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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Shallowbrook  2015   

This is Shallowbrook 

This is Shallowbrook 

      The kitchen and beyond  

Fun moments 

daytime fun 

You had to be there

morning shoes

Bracelets by Amanda !  

Shallowbrook skies 

This is Shallowbrook 

Final night.....the cook off.   

And the winners are...

                                        A few more   fun memories 

There are sometimes when
What happens at Shallowbrook stays at Shallowbrook 

Happy  16th Birthday 

Young People say thank you by serving dinner at a beautiful table
beautiful center piece 

Martha Stewart would be proud
We were totally impressed 

 then they sang to us 

We were REALLY impressed 

The full group for 2015
                     almost, Ed was behind the camera 

               we got bold blue towels  

and there were three guys behind the scene 

 they got the memo !!
( white shirt, black belt, tan shorts )
And were available for most any  projects 

It was a another great year
at Shallowbrook 
Thank you Al and Pat  


MBMP said...

Thank you for sharing! It's fun to see a little bit of what happens during your week.

justbenme said...

Thanks Mary Beth...I love it when someone comments ! I can see how many times it has been viewed, but not WHO the viewers are ( were ? ) . And, since you made a comment, that also means you must have at least scrolled down to the bottom
Thank you !!

Anonymous said...

Where is "Shallowbrook"??

Bel said...

That's me....above. Fun to see you both having fun!!

justbenme said...

Shallowbrook is in Bradford Illinois. closest airport is Peoria.