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Friday, April 8, 2011

More Reflections

The walk to the train is through a park.
There are lots of different trees - most have a label and I have taken photos - I hope to add them when I get back home.
The roots seem to be above the ground. Jen says it is because the rain has washed away so much of the earth.
workers are sweeping, watering, and picking up trash, but there is very little trash. People do not litter. ( and no food or drink is allowed past the ticket area at the train station.)
There are toys for children.
There is an exercise station for the elderly-got a good picture of Rob and Darrell pulling a rope, up and down, up and down.
We have passed day and night and there is almost always someone "exercising".

Early morning the women are doing something that looks like yoga.

On the train there is almost always one lady putting on her makeup, or curling her eye lashes ( I wanted to get a photo but refrained ). And if there are five people seated, at least 4 of them have a game in hand or ear phones.

Entering Tower 6 ( Jen's ) the guard opens the door. When you are a natural blond they recognize you pretty quickly, so when I came back on my own, the guard let me in right away. In the lobby, there is only one button for the elevator - it is going up. Once you get to the 21st floor, and are ready to leave, there is only one button - you can only go down. Rob says, why would you want to go up?
Inside the elevator, you can press a button for a lower floor, but you really just want to go down, and shop, so you push one and don't ask any more questions.

There is a street vendor selling roasted chestnuts. I buy a bag and start to take a photo, but the elderly lady puts her hand up and shoves some money at me. I am not sure what that means, but Jen says they do not like their pictures taken. They think it takes away their spirit. So I put my camera away and we cross the street. Then Jen offers to take the picture. Just then the lady puts up her hand. The photo looks like she is waving at us.

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