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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paris Paris Paris

We have reached the city of Crepes, Canal cruises and Coco

and much much more

Hotel Passy

view from our window

our window

the card the you swipe and it opens the door and

slip it into the wall switch and
lights !

Darrell's made to order Baguette breakfast 

the wall mural in the EuroStar
we rode to get to Paris 

no tooth brushes, just part of the wall painting 

Our first and second night we had dinner here 

Rode the upper deck 

lots of bikers 

a story:
Be assured that if you tell Darrell you are looking for something, he will keep his eye open for it to help. So I  mentioned  I was looking for a colorful kitchen towel for our friend Zina.
He comes out of the bathroom:  " I found a towel for you "

the tour was there
we caught a glimpse of the race
we got the t shirts
Le Tour de France 

Police were everywhere 

Some streets were empty 

Notre Dame

Local McDonald's 
Made visits to the usual places and the truth is, you can google "it"  and see just about anything, all around the world.  So I have posted just a glimpse and then some of the places that seemed a little special to me.    There are at least 3 more coming. 

Now, if you get this far, I am asking, if you see a photo that is out of the ordinary, cute, or you just like it,   I would LOVE to hear from you.    ( I have my reasons ) .

Au Revoir - that is french for good bye.  

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