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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chicago Chicago

Chicago  Chicago
That is where it started.

then the fun began.

Russ  and Sharon picked us up at o' Hare

On the road

Anyone hungry?

Always.  Have you ever been to Sonic Burgers?

Yum.  and good french fries

Destination, Minnow Haven .  weekend Bible retreat.

At least 10 deer crossing the road   ( photo of dashboard, no deer )

Supper apple pie and much much more

Message: Craig.. one thing I learned:  Follow through on 

nudges to call or encourage someone. 
 ( did it. wrote an email before going to bed)

Treats. cookies with butter icing and much much more 

Hotel in town.  Cozy  and exciting...
like finding keys in the door of the car parked next to us. Anyone know a guy named Bud?   ☺ )

A good night's sleep 

Two cups of good coffee, an answer to my email                    ( she was blessed and that blesses me ) 
  And  off to our Bible retreat

Breakfast- cinnamon rolls and much much more.

Message: Ted M ... one thing I  learned: Rejoice in hope, patient in tribulationinstant in prayer and the Lord has great joy in pouring out a blessing

Bible Study: One thing I learned: message in song

♪ ♫  Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us  ♪♪


Lunch   brownies with nuts and much much more

Crafts for the kids:


The wise man built his house upon the rocks 
 and the foolish man built his house upon the sand

Crafts for adults 

 here we go with the steps to a piece of art work


                 Done Beautifully..Amazing 

Message : Bud  . One thing I learned: It is helpful to "draw" a mental picture of a place to help remember the connections. 

Message:   Rob.  One thing I learned:  Be specific in prayer 

and then be ready.

Friends old and new..ok,

        here are some fun shots.

supper : bread pudding and much much more

Message; Darrell: one thing I learned : There is  more than 

one name for the Sea of Galilee... Tiberias also Gennesaret. 

Treats:  lemon squares  and much much more

Cozy night at hotel

Good Night Sleep

Breakfast at retreat - muffins and ...( you can guess   ☺ )

Children's message:  Choices.

The kids caught on, and THEY will tell you the message. 

Worship time

Lunch:  real mashed potatoes, with real butter, butter rolls and real butter

on the road again.

Elmhurst with very wonderful friends 

Dinner:  Chocolate and much more

Games and more games. 

 Learned some good ones to teach my little people. 
and some I will not  (   ☺  )

  ( Nelda, I think you would appreciate our use of the board )

 Then it is almost bed time..  Candy on the pillow.


  If you forget anything,  our hostess has thought of it


         sink side,


   tub side...

even a photo of my grandson

Bubble bath ( they have jets, too )

Breakfast - oatmeal with butter, nuts and berries, and coffee 

Fresh water for the birds

A drive through our old stomping grounds

137 Harrison Street. 

Great adventure:  the Frank Lloyd Wright Tour.   So amazing.

I had no idea. So many photos, it will be a separate post

but just to whet your appetite:  

Lunch:  Horokoto.  huge buffet banana cream pie, ice cream, 



     Entrees for Kathy

  Sushi  for Kathy


 YES Banana cream pie and much much more

Back to our host family

What is not to love about Russ and Sharon ! 

Off to O'Hare. Home.  Memories to last a long time

I live an exciting life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A True Tale

A  True Tale

It is never too late for an adventure, though it was pretty late in the evening when I got the message.
just about 10:36.

Little Red Riding Hood was inviting me over for a surprise.  It seems the Big Bad Wolf was asleep, so could I possibly join her? 
We had almost finished our evening chores, so I got the ok.   Slipped into my boots and a warm jacket and Sabrina and me were on our way  ( I could not go without Sabrina)

Sure enough, the Big Bad Wolf was asleep. He was SNORing.  Little Red Riding Hood had made our favorite popcorn and a pot of coffee.  She had even washed my favorite snugly blanket.
( It is really her favorite, and that is why it is mine too )

We had a great time. We always have a great time together. 

Then, before the stroke of midnight, Sabrina and I were on our way back home.  We are still smiling.

If you have read this far, and you think you know the code, just let me know and You will have a surprise. 
Martha Ann, you will probably be the first to guess, but do not leave any clues.