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Sunday, August 30, 2015


They are everywhere
Honey Bucket
And we all need them  and use them so
why not compare a few?

This cute W.C. was on the train from London to Paris 

gotta look close

Well, one button to flush and one to turn on the water

Tooth brush and flowers for looks only, you need to bring your own

We are at the Victoria and Albert Museum
London, England

Jamie Oliver Restaurant
London England

Not sure where we are, but you have to admit, it is cute 

behind closed doors 

No explanation necessary 

The Opera Palace, Paris 

On the metro. Small. Very nice pink tissue. 

This was the first "charge" per use,
but part of a restaurant and they gave me the coin
so no charge , again ! 

And  that is my first and probably last photos of necessary places.  

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