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Saturday, August 8, 2015

London page three

 our final days in London

Not many in London, so I took a turn 

The plastic is due to the extensive rain the prior day 

The foot washing 

Second floor of National Museum 

An easy place to get lost
we lost Margret 

We finally got to a favorite artist 

Things people do on the streets of London 

Things people do on the trains in London 

Things people bring on the trains in London

So we rode on the trains to get to
The Jamie Oliver Recipease



Yum, Yum, Yum, 

This hard working lady got us a table
with no wait
then was happy to pose with me
and I was happy to pose with her 

Me thinks there will be a new cook in our kitchen 

Back on the streets of our neighborhood
Portobello Street is very famous
and on Saturday they have a market

Never seen anything like it ! 

Route 66 in Notting HIll Gate London 

This is a common sight, not just our neighborhood 

We say goodbye to a great B & B
and Colin and Margret accompany us to the train 

Good bye cousins,  Hello to Paris 

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