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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hong Kong's Biggest Attraction

And you guessed shopping!

And that is what we did. You would not believe all the shops. Street level. One level up and two levels down. And in the street.
Amazing. And I wanted to make sure and let the vendors know how much I appreciate them so I shopped.
Jen and I were on our own some of the time but if we wanted a good deal we called Rob. He is really good at getting the price lower.
At one stop, I was unsure about a purchase and the conversion confuses me. Jen got the lady to lower her price from 70. HK $ to $35. and we still were unsure.Jen said it was ugly. So we walked away. The lady followed us and came down to $33. but I decided if Jen thought it was ugly, I better not make the purchase.
Another item which I was interested in, she got the price from $170 HK to $100. And I got it ( Nita, I think you will love it)

The biggest purchase I have not shown to ( you know who ). But I had to do it. It was the only vendor with the item. ( Tiff and Mimi, you should really like it )

That night we ate at the Spaghetti House.
Very nice.
On the way home, I had plenty of time to reflect
reflect on the privilege of being in Hong Kong
knowing these hospitable and generous people
to know that many friends and family are praying for us.
thank you
( and especially you Bonnie - I wish you were here, too)

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Jeanne said...

Haggling is an art that some people are naturally good at. You have to know what the market will bear and be willing to walk. I find it's a fine line between a win-win for both sides and a situation where you insult the vendor. Some cultures respect and expect a good haggle. Others are insulted that you would even ask for a lower price.