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Friday, August 14, 2015


This is a long story.
      Our visit to Switzerland was especially meaningful because we were able to spend time with my cousin...actually, first cousin to my father.

( would love to know if there are any photos that you especially like )

This is their home   ...the can see the reflection of Lake Zurich on the windows.

Anne's Grand Piano.

Small but so efficient
and my new favorite coffee maker 

View from the terrace

Anne's delicious dinner 

Anne did not know that this is one of   Darrell's favorites 

and this is one of mine 

Sweet cake 


This is how you buy them at the market 

View by night 

Now you have seen some of the amazing  decorations 

Next we head into the town of Zurich

glasses for all shoppers 

             We found a great place to stop for lunch

Good shopper !

No photos inside
but below are flags of the
three windows in the Church 

A great name 

Musical instrument with a name
do you know it? 

Very simple, very delicious 

Learning the game of Sudoku 

Heading up the mountain 

Got as far as he could before $$ required 


First stop  

a wood project for someone 

Four of us ....and some coffee 

Felsenegg is our destination 

He is going uphill

Enough wood !

Not sure if it is my camera, or if there really was a " mist" in the air. I don't remember, because I was having such a great time hiking up to our  Celebration Fondue  

Have any idea what this is?

Formerly a restaurant 

Even in the mountains there is a deere

And this is the place where we had reservations for fondue

But first a stop downstairs 

Now  it is time for  our Fondue celebration lunch 

The setting under the tree 

Under the table

The table with a view
and the party can begin 

check the elevation  

The ride back

Don't look down 

First Happy Birthday
then America the Beautiful 

Who is the tallest?  

A special treat in honor of National Swiss Day 

The city is celebrating with food,  music and various vendors

an evening swim
really, there are two swimmers 

Really, there are two observers 

This is how they recycle in Zurich 

One for paper, one for plastic and one for hmmm.

They yodeled in honor of the American guests

Our final dinner. It is called Raclette  

My cousin Anne and me

and this is Anne and Gerhard who made our visit in Zurich so memorable 


Bel said...

At Coco's you fit in beautifully with the models in black!
Love you on the red stairs...
Was Darrels "baguette" a croissant?
What aare the golden roses by you at dinner?/ Purse? In Paris.
Wouldn't say yum, here, but yum yum looks very good.
Love you posing with a Recipese lady!!
Are Colin & Margaret relatives?? Funny faces!!
In " a real palace" what a comfortable tufted lounge!
Beautiful "High Tea"...
The fondue makes me hungry!!

justbenme said...

The Baguette was really a baguette. they made it special for him since it is not the usual breakfast treat.
Will have to check the golden roses, they are on another post.
Margaret is Darrell's cousin. There were many "funny" faces during those 4 days.

the Fondue was the highlight
high tea second
and crepes came in third
But, all the celebrations were great !

justbenme said...

the golden roses....on my brown purse ! I had not noticed.

Bel McCoy said...

The pictures are well worth a 3rd perusing....noticed several Love in a Mist...(Nigella) seed pods in sunflower picture (lower, far right). It is a favorite of mine both the flower and the dried seed pods for a dried bouquet for winter.

Your Mother would have not liked the heights!!