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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paris touring page two

Continuing outside Versaille  

Gardens outside the Palace
they don't compare to Butchart
but, they are  nice.  

 Leaving  Versaille

at a closer look, filling his water bottle

and now, enjoying  it 

Wish you could see the "push ups" competition , right under the Eiffel Tower , two women. 

Cruises along the river Seine , 

A Bedroom fit for my ClairE

Reflecting on the "value" of a  3,550 Euro watch  ( $3,872 .52 )

My first " Crepes in Paris "


We have heard about Coco and her fragrance and style of fashion, but I had a new appreciation for her, a different feeling when ClairE told me about the book she had been reading.
Coco was an orphan and raised by nuns.  They gave her a sewing machine and she learned to sew. Though often surrounded by snobby French girls, she did not give in to that.   She made hats, then clothing, then had her own fragrance.
So I wanted to visit the 31 Rue de Cambon where she had her first shop.  Well, it is nothing like it must have looked in those early years, but it was very amazing.
We were greeted at the door, by a doorman.  He smiled and welcomed us . Then the experience began

This is a famous stairway.
The second floor is off limits, except for High Couture and
 Coco's apartment 
On the third floor they assemble garments.
 The doorman offered to take our picture and 
then to pose with me. 

And then he pulled out a business card  from that little black table with her name and the famous address
"This is for you"  he said.
 ( i was so "in the moment" that I didn't even remember that I was having a bad hair day )

This  is the Paris Opera House 

Floor to ceiling wonder 

a little diorama 

I'll be happy with the Petite Demoiselle 

And now, the question.....Is there a photo you especially like or think is fun or cute? I would really like to hear from you.   

We are leaving Paris and will spend the next four days in Zurich Switzerland.

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