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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

jamie oliver


It started  a few years ago. Mimi had a Jamie Oliver Cookbook and I decided it was worth buying one for myself.  I have read some things about him and decided it would be fun to try one of his restaurants while we were in London.

ok. i bought two 

Friday night in London, Jane had us over to dinner and for my birthday, she gave me one of his first cook books !

 Also, she  found the address for a place near Trafalgar Square where we were going to meet up with C & M our next and final morning.
However, on the way home, just  at the metro station by our B & B, there was a Jaimie Recipese !  

 Closed, so we checked it out in the morning, and sure enough, it is the real thing.  

The real thing

The Test
The stairway !
I have a problem with open stairways. The kind, like this, where you see daylight between the stairs as you ascend.
The solution !
Simply walk close behind someone, looking into their back
The reward  !
Lunch at Jamie's restaurant 

(Ok, I also have a problem figuring out how to rotate photos, but I am working on a solution )

Tables to the right for food service
Counter to the left, cooking class 

Also cooking class 

check out who is going to do more cooking at home !

She did it !  She got us a table without waiting.
 A table with a view !
She  was delighted to have her picture taken with me. And I was delighted to have my picture taken with her, right in front of Jamie's teaching counter.

just a few blocks to the left is our B & B
but watch your step,
they drive on the other side of the road here 

Pizzas for Margret and Colin 

Darrell's choice ...he loved it 

little grilled potatoes in lots of butter
green salad
orange and polenta cake !
Yum ! 

            Now we go downstairs 

you can order a coffee

buy fresh flowers 

sweet treats

kitchen items

Margret is picking out some bread 

lots of cooking going on
More things to purchase 

And that just about covers it. 
There was  kind of a feeling of completion, comfort and contemplation.
Being introduced to the Jamie Oliver world, experiencing the atmosphere and then moving on having learned something about life.
Same kind of feeling after visiting Coco's place...but that is another story.  

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