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Monday, July 6, 2015


Kids...welcome here 

Family Bassinet, over 70 years old
at least 30 babies have slept here

names written underneath 

Necessary chair 

Tub Toys

Foam soap from our Octogenarian friend

Tooth brush holder and step stool that never tips
and opens to hold water toys

Yes, we  still use a high chair

Uncle D's old bath robe and slippers

crib from Dorge cousins

ready for lunch or a picnic

Pooh is guarding the secret pantry

mostly for kids, but if you duck you can step inside

One of many poppers

Girls and boys rack

old and new cuddlies 

Ask why this is empty 

this has been around for over 40 year
Meet  Ducky Conrad 
Beanie babies and other stuffies 
Mickey Blows bubbles 

borrowing from T-man 

Kids are welcome here
always welcome

Especially grandchildren

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Glass Museum

if this is what you get with a cell phone,  
  just imagine the real thing..
                here goes......

Two of my favorites,  admiring 

Always good to have a restaurant spot 

Reflecting the location 


Many collections 

And this is not even half the exhibit !  

But we have to leave.....