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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

London page two.


On our way to the Churchill War Rooms

some of you will know  why I took this picture 

You can google Churchill War Rooms and get the full story

You will not see this lady flirting with a soldier 

Or this lady trying on hats

Rooms with stories of Churchill years 

We are heading toward the 11:00 changing of the guards

getting closer 

And this is about as close as we got

Church at Trafalgar Square
St. Martins in the Fields 

and then....

Street entertainment 

You want souvenirs ? We got em !

We are approaching the
Victoria and Albert Museum

Recognize our Northwest Artist ? !

On the right: our tour guide . Very valuable ( and free)  Gives a brief history of 5 or 6 exhibits.
On the left: Ann. A helpful tourist who had been to the V & A many times and encouraged us to get in line for a tour and she also  came along with our group, until Margret and Colin were missing. So she went looking for them.
Darrell found them at the end of the 45 minute tour.

Even the tile floors are  Art !

The tiger lifts and there are details about this mechanical animal that you would not know if you did not have a guide or guide book ( a take the time to read it ) 

This is the famous  fig leaf that was designed to make David  presentable to  all viewers.   

This special exhibit had lines that were huge.
There was a cost and I chose the Shoe exhibit.
You can google Alexander McQueen, if you dare. A very disturbing biography.
No surprise when you see his picture and  read the introduction as pictured above .

I live a protected, somewhat innocent, life.
I have so much to be thankful for.
Blessed, because of Jesus. 

No pictures allowed inside, but a fun exhibit
and while I was enjoying shoes, Darrell took Margret and Colin to the exhibits they missed.
He gave them
a fine introduction to some exhibits , I am told. 

Always hungry, always a Cafe, or vendor 

Having fun ? 

Having fun ! 

A final stroll to the exit
Next time, someone tell me to fix my hair 

Margret and Colin

And the next stop is a Palace

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