, with Kathy behind the wheel and Liz giving a big wave.

               Yes it was a glorious day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lunch, Stay and Pray

We did not want to leave you out of our luncheon, so we are glad that you "stuck around".  We had a great time of sharing, eating and praying.  Hope you can join us next time.
Jeanne, you bring a sweet fragrance to life - wish you were here.