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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A short Sebastian story

just thinking about this again, makes me laugh out loud

Grammy gave Sebastian permission to eat  the last little pecan tart  ( less than an inch in width )

So, he was up on his chair, then down on the floor
  looking for his tart.
Grampy came in and asked what was happening.
It seemed like maybe Sebastian had eaten the tart and now was pretending it had fallen onto the floor.  
He repeated that it had fallen on the floor and broke up and he thought he should sweep it up
         ( remember that thought ).
There were no crumbs on the floor, so Grampy questioned him again.
Grammy asked if maybe the tart / cookie was in his tummy.
He said maybe.
the conversation went to thank you for telling us and glad you like the cookie
           ( similar to that )
fast forward to next morning:
Darrell  is behind me as I am getting something from the frig. 

"What is this?"   He pulls the tart off the seat of his pants....he had been sitting on it.

So, apparently, Sebastian had dropped the tart and it fell on the chair where we could not see it.
so small, etc.  but he thought it had fallen on the floor
     ( that was why he thought he should sweep it up )

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